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Bama’s McCarron Taunts/Showboats With Heisman Pose (When He Was 3)

Move over Johnny Football.  Your roommate at the Manning Passing Academy is a bit of spotlight-magnet himself these days.  Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron — a Heisman hopefull as he attempts to win another BCS title for the Tide — has struck the Heisman pose in a photo now featured at the website of USA Today.

Of course, he was three-years-old when he struck the pose:




Ah, 2013.  When anything — anything — is news.  Evencutey-pie photos of a three-year-old.

At least it’s not yet another showing of that childhood video of a tiny Peyton Manning crying during a backyard game.  ESPN has run that clip so often over the years it deserves its own channel.


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SEC Headlines 7/22/2013

headlines-monSEC Football

1. Will Florida coach Will Muschamp live to regret his words? He “will get bludgeoned with ’100 percent responsible’ every time one of his players gets arrested.”

2. Would that famous Jadeveon Clowney hit draw an ejection this year?

3. The SEC may be Southern football, but the majority of coaches are from the Midwest.

4. A good idea gone bad. The increasingly irrrelevant  watch lists in college football.

5. Consensus outlook for South Carolina is a 10-2 season.  MrSEC’s Josh Ward is among those in agreement.

6. But for Georgia, range is  for everything from 9-3 to an undefeated season.

7. Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron on the Texas A&M game: “The fact we’re playing in College Station is going to be awesome.”

8. More rumors and responses to Johnny Manziel’s weekend at the Manning Passing Academy. Manziel just a 20-year old kid?  “I’m tired of that excuse.”

9. Auburn has to figure out which quarterback can best handle Wildcat duties.  Not easy to do when you don’t want to expose the QBs to live tackling in practice.

10. Player dismissals and the “hangover effect” at Vanderbilt.

11. A gold helmet for Mississippi State?

12. Tennessee’s first practice is August 2.

The ESPN Spin Machine

13. When Bristol calls, media outlets rush to tell these “news” stories. E.g. Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn, Dan Mullen, Les Miles, Hugh Freeze. And here’s James Franklin with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.

SEC Basketball

14. Body of former Auburn basketball player Korvotney Barber discovered in Panama City Beach,  Florida. ” Believed” to have drowned Saturday night. Former teammates remember.


15, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer reportedly boots  suspends running back Carlos Hyde from the team. And cornerback Bradley Roby arrested over the weekend.

16. The Royal Baby scouting report - SEC bound?

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Bama’s McCarron Not Answering Questions About A&M’s Manziel

johnny-manziel-aj-mccarronWhen Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel said yesterday that he overslept at the Manning Passing Academy and that that’s what led to his departure from the camp, everyone knew that questions when then come AJ McCarron’s way.  That’s because McCarron was Manziel’s roommate the camp and he did arrive on time for the scheduled meetings last Saturday.

So, was Manziel in their room?  And if so, why didn’t McCarron wake him up?

McCarron is indeed hearing those questions.  He’s just not providing any answers.  Today he’s told the reporters at SEC Media Days:


“I can’t answer on Johnny Manziel’s part.  My name’s AJ.  He’s his own man.  I’m not gonna speak on another man’s business…. I know how I handle myself out in public, how I carry myself in front of people.  That’s what I’m worried about.”


Read into that what you will.  McCarron also decided not to use Manziel’s “I’m just a 20-year-old kid” defense from a day ago, by admitting that he knows he lives in a fishbowl:


“You can’t be a normal 22-year-old kid… I can’t go out and act a fool.  I can’t go out and drink excessively, being wild and stuff.  I can’t do that.”


In a one-on-one with ESPN, McCarron added:


“As Coach Saban says, ‘We created this beast.  You asked for this lifestyle and you asked for this spotlight that comes with it.  So enjoy it, but don’t misuse it in any kind of way.”


McCarron and Manziel have been pals — as evidenced by the photo from last Friday we’ve posted at left — but it’s hard to imagine two guys handling the spotlight more differently.

