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Thought Of The Day – 2/27/13

Normally our thought/lyric of the day is a product of the first song off the official MrSEC iPod each morning.  Today, we’re gonna bend the rules a bit.

Yesterday we mentioned Mackinaw City, Michigan in our Thought of the Day post and it’s impossible to mention Mackinaw City without a certain Bob Seger song coming to mind.  So today’s lyric indeed comes off the MrSEC iPod, we just had to specifically dial up the song we wanted.

We’re not above cheating from time to time.


“Stood alone on a mountain top starin’ out at the great divide.  I could go east.  I could go west.  It was all up to me to decide.”


Bob Seger Roll Me Away Live

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Thought Of The Day – 2/26/13

Country.  Rock.  Bluegrass.  Hillbilly.  Electric.  Twang.  Nasal.

Mix it all up and you get Dwight Yoakam, an immensely talented musician who’s always worried more worried about creating his own sound than mimicking the more popular, cookie-cutter sounds that offer an easier path to commercial success.  The world needs more artists like him.  And if you haven’t heard his latest album — released last fall it was his first studio album in seven years — then you’ve missed one of his best albums to date.

Kudos to the iPod today.


“All I have to give is nothing less than one or two more.”


Dwight Yoakam – "3 Pears" captured in The Live Room


A little something extra:  US Route 23 runs from Jacksonville, Florida all the way to Mackinaw City, Michigan including a stretch that’ll take you from just outside Pikeville, Kentucky up to Columbus, Ohio.  Yoakam was born in Pikeville and grew up in Columbus.  He also wrote this song about that road. (If you want to see Yoakam in his early, early days… click the link.)  In Columbus, Route 23 used to run right down High Street, and yours truly used to live just one block over from High in the city’s once-thriving Brewery District.  For that reason, “Readin’, Rightin’, Route 23″ is a personal favorite.

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