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Report: Vandy Ball Boys ‘Abused’

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A report today in The Tennesseean says two Vanderbilt ball boys working on the Arkansas sideline Saturday night were “verbally abused and physically pushed” by a member of the Razorbacks’ support staff.

According to the report written by Jeff Lockridge, Vanderbilt equipment manager Luke Wyatt said the two students required protection from on-field Arkansas State Troopers following an altercation early in the game, a 49-14 Arkansas victory in Fayetteville. Commodores coach Robbie Caldwell declined to comment on the situation, according to the report.

There has been little love lost between the two schools since the conclusion of Saturday’s game. Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino said Monday defensive tackle Byran Jones was injured on a “dirty, bad play” by a Vanderbilt offensive lineman in the first quarter.

The two teams are scheduled to meet again next season in Nashville.

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Hogs, ‘Dores Not Playing Nice

When you hear someone refer to a “dirty” football play, you probably don’t think about Vanderbilt.  That might change if you listen to Bobby Petrino.

On Saturday, Arkansas’ starting defensive tackle Byran Jones was injured when he was cut-blocked by Vandy offensive lineman Kyle Fischer.

“It was a bad-looking play.  It’s a shame.  A guy blocked him, Byran took off running and a guy clipped him from behind on his ankle.  Terrible way to get hurt.  It was a dirty, bad play.”

He continued: “It’s just a shame that he got hurt.  It’s a shame he got hurt.  It was on the reverse for a touchdown.  The guy clipped him from behind on the back of his legs and he comes up injured.  It’s a bad deal.”

Meanwhile, folks at Vanderbilt aren’t real happy either.  Vandy equipment manager Luke Wyatt told The Tennessean that two VU ball boys “working the Arkansas sideline required protection after being verbally abused and physically pushed by a member of the Razorbacks’ support staff in the early stages of the game.”

Vandy’s Robbie Caldwell would not comment on either situation yesterday.  Arkansas won the game 49-14.

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