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Writer: Everyone Talks About The SEC, But No One Does Anything

The SEC’s trifecta at the top of the BCS standings is drawing attention all across the country.  Check out the take of Chris Dufresne of The LA Times:

“The conference that has claimed the last five BCS titles is no simply thumbing its nose guards at the rest of college football.

The SEC has become what Mark Twain reportedly once said about the weather — everyone talks about it, but no one does anything.

Five other major conferences plus Notre Dame and Boise State should be ashamed of themselves.

It’s one thing for the SEC to be generally acknowledged, year in and year out, as college football’s preeminent league.

It’s another thing to throw one league the keys to the bank vault.

No one is even putting up a fight.”

Things do have to be terribly frustrating for all the non-SEC’ers out there.  In Summer 2010, the world wondered if the SEC could win four BCS titles in a row.  Enter Cam Newton and surprising Auburn shot to the top of the college football world.

This past summer, the common belief was that one league couldn’t possibly win five national titles in a row.  Could it?  And now — as if showing off — the SEC owns all three of the top three spots in the BCS standings.

At this point, the SEC’s success is bordering on gaudy.

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Jones’ Aunt Says Terrence Can Take Calipari’s Potty Mouth

On Tuesday, John Calipari was caught by ESPN cameras telling freshman Terrence Jones that he was (and is) a “selfish mother…” shut yo mouth!

Yesterday, UK’s coach apologized for his use of bad words via Twitter and Facebook.

Now we learn that Jones’ aunt had no problems with the coach’s language.

“I don’t have any worries about it.  Terrence can take it,” Ava Mashia said.  “(Jones) sees (Calipari) as a person who’s trying to help him.  That’s (Calipari’s) method.  That’s the way he talks to everybody on the team.”

Gasp!  Record scratch!  Tires screech!

You mean this wasn’t just a one-time thing?  Egads.

“It looks like he’s picking on Terrence,” Mashia added.  “But I think it’s because he knows Terrence has a skill-set he can probably bring to the table that the coach isn’t seeing.”

While Mashia, a former college basketball player herself, understands the situation, she said her family still wasn’t thrilled by it.

“We hate to see it happen.  But we see what Coach Cal is saying, as well.  Yes, there are some things Terrence needs to work on.  I’m sure Terrence sees it, as well.  He’s trying to make him a better player.  I don’t think he’s doing it to embarrass him.”

Sounds like a woman who understands how coaches talk to players.  Any of you ever been in an arena to see the archangel Mike Krzyzewski coach?  I have.  Talk about language.  It’s like Ralphie Parker’s dad battling a furnace.

I’m guessing Calipari would agree with Mark Twain’s famous statement: “Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” 

Having a freshman take a last-second shot when you’ve drawn up a play for someone else might be just that kind of circumstance.

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