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Ex-Cock RB Lattimore “Way Ahead Of Schedule”

gfx - they said itWhen star South Carolina tailback Marcus Lattimore took a blow to his knee during a game last October, the injury looked so bad that it was wondered by many whether or not the junior would ever play football again.  When word came that he would return, most assumed that meant a year away from the game and then a return, a la Willis McGahee.

But Lattimore has said that he wants to be ready to play in the NFL this fall.  And NFL Network draft analyst Mark Mayock says he’s hearing good things about the running back’s rehab:


“The NFL is collectively holding its breath to see where he is.  From what I’ve heard from people who are training where he is training/working out, he is apparently way ahead of schedule. He is going to get tested heavily and, if he is ahead of schedule, that is going to add to his value…

If he can play next year, even it if is the second half of the year, that is going to add to his value.  Teams look at injuries in different ways. ‘How quickly can we get him at 100 percent, back on the field?’ I think that is a lot what we’re going to see in Indy.

Unfortunately for fans and for me, we don’t get the medical (info), but we’ll start to hear that as time passes – where he really is – but I think it is positive and I think the Combine is going to help him because of the medical side of it.”


Given his injuries, Mayock thinks a third-round pick is the expectation for a workhorse back who had two seasons cut short by knee injuries while in Columbia.

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