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Another Pro-Notre Dame T-Shirt Takes A Swipe At Southerners

I normally pull for the underdog in most athletic contests, unless I have a real rooting interest in a particular team.  When an SEC squad plays in a BCS Championship Game, that constitutes a real rooting interest.  So I would have been pulling for Alabama to beat Notre Dame a week from Monday in Miami anyway.

But now I want the Tide to kick the hell out of the Irish.

As we told you a few weeks back, several Notre Dame fans were buying up and tweeting about T-shirts bearing the message: Catholics vs. Cousins…


























Ah, a nice jab at the stereotype of inbred Southerners.

Well now Irish fans are buying up another offensive shirt that also makes fun of Alabamans and Southerners:


nd bama shirt























Nice, huh?

As we suggested last time around, maybe it’s time for folks in the Yellowhammer State to start printing “Pachyderms vs. Pedophiles” shirts to see if any Notre Dame fans take offense.

Just a shirt?  Sure.  A shirt — a second shirt — that insults millions of Americans who happen to live in the South.  And this one has the added gall to insult millions of Americans across the country who can’t afford nicer homes.  Classy.

So congrats, Notre Dame fans.  I’d taken up for you earlier this year when ESPN’s Rick Reilly decided to rip your football program.  Now you’ve turned the one man south of the Mason-Dixon line who respects your history and tradition against you.  Very much against you.

Anyone know where a man can buy a Houndstooth hat?

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Big 12 Interim Commish Wants A Plus-One Considered

Well that didn’t take long.  Earlier this morning we suggested that the controversy surrounding the selection of Alabama to play in the BCS title game might lead a few more folks to start pushing the idea of a “plus one” plan for college football.


Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas has told ESPN’s Joe Schad: “The plus-one model has received consideration before.  As a result of this year, I feel that consideration should become more serious as we move forward.”

Mike Slive actually put forward a plus-one idea earlier this decade.  ACC commissioner John Swofford has also supported such an idea.

If enough traction is gained on the plus-one front, this bowl season could turn out to be the best of both worlds for SEC football fans.  On the one hand, their league has already been guaranteed another national title.  On the other, the LSU-Alabama rematch in this year’s BCS title game might push the sport toward a Football Final Four type of set-up involving the four highest-ranked teams in the BCS standings.

If that happens, most folks south of the Mason-Dixon line will say, “Win, win.”

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Dooley Would Be “A Great Pick” By Ohio State?

Here’s one that’s really starting to make the rounds on the messageboards today: A Cleveland blogger thinks Ohio State should take a good long look at Tennessee’s Derek Dooley to replace Jim Tressel.

According to Roger Brown of writes:

“He’s sharp and personable.  He took over a UT program that was rocked by the abrupt, sneaky departure of Lane Kiffin — and made the Volunteers a competitive, interesting team in the SEC, college football’s toughest conference.

In short, Dooley is a good football coach — and he’d be a great pick by OSU.”

Dooley is sharp and personable and he’s quickly rising as the go-to quote guy at SEC functions.  But in four years as a head coach at Louisiana Tech and Tennessee his record is 23-27 and he has just one winning season (8-5 with Tech in 2008) on his ledger.  In four years he’s beaten just one FBS opponent that’s finished its season with a winning record (beating 7-6 Fresno State in ’08).

Dooley may turn out to be a great find by UT athletic director Mike Hamilton, but would another major school already be willing to roll the dice on a guy with that record?

Brown also mentions LSU’s Les Miles among the top six coaches he’d like to see the Buckeyes pursue… with Miles ranking fourth, two slots behind Dooley.

As someone who lived in Columbus for a number of years and remembers the “hillbilly” insults tossed at former coach John Cooper — a Tennessee native — I seriously doubt the folks in the Buckeye State will look south of the Mason-Dixon line for their next coach.

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An SEC team has won the last four BCS championships, the single piece of factual information its…

Content provided by Dawg Sports.

An SEC team has won the last four BCS championships, the single piece of factual information its fans have to hold over the rest of the country in their insistence on the on-field dominance of the South. Oregon’s ever-changing array of flashy uniforms and spread option offense are the living antithesis of the salt-of-the-earth image the SEC cultivates for itself. Rest assured, their confidence in a fifth straight win – the first over a bunch of West Coast pretty boys – will be staggeringly high. The Ducks can either shut them up and usher in more respect for an expanded, rebranded Pac-10, or leave the rest of America to another year of gloating from the other side of the Mason-Dixon.

Dr. Saturday identifies the central issue for all of us in Bulldog Nation: does conference pride trump intra-conference contempt?

For me, it doesn’t. (I hate Auburn.) Which way will you be rooting, and why?

Go ‘Dawgs! . . . and go Ducks!

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Fulmer Not Interested In Minnesota

You can scratch the name Phillip Fulmer from the list of candidates at Minnesota.  Knoxville radio host Jimmy Hyams of WNML-AM/FM has reported that Fulmer told him that the job in Minneapolis was “not a good fit” for the former Tennessee coach.

No kidding.  Fulmer has never coached north of the Mason-Dixon line and trying to rebuild a program amidst traditional powers like Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska doesn’t sound like a good way to start.

Fulmer was reportedly contacted by Minnesota alum Tony Dungy to gauge his interest in the job.  Fulmer would not confirm who spoke to him or how serious the discussions got.

Earlier this week, Fulmer told The Knoxville News Sentinel that a coach could recruit to Minnesota and have success thanks in part to the school’s new facilities.  It’s likely that those comments — as we suggested at the time — had more to do with the coach wanting to be wanted… than actually wanting the Golden Gophers’ job.

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