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10 For The BCS Title Game – Friday Edition

Time for our daily, quickie look at what’s being said about Monday’s night BCS title match between LSU and Alabama…

1.  Amen to this writer’s assertion that it’ll actually be good to see someone play defense in a BCS bowl game come Monday.

2.  Game of the Century II will be won in the trenches.

3.  LSU corner Tyrann Mathieu has had a honey of a season.

4.  Emotional Tiger defensive coordinator John Chavis says he doesn’t cry when he’s mad, but he does when he’s happy.

5.  Chavis — a believer that “luck follows speed” — has his D playing fast and furious.

6.  Les Miles’ club’s accomplishments in the regular season look even better after their victims’ bowl showings.  (Yeah, that West Virginia team that put 70 on ACC champ Clemson?  They lost to LSU at home by 26 points, 47-21.)

7.  Alabama fans are hoping offensive coordinator Jim McElwain can complete the job at hand.

8.  Tide quarterback AJ McCarron will need to settle down in his rematch with LSU’s defense.

9.  Bama tailback Trent Richardson wants to improve on his past performances against the Bayou Bengals.

10.  Marquis Maze still says a punt he failed to field in Game of the Century I hit a wire connected to an over-the-field camera.  (Considering a player almost got smacked by a falling cam in this bowl, it’s probably time to yank these things before they interfere with play… or worse.)

Bonus — Here’s a comparison of LSU’s O-line to Alabama’s D-line… and here’s a comparison of Alabama’s O-line to LSU’s D-line.

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Saban Wouldn’t Be Happy With Taunting Call Against Bama

Alabama’s Nick Saban is a no-nonsense kind of guy.  So it only stands to reason that he wouldn’t want too much celebrating from his players.  When asked yesterday about the taunting rule that cost LSU a touchdown last weekend, Saban said about what you’d expect him to say:

“Every player knows what the rule is.  Every player’s been told what the rule is.  Every player’s been shown what the rule is.  We all accepted it as a rule to try to promote sportsmanship in our game, which I think is very, very important.

The players know the consequences of doing these things before they score and after they score, so I don’t think anybody else should be blamed for that.  I’m not criticizing any players.  I’m not evaluating the call.

I would not be happy at all if it happened to us, but I would probably be more disappointed in the player than in the call.”

Wide receiver Marquis Maze said he believes Saban would give any player called for taunting “an earful” and that there would probably be “a lot of bleeps” involved.

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