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MSU Coach, Players Claim They Deciphered AU’s Signals At The Line (Big Whoop)

In a day and age when everyone’s dying to find a good scandal, the following will get a whole lot of play in the press and on blogs and on messageboards: Mississippi State apparently figured out some of Auburn quarterback Kiehl Frazier’s playcalls during MSU’s 28-10 win over the Tigers on Saturday.


According to The Dispatch newspaper of Columbus, Starkville and The Golden Triangle — long name for a small paper — Bulldog co-defensive coordinator Geoff Collins said, “it makes our job as coaches so much easier when (MSU senior linebacker) Cam Lawrence is signaling over his head every time they were calling a pass.”

Matthew Stevens of The Dispatch writes that Lawrence and sophomore linebacker Matt Wells deciphered Frazier’s calls by the end of the first quarter.  Senior defensive back Corey Broomfield added: “We do a great job of preparing and we knew what the play was before they ever ran them.  That’s not a joke.  We knew what they were doing, where the ball was going and who was getting it before the ball was snapped.”

And Lawrence said after the game on Saturday:


“My teammates and I got into (Frazier’s) head and that’s one thing I’m going to do every game if you’re on offense against me.  He would call out the signals and I’d tell everybody what the play was and he’d get that confused look in his face.”  


Now, that sounds like just a little bit of an exaggeration, but whether it is or isn’t Auburn will need to look into it.  When informed of the barking Dogs’ comments, Gene Chizik simply said: “I’m not aware.  We can rectify that problem.”

So is this cheating?  Did State steal their victory on Saturday?  The answer is yes… if you know absolutely nothing about football.  Or sports for that matter.

Teams have been stealing signals and signs for as long as games have been played.  Football and baseball.  College and pro.  With binoculars, microphones, still cameras and video tapes.  It happens.  A thumbs-up to State for picking up on what Auburn was doing.  A thumbs-down for being dumb enough — what was State’s co-defensive coordinator thinking? — to tell every future opponent that the Dogs like to steal signals.  You can bet teams will now shake up their checks, audibles and hand signals before facing MSU from here on out.

The bigger issue is that Chizik, Frazier and new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler don’t need to be giving their fans any more reasons for doubt.  And having a system in place that the other team supposedly decodes in 15 minutes probably doesn’t inspire confidence in AU supporters.

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