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Beware Of Missing F’s And E’s; I’ve Done Worned My Keyboard Down

A writer for The Sporing News once described the amount of content churned out by as “prolific.”  Well, typing a few gillion words a day takes its toll on a laptop (and the human mind, character and spirit, but that’s another story).

So I wanted to give you a heads-up to something.  Just as Kramer’s rods and cones were all screwed up…


The Best of Kramer – The Kenny Roaster


My Es and Fs are all messed up.  On my keyboard that is.  I’m having to punch the heck out of ‘em just to get ‘em to work.

So if you spot a word that looks like it’s missing an E or an F, it means a) I didn’t punch my keyboard hard enough and b) I didn’t spot the missing letter.  (Example: letter was just spelled “lttr” until I fixed it.)  Hopefully I can get a new keyboard on the ol’ Macbook Pro soon.  If not, just b prpard to rad mor carully or a whil.


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