You also have to wonder if their friendship might be strained thanks to the Manziel hubbub of the past week.  After all, last night McCarron took a page from Manziel’s book and briefly posted a tweet stating: “Your right I’m not at the espy’s! I don’t have to be at a award show to know what my team did.”

Manziel was at the ESPY’s last night.  McCarron says his tweet wasn’t aimed at Manziel.  Uh-huh.

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Bama’s McCarron Can Expect Manziel Questions Tomorrow

johnny-manziel-aj-mccarron-eli-manning-570x1011In addition to questions about trying to repeat as SEC/BCS champions — and about his girlfriend — Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron can expect to answer a few Johnny Manziel questions tomorrow.  That’s because A&M’s quarterback today said that he simply overslept due to a dead cell phone last Saturday morning and that is what led to him leaving the Manning Passing Academy early.

And Manziel’s roommate at that camp was?  Alabama’s McCarron.

So McCarron can expect to be asked a couple of things tomorrow when he shows up for SEC Media Days:


1.  Was Manziel in your room when you got up and went to the Saturday morning meeting that Manziel missed?

2.  If so, why didn’t you wake Manziel up?


This story is hardly the equal of Watergate.  But until folks fully understand exactly what happened last week in Louisiana, the media will continue to ask questions.  An in turn, that will make this Manziel/Manning Camp story seem the equal of Watergate.


UPDATE — Kevin Sumlin has told ESPN that he was informed of Manziel’s departure from the Manning Passing Academy by a representative of the camp, not by Manziel.

One other note on all of this.  Manziel’s family has put out the word that the quarterback was dealing with “dehydration.”  Manziel today said that he was simply too busy in July and needed to get home to get some rest.  Dehydration was not mentioned — at not least in the interviews we’ve seen — by Manziel himself.

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Wow Headlines 7/16/2013

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel says he overslept this weekend at the Manning Passing Academy…
Says that leaving camp was “a mutual decision”
South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney says Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray and two other QBs are “scared” of him
Rehab for Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace will end in two weeks…
Wallace recovering from offseason shoulder surgery
Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo signs new three-year contract
Tennessee coach Butch Jones wants an open practice.  ”I want to treat it like a preseason game”
SEC Media Days continue in Hoover, Alabama…
Representatives from Texas A&M, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Auburn and Arkansas in the spotlight Wednesday
Representatives from LSU, Georgia, Alabama and Vanderbilt addressing the media Thursday
Follow SEC news year-round at and on Twitter at

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Manziel Talks Manning Camp, Twitter, Scrutiny And The Upcoming Season

gfx - they said itTexas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel — obviously the sensation of this year’s SEC Media Days — just sat down with a large media group.  Here’s how it went down:


*  The scrutiny of him has been “blown a little bit out of proportion.”  Manziel said he’s still trying to live his life and “hopefully that won’t upset too many people.”

*  How do you think defenses will challenge you this year?  “Maybe bring some more blitzes.  I haven’t really thought that much about it.”  (That might concern an Aggie fan or two.)

*  Manziel said he and his teammates earned the right to have some fun this offseason.

*  “I never realized the magnitude of (the scrutiny)… You don’t really understand until you go through it and deal with it.”  Manziel said no one knew what was coming in terms of media scrutiny, not him, not Kevin Sumlin and not the A&M athletic department.

*  He reiterated that he was simply tired at the Manning Passing Academy and that his departure had nothing to do with what happened the night before.

*  He said again that he was not asked to leave the camp.  Manziel called it a “mutual decision.”

*  Kevin Sumlin made it clear less than an hour ago that his “discussion” with Manziel resulted in the QB dropping off the social media site.  Manziel was asked about why he hasn’t tweeted in a month and he sure didn’t mention any discussion with his head coach: “I guess I haven’t said anything lately because I really haven’t had anything interesting to say.”

*  Asked how he needs to change, Manziel said that “he’s continuing to learn.”

*  “Football is football,” and Manziel said his offseason activities won’t impact his play on the field this year.


Once again, Texas A&M’s quarterback seemed relaxed and self-assured while staring down a host of media members.  “I love talking to y’all.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  It’s just another day.”

