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SEC Headlines 6/5/2013

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1. Georgia coach Mark Richt on the one-game suspension for Josh Harvey-Clemons: “Even if Josh was starting for us, he’s a pretty inexperienced player right now.”

2. Richt on the season opener against Clemson: “I know both teams will be highly ranked, highly motivated.”

3. Georgia receiver Malcolm Mitchell on the transition facing freshman players: “It’s going to be a tough transition for a lot of people.”

4. South Carolina defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward compares Jadeveon Clowney to former Alabama player Derrick Thomas:  ”They’re both freakish athletes, but I’ve seen Jadeveon do some things that I didn’t even see Derrick Thomas do.”

5. Auburn had two backup linebackers transfer but coach Gus Malzahn says he isn’t worried about depth.

6. Malzahn on his five quarterbacks competing for a starting job:   “Once we decide who our starting quarterback is in the fall…We’ll build around his strengths.” Football first for Jeremy Johnson.

7. The Ole Miss – Texas game on September 14 will be carried on the Longhorn Network. Ole Miss working with ESPN to get the game shown on secondary channels as well.

8. Record-attendance at Ole Miss camp.

9. Is Bowling Green a trap game for Mississippi State in October?

10. Is Kentucky a trap game for Missouri this fall? Tigers a candidate for a rebound in offense?

11. Seats near the 50-yard line will cost about $4,000 at the renovated Kyle Field.

12. Updated look at opening week kickoff times.

13. David Climer on SEC scheduling: “Do what you must, SEC, but keep the traditional rivalries intact.”

14. Phil Steele’s preseason All-American teams feature plenty of SEC names.

15. Panel discussion on the integration of football programs at Alabama and Auburn will be moderated by Paul Finebaum.

16. Why the NFL doesn’t need as much contact in practice as college?  ”When players get to the NFL, they actually know what they’re doing,”

17. It appears offensive coordinators have the edge over their defensive counterparts when it comes to getting a head coaching job.l

SEC Basketball

18. Not so fast.  Former Missouri guard Michael Dixon hasn’t committed to Memphis just yet.  Not getting any support from Mizzou.  ”[Missouri A.D. Mike Alden] shredded him to my AD — just absolutely shredded him.”

19. Once Memphis transfer Antonio Barton completes three online courses - he’s free to enroll at Tennessee.

20. Mark Wiedmar on the troubles facing Alabama basketball player Devonta Pollard and former Auburn player Varez Ward:  ”They’re basketball players rather than football players, which means most of the league’s fan bases will never know it happened.”

21. Kevin Scarbinsky: “At Alabama, baseball and men’s basketball have fallen behind in the chase for championships.”

Goodbye Gordon Gee

22. Ohio State president to retire July 1. 

23. Gordon’s greatest gaffes.

24. Matt Hayes:  ”Ohio State has become bellwether in college sports; the powerful, prosperous program you follow to just watch it trip up—and then revel in its misery.”

25. Andy Staples: “When we in sports media see a major public figure bashing Notre Dame AND the SEC at the same time, it’s like hitting the Web traffic lottery. Gee never stood a chance.”


26. Former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin on the hot seat at Southern Cal?

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Stoops On College Athletes: “Paid Quite Often, Quite A Bit And Quite Handsomely.”

Bob StoopsAdd Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops to the list of people with an opinion on paying college athletes.  “I tell my guys all the time,” Stoops tells Matt Hayes of The Sporting News, “you’re not the first one to spend a hungry Sunday without any money.”  If you guessed that he’s not sympathetic to the idea, you guessed correctly.


“You know what school would cost here for non-state guy? Over $200,000 for room, board and everything else. That’s a lot of money. Ask the kids who have to pay it back over 10-15 years with student loans. You get room and board, and we’ll give you the best nutritionist, the best strength coach to develop you, the best tutors to help you academically, and coaches to teach you and help you develop. How much do you think it would cost to hire a personal trainer and tutor for 4-5 years?

“I don’t get why people say these guys don’t get paid. It’s simple, they are paid quite often, quite a bit and quite handsomely.”


The tab for out of state tuition, room and board and books at Oklahoma is  $29,924.50 per year. Hayes does the math on the impact for the Sooners’ program – “That’s $149,622.50 alone over five years for 58 players on the 79-man spring roster who aren’t from the state of Oklahoma.”

OU Offensive coordinator Josh Heupel doesn’t agree with his boss.  “I think there should be some stipend,” while others wonder about the perception of a coach “making $4 million a year telling athletes to suck it up and go hungry.”


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SEC Headlines 4/8/2012

1. The Bobby Petrino investigation: Conduct will be reviewed all weekend but what exactly is AD Jeff Long reviewing?

2. Status of Jessica Dorrell? “She’s in a safe mode right now.”

3. Kevin Scarbinsky: “Of all the SEC football coaches that preceded Bobby Petrino, who would’ve thought that he had so much in common with Mike DuBose?”

4. Thayer Evans:  ”(F)or once it doesn’t look as if Petrino will be able to pull off an about-face, his signature move in the past for covering up his inability to tell the entire truth.”

5. Do college coaches develop an entitlement attitude?

6. More than 38,000 attend the Florida spring game - see good quarterback play from both Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskol. Matt Hayes likes Brissett.

7. Pat Dooley: “We didn’t see anything that made anyone want to pencil in Florida as a top-10 team. But we did see a team that is more physical and deeper.”

8. Will Muschamp: “We’re just better up front. We’re tougher. We’re stronger.”

9. Mike Bianchi:  ”Florida fans, like most fans, want to win championships, but if you want to keep them happy in the meantime then give them an offense that’s entertaining.”

10. Kentucky wants La’Rod King to provide leadership at wide receiver for the Wildcats this fall.

11. Vanderbilt’s offense struggles in a 54-play scrimmage on Saturday.

12. Have Tyler Bray and Da’Rick Rogers matured at Tennessee?

13. Alabama players now understand Nick Saban’s message - focus on playing to a high standard.

14. Clint Moseley returns to the quarterback race at Auburn by throwing a touchdown pass in a scrimmage. Gene Chizik likes how his defense performed.

15. For Mississippi State in 2012 – quarterback Tyler Russell is the man.

16. Nick Brasell’s practice status for Ole Miss this week will be determined at an academic meeting on Monday.

17. Early enrollment has increasing appeal for recruits at Georgia.

18. Corey Moore is making noise in the Bulldogs secondary.

19. Georgia’s defense looks to be highly ranked in 2012 but will a fall-off occur in 2013?

20. Fort-Worth Star Telegram says current LSU coach Trent Johnson will  be introduced at a news conference Monday afternoon as the new man in charge at TCU.

21. Glenn Guilbeau:  ”This could truly be an amicable divorce.”

22. A John Calipari critic is coming around: ”I’m gaining much more grudging respect for him.”

23. Is it realistic to think UK can catch UCLA?


24. The future of college football’s postseason plans will be on the agenda for discussion later this month.

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Hayes Takes A Small Shot at Sheridan And Auburn In One Sentence

In his weekly college football recap, Matt Hayes of The Sporting News might’ve penned the line of the day. 

As you may or may not know, no one has come down harder on Danny Sheridan for his unproven claims — though he’d take a lie detector test! — of an Auburn bagman than Hayes.

Well, in light of the Tigers’ woeful defensive performance against Utah State on Saturday, Hayes has written this:

“If there really is a bagman, maybe he can come up (with) some dough to find 11 guys who can play defense at Auburn.”

You gotta admit, that’s kind of funny.

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