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Attorneys Speaking Out In LSU Bar Brawl Case

With a day in court probably months away, the attorneys involved in the case of the Baton Rouge bar brawl are taking their arguments into the court of public opinion.

According to The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Michael Beinvenu — the attorney for the four injured victims in the fight — claims that there was no “fight” at all. 

“They didn’t throw a punch; they didn’t do anything to provoke it.  It was an attack by 10-15 people who have yet to be identified but who need to be identified for justice to be served in the case.

These other two individuals, (Josh) Johns and (Jordan) Jefferson, had something to do with the Andrew Lowery part of it.  Take it for what it’s worth.”

Lowery is the Marine who witnesses say was kicked in the head and face.

Ah, but Lewis Unglesby — the attorney for Jefferson — has questioned the Baton Rouge Police Department’s handling of the case and he has said that Jefferson is simply a victim of his own celebrity.

“It should have been nothing.  If you’re going to charge people, you give a whole bunch of misdemeanor summons and you figure it out later.  That’s what they would have done if his name was Jordan Jones.  This is all about his status.

The whole thing is ridiculous.  I can’t say it loud enough, hard enough, mean enough, straight enough.  There are fistfights at college bars every week.  Dozens.  I know every lawyer in Baton Rouge and no one has ever represented anybody who got into a fight in a bar charged with second degree battery.”

Uh, well, that could be because most run-of-the-mill college bar fights don’t leave people with broken bones, fractured teeth, fractured vertebrae and concussions.

Jefferson and Johns are innocent until proven guilty.  They deserve a good defense.  And the “aw, it was just a little ol’ bar fight” defense doesn’t qualify.

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