The difference between the Manziel who sits down with the media and the Manziel who is his own worst enemy when it comes to offseason antics is enormous.  Manziel, today, has come across as he did all last season and at the Heisman Trophy presentation — as a young man fans can enjoy rooting for.

But who is the real Manziel?  The guy who handed multiple fake IDs to cops and tweeted that he “can’t wait to leave College Station” or the guy who’s focused on football and realizes that to some extent he’s brought a lot of this scrutiny on himself?

If it’s the latter, A&M might have another fantastic season.  If it’s the former, no one should be surprised if Manziel some how, some way creates an off-field distraction for himself and his team in the next few months.

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Report: A&M’s Manziel Apologizes For “Dehydration.” Who Ya Got: Good Johnny Or Bad Johnny?

johnny-manziel-good-and-badOver the weekend, the website reported on its “Rumors & Rants” page that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had “reportedly enjoyed himself a little too much Friday night and rolled back into the (Manning Passing Academy) at Nicholls State some time around noon Saturday before getting the boot.”  The report went on to state that Manziel was asked to leave the camp by Archie Manning.

Hours later, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Mannings themselves and Manziel’s family all kiboshed the Yardbarker story.  Manziel had reportedly left the event due to dehydration, not because he partied too hard, was too hungover, or showed up late for some of Saturday’s scheduled events.

At that point, Aggie Nation rallied ’round their boy.  Again.  The big bad media was picking on their sweet little Johnny Football, a young man they view as being no different than any other college athlete (aside from the fact that media meanies trail him constantly, of course).

Fair enough.  Many of us in the media do go too far and a few of us are honest-to-goodness jerks.

But if Manziel were only guilty of being under the weather, why has he apologized to the Aggies’ coaching staff?  ESPN’s Joe Schad reported yesterday afternoon that Manziel not only apologized to his coaches but he is also “being advised to be honest about what led to his much-discussed departure” from the Manning Academy.


According to Schad’s source, Manziel was “very upset” about having to leave the camp and “privately conceded that he needs to continue to mature.”

Would maturation help with dehydration?  Who knew?

The bottom line on all things Manziel is this: He is redshirt sophomore who grew up in a wealthy family.  Since bursting onto the national sporting stage last fall he’s been handed some of the A-1 coolest opportunities on the planet.  Add it up and it’s enough to go to a young man’s head.

And we at think it has.

Many A&M fans will bristle at that suggestion and head coach Kevin Sumlin will say he’s not worried about any such thing when he meets the press tomorrow in Birmingham.  But we don’t see how it’s possible for anyone decked out in maroon and white not to be worried about their QB’s focus.  Not to mention just what the heck kind of news he might make next?

Since the end of last football season, Manziel has made news for his courtside NBA seats.  He made news when he admitted to being tired of fielding questions from A&M’s compliance department.  He made news when a photo of him wearing a fake Texas Longhorn tattoo went viral.  He made news when he reportedly shoved an Aggie manager during a spring scrimmage.  He made news when he decided to stop using social media.  He made news when he soon thereafter returned to using social media.  He made news when he tweeted that he “can’t wait to leave” College Station.  He made news when he left the Manning Passing Academy early.  And then he made news again just yesterday when he pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of providing a fake ID to a police officer following a fight in 2012.

Manziel is a one-man 24-hour news cycle.

And before anyone blames the press for all of this, remember that this is a kid who has repeatedly used social media to provide photos of himself hanging with celebs and taking part in non-football-related activities.  There’s nothing illegal about that, of course.  But it’s pretty hard to yell “Leave me alone!” when you’re walking around town in a “Look at me!” sandwich-board.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Johnny Football Vs Johnny Law: A&M’s Manziel Pleads Guilty To 2012 Misdemeanor

johnny-manziel-holds-ball-smilesAnother day, another Johnny Manziel story.  Add this to the list of things he might be asked about at SEC Media Days this week.

The Eagle newspaper of Bryan and College Station, Texas reports that Manziel pled guilty today to failing to identify himself to police following a fight in June of 2012.  He will not have to spend time behind bars — he was credited for the time he served immediately following the arrest — but he will have to pay the maximum fine of $2,000 as well as $232 in court costs.

