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SEC Headlines 7/5/2013

headlines-friSEC Football

1. Question asked at Vanderbilt after four players have been dismissed from the team: “Is this what winning football includes?”

2. SEC shifting styles? “Blame it on Texas A&M, Missouri, Ole Miss, Auburn and Tennessee…”

3. ESPN’s Brock Huard on what one defensive coordinator told him about Johnny Manziel: “He thinks he has a bull’s eye on him this offseason. That target will get bigger through the season.”

4. What does South Carolina need from running back Mike Davis? “To be both durable and productive if the Gamecocks are to have a legitimate offense.”

5. Linebacker Avery Williamson will play a key role in Kentucky’s switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense.

6. One reason to worry about LSU? Tigers lost six players from their defensive line.

7. Tennessee with the best offensive line in the SEC?

SEC/College News

8. Missouri had an extra $1 million in unanticipated athletic department travel expenses in its first year in the SEC.

9. Bill Schmidt signed Michael Jordan to be the spokesman for Gatorade and was CEO of Oakley.  He also twice applied to be athletic director at Tennessee.

10. Nebraska developing a sideline concussion assessment tool.

11. How former Florida assistant coach Steve Addazio is changing the recruiting culture at Boston College.

SEC Basketball

12, The hype hasn’t waned at Tennessee for incoming freshman Robert Hubbs.

13. With all the talk about transfers in college basketball, here’s a stat for you.  Transfer rate among basketball players – 10% to 11%.  Transfer rate for all students – about 33%.


14. Even in July, sideline reporting can be hazardous duty.

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Bama’s Saban Says The Only Title That Matters Is The Next One

gfx - they said itNick Saban knows a little something about defending national championships.

He’s done so three times already and this season will be his fourth try at it.  (Though he would say with a brand new team, there’s no “defending” anything.)  After the first two BCS crowns he won (LSU 2003, Alabama 2009) his teams failed to recapture the magic the following season.  His 2011 title-winning squad, however, gave way to another national champion in 2012.

The trick to reaching the top of the mountain again?  Starting from scratch.  Saban knows it and consistently tries to get his players to understand it.  Yesterday, he said the same to a group of Alabama fans at a booster event:


“Michael Jordan’s old statement is: No matter how many game-winning shots you’ve made in the past, the only one that matters is the next one.  Well, that’s all that matters to us…

I think we’re still trying to find ourselves and find an identity as a team, which every team has to go through as you re-invent yourself.  So we’ll see how that goes over the summer.”


If Alabama could win yet another BCS title this season, it would be Saban’s fifth national crown and the Tide’s fourth in five years.  At that point you go from talking about “historically great” to “legendarily great.”

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Anthony Davis Named SEC’s “Mr. Defense” By

On Wednesday, we handed out our honor for “Mr. Offense” in the SEC to Arkansas freshman guard BJ Young.  Studying the numbers for every player in the SEC who was on the floor for at least 300 minutes in 2011-12, we found that Young made more positive things happen on the offensive end for his club (points, assists and offensive rebounds per minute) than any other player in the league this season.  Kudos.

Now, we could do what everyone else does and just give it the eye test, but what fun is that?  Plus you wouldn’t have gotten to see a list of stats that you might not normally have viewed.

And we could have chosen a different method like plus/minus results or we could have factored in fouls and turnovers.  But if you’re on the court when Michael Jordan’s on the court, you’re plus/minus will be pretty good… and is a foul committed on the offensive end or the defensive end?

No formula is perfect, but the one listed above was the one we used to determine Mr. Offense.  To find Mr. Defense, we once again examined the stats of all the SEC players with more than 300 minutes of floortime this season.  We tallied defensive rebounds, steals and blocks.  Then we compared the number of positive defensive plays made to the number of minutes played.

It’s no surprise then that Kentucky freshman big man Anthony Davis wins the “Mr. Defense” honor from for 2011-12.  For the season he averaged 9.8 rebounds (total rebound, not just defensive) and 4.7 blocks per outing.  He blocked shots at a record pace.

Below are the SEC’s top 20 players in terms of defensive production by minute.  The comparison should show you just how much more impressive Davis was than any other league performer this season.  Just eye-popping.  Mind-boggling.  And any other exclamation ending in i-n-g.

Here’s the full top 20 for defensive production:

Player Minutes Def. Rebounds Blocks Steals Total Positive Plays Per Minute
1. A. Davis (UK) 969 213 146 44 403 .415
2.  R. Buckner (UM) 774 144 64 20 228 .294
3.  H. Mickelson (Ark) 511 67 69 14 150 .293
4.  J. Stokes (UT) 347 70 17 14 101 .291
5.  K. Gabriel (Aub) 962 172 69 35 276 .286
6.  S. Warren (LSU) 573 97 23 29 149 .260
7.  T. Jones (UK) 821 121 56 36 213 .259
8.  F. Ezeli (VU) 481 70 45 8 123 .255
9.  W. Yeguete (UF) 569 103 10 31 144 .253
10.  M. Holloway (UM) 848 160 15 38 213 .251
11.  T. Mitchell (Ala) 684 118 31 22 171 .250
12.  D. Harris (USC) 776 95 70 29 194 .250
13.  L. Goulbourne (VU) 881 148 24 47 219 .248
14.  A. Moultrie (MSU) 985 195 22 25 242 .245
15.  J. Green (Ala) 661 110 33 17 160 .242
16.  R. Sidney (MSU) 623 107 20 22 149 .239
17.  M. Kidd-Gilchrist (UK) 966 160 33 37 230 .238
18.  J. O’Bryant (LSU) 531 93 20 13 126 .237
19.  M. Waithe (Ark) 467 64 26 20 110 .235
20.  J. Maymon (UT) 861 156 10 32 198 .229

As usual, the stats have been double- and triple-checked, but it’s always possible that a digit might have gotten flipped in transcribing the info from Excel to our site.  If you see a typo, let us know.

But congrats again to UK’s Davis.  What phenomenal production on the defensive end of the floor.

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The Not-So-Normal Trae Golden

Trae Golden says he’s just an average guy.In many ways, that’s true. Like a typical student, Golden is a fan of video games and plays his share of the latest Madden and NBA games. He grew up playing basketball with his friends and watching Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls on television.

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