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Headlines In The Works And A Thought For The Day

Many of you made it clear last week that you like our new headline format.  Headlines are now handled Tuesday through Thursday by Mike Mitchell.  Mondays and Fridays, it’s my job.  Well, the new format takes a bit longer to post, so rather than just leaving you out there hanging, I thought I’d share with you the first thing that popped up on my iPod this morning.

Heck, it’s a little personality for the site and may become a regular feature.  Our thought for the day — which really means nothing — will come from said song:


“Woke up this morning.  Put on my slippers.  Walked in the kitchen.  And died.”


How’s that for a Monday thought?

Headlines coming soon, until then…


John Prine – Please Don't Bury Me (ORIGINAL ALBUM VERSION)

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Note To Readers: Slight Changes Ahead

Just a quick heads-up to our loyal followers this morning.

Over the next few weeks, there will be some days when Mike Mitchell handles our headlines.  Mike handles things on the weekends as well.  His style is different from my style — as you can see today.

But the bigger change is this: He might link to a story in his headlines that I flesh out in greater detail or with more opinion in a completely different stand-alone post.

So if you think things look a little different… that’s why.  We’ll see how it goes.  Hope you like it.  And as always, Josh Ward will be banging away on his Recruiting page, too.



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SEC Headlines – 6/15/12 (Into A Brief Summer Break Edition)

Headlines only today as yours truly starts a little mini-break.  The next few days, Mike Mitchell will provide daily headlines and Josh Ward will handle recruiting news — as usual — as well as any breaking news coverage.  I might have an extra story or two in the hopper for early next week, but just be aware the next few days are mid-summer breaktime.

Now, on with the news…


1.  College hoops coaches are now free to call and text around the country at their whim.

2.  The fight for a college football playoff creeps and crawls towards a resolution.

3.  This isn’t a sports story, but questions are now being raised about how quickly Auburn students were informed of a weekend shooting… and a shooter who was on the loose.

4.  Arkansas will open its 2013 football slate against Southern Miss in Fayetteville.

5.  Comedian Dave Chappelle got a kick out of a trademark Razorback Hog Call during a Little Rock show.

6.  For a guy that throws a lot of barbs and needles, Dan Mullen has got some thin skin.  MSU’s coach took offense to something Louisiana Tech’s Sonny Dykes said in praise of his own players… and then Mullen took a straight shot at Dykes’ coaching ability.  (State fans love him the way Vandy fans love Franklin, Gamecock fans love Spurrier, and Volunteer fans once loved Kiffin… but all four of those guys are/were bratty.)

7.  Ex-Bulldog hoopster Renardo Sidney has been dropped by his agent.

8.  Meanwhile, Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze says his school doesn’t “have the talent level that people in the SEC West have right now at a lot of spots” and “that’s not fixed overnight.”

9.  Kevin Sumlin – talking of a a fresh start for the Aggies in 2012 — joked with Texas A&M boosters that his team’s still undefeated and he just won his fifth straight spring game.

10. Virginia Tech freshman forward Dorian Finney-Smith is reportedly transferring to Florida’s basketball program.

11.  Good news: Gator linebacker Neiron Ball has been cleared to return to football after suffering a brain hemorrhage in February of 2011.

12.  Kentucky players are loving the upgrades made to their football facility.

13.  New South Carolina hoops coach Frank Martin believes his school’s support for baseball can carry over to the Colonial Life Arena.  (Of course, winning back-to-back NCAA titles hlps.)

14.  Former DePaul and Virginia head coach Dave Leitao is joining Frank Haith’s staff at Missouri.

15.  Tiger football coach Gary Pinkel told a Nashville radio station that Mizzou’s recruiting “is going as well as it has ever gone for us” thanks in large part to a move to the SEC.

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MrSEC’s Mitchell Alive And Well

In the midst of all the chaos and loss of life in Christchurch, New Zealand, it seems out of place to talk about “good news.”  But on the front, we received some fantastic news this morning.

Mike Mitchell — co-owner of as well as our weekend update man — has survived yesterday’s massive, deadly earthquake.

Responding to an email of “Are you okay?” Mitchell wrote back after 3am ET:

“Yes — crazy day — we were right in the middle of it.  Running out of battery — but we’re good.  Now about two hours outside of Christchurch.”

That’s quite a relief for those of us who work with Mike — and more importantly — are best friends with Mike.  And there are many out there who think of him in that way.

We were a bit more worried last evening than we’d even let on in our initial post.  What we did not pass along at the time was the fact that I personally had received an email from Mike about three hours before the quake hit saying that he was going into the heart of Christchurch to do some sightseeing.  So when news came of the quake, of bodies strewn across city streets, and of people being trapped in the rubble of the city’s most-popular tourist attractions… I feared the worst.

But thankfully, all is well and our partner here at MrSEC is safe and sound.  Now, if only we can talk our recruiting writer Josh Ward out of making his own trip to New Zealand and Australia later this spring.

Josh, ever thought about Dollywood?  I can’t remember any natural disasters there.

Many thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers,
John and the gang at

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We here at ask you to keep our partner and friend Mike Mitchell in your prayers today.  Mike flew into Christchurch, New Zealand on Sunday night to visit friends.  With power and communications down, we have not heard from Mike and are not sure how the 6.3 magnitude earthquake has impacted him or his group.

You probably know Mike from the posts and links he puts on MrSEC each weekend.  But he’s also my partner in the company that owns MrSEC.  He’s been a colleague — off and on — for nearly 20 years.  He also happens to be a good friend.

Today, please be thinking of Mike and everyone else affected by the tragedy in New Zealand.

Many thanks,

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