Manziel and a friend got into a fight with a 47-year-old black man after the quarterback’s friend reportedly tossed a racial slur in the older man’s direction.  When police arrived and questioned Manziel about his age he kept giving different answers.  Eventually Johnny Law wound up collecting three IDs from Johnny Football, two of which showed the 19-year-old as being 21.


Consider it a $2,232 mistake.

Manziel made news over the weekend for leaving the Manning Passing Academy early.  Some reports claimed he was asked to leave by Archie Manning after he showed up late and hungover for events on Saturday.  The Mannings later denied that report and it was said that Manziel instead left the camp due to dehydration.

That could, of course, be a matter of semantics as dehydration is typically what causes the feeling of being “hungover.”


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SEC Headlines 7/14/2013

headlines-sun3-150x150SEC Football

1. Florida with the easiest SEC schedule since 1992?  Study also finds Vanderbilt has faced the hardest schedule.

2. Given the reports out about Johnny Manziel, here’s an interesting headline this weekend: Sumlin, not Manziel, will determine BCS title opportunity for Texas A&M.

3. Auburn signee Earnest Robinson headed to a JUCO after failing to qualify academically.

4. Gary Danielson on LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger: “He coasts sometimes…He needs to learn to go 100 percent of the time.”

5. As many as five former JUCO players could start for Tennessee this year.

6. Just how important is Arkansas for Auburn coach Gus Malzahan? “If he can’t outdo Bret Bielema, how’s he going to deal with Nick Saban?”

7. For the third straight year, more than 1,000 media credentials have been issued for SEC Media Days.

8. What will Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen say at SEC Media Days? “Smart money is on him saying something that will cause a stir.”

9. What kind of questions does Missouri wide receiver L’Damian Washington expect at this week’s media event? ”Just questions about Mizzou competing in the SEC, which is something I feel like we’re going to get a lot.”

10. Kentucky coach Mark Stoops on his Youngstown, Ohio upbringing: “This is where we learned to watch film. It brings you back to your roots.”

11. Quarterback Zach Mettenberger is the most important piece back for LSU.  ”With new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and an experienced receiving corps, Mettenberger will face elevated expectations in 2013.”

12. There’s a buzz building around Georgia freshman safety Tray Matthews.

13. Quarterbacks AJ McCarron and Johnny Manziel were roommates at the Manning Passing Academy.

14. Freshman Hunter Henry on being a part of Bret Bielema’s first class at Arkansas: “It’s a big honor.”

15. Who will backup quarterback Brandon Allen at Arkansas?

16. South Carolina with the best defensive line in the SEC and Texas A&M with the worst?

17. There’s more to the South Carolina defense than just Jadeveon Clowney.

18. When it comes to preseason award watch lists, Alabama players have twice as many mentions as any other SEC team.

SEC/College News

19. Columnist: “Expect the (college football playoff) committee to be on the low side of the 14 to 20 members that has been speculated.”

20. What the SEC is doing to try to prevent and treat head injuries.

21. “There are 650 student-athletes at Georgia...there are some that are open about their sexual orientation within their team.”

SEC Basketball

22. Police report on Marshall Henderson’s May 4th arrest released.

23. Former Bruce Pearl assistants at Tennessee are learning about life post-NCAA penalties. “Second chances don’t come easy. ”

24. Former Missouri basketball player Negus Webster-Chan already causing a stir at Hawaii.

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SEC Headlines – 5/7/12

1.  Ex-Florida football coach Charley Pell is proof that clinical depression can be treated.

2.  From snapping a long losing streak to Tennessee in football to capturing a national title in hoops, Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart realizes the Wildcats have had a special year.

3.  This writer believes South Carolina’s hire of Frank Martin was the best basketball pickup of the offseason.

4.  Tennessee’s Derek Dooley needs to win games… and sell more tickets.

5.  Hey, SEC fans, here’s an interesting look at a slice of Missouri’s football history.

6.  The Tigers are keeping on keeping on with its multi-state billboard campaign.

7.  Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson hopes to return to the Manning Passing Academy this summer.

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