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SEC Headlines 7/22/2013

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1. Will Florida coach Will Muschamp live to regret his words? He “will get bludgeoned with ’100 percent responsible’ every time one of his players gets arrested.”

2. Would that famous Jadeveon Clowney hit draw an ejection this year?

3. The SEC may be Southern football, but the majority of coaches are from the Midwest.

4. A good idea gone bad. The increasingly irrrelevant  watch lists in college football.

5. Consensus outlook for South Carolina is a 10-2 season.  MrSEC’s Josh Ward is among those in agreement.

6. But for Georgia, range is  for everything from 9-3 to an undefeated season.

7. Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron on the Texas A&M game: “The fact we’re playing in College Station is going to be awesome.”

8. More rumors and responses to Johnny Manziel’s weekend at the Manning Passing Academy. Manziel just a 20-year old kid?  “I’m tired of that excuse.”

9. Auburn has to figure out which quarterback can best handle Wildcat duties.  Not easy to do when you don’t want to expose the QBs to live tackling in practice.

10. Player dismissals and the “hangover effect” at Vanderbilt.

11. A gold helmet for Mississippi State?

12. Tennessee’s first practice is August 2.

The ESPN Spin Machine

13. When Bristol calls, media outlets rush to tell these “news” stories. E.g. Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn, Dan Mullen, Les Miles, Hugh Freeze. And here’s James Franklin with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.

SEC Basketball

14. Body of former Auburn basketball player Korvotney Barber discovered in Panama City Beach,  Florida. ” Believed” to have drowned Saturday night. Former teammates remember.


15, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer reportedly boots  suspends running back Carlos Hyde from the team. And cornerback Bradley Roby arrested over the weekend.

16. The Royal Baby scouting report - SEC bound?

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Saban On Miles’ Scheduling Points: I Coached At LSU, Too

ALABAMA MEDIA DAYSAsked if he can understand Les Miles’ point about teams having “an even path to the championship,” Saban gave his own take on SEC scheduling:


“There can never be an equal path to the championship.  Unless everybody plays everybody, that’s the only equal path to the championship.  Everybody doesn’t play everybody in the NFL.  You rotate your schedule.  We have to rotate the schedule.

The things that I think are important about scheduling is a) Every player plays every team in the SEC in his career.  That means you must play at least two teams on the other side.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the traditions that our fans enjoy, which our Tennessee game is a big game for our fans.  So the only way to do that is play nine games…

I understand where Les Miles is coming from.  I coached at LSU.  We played Florida every year, too.  So if anyone understands it, I understand it.  (Crowd laughs.) 

They may not have that same (traditional rivals).  My question is do other coaches understand our circumstance?”


Come to think of it… anyone remember Saban complaining about the Florida game while he was in Baton Rouge?

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Miles Draws Laughs In Talking Social Media

laughing-smiley-faceAsked about his own social media policy, Les Miles joked that 20 years ago there were no Twitter or Facebook policies.  “I bet 20 years ago no one was doing the Harlem Shake,” the coach said to laughs.


“I can’t tell you the number of wonderful men I have on my team.  Quality, quality guys, good students… who when they get behind the social media cloak, they get to speak in a totally different way. 

‘It’s like, where did you get this?  How did you think that this was even appropriate?’”


He then drew more laughs while shooting down the argument that coaches should just ban Twitter (which happens to be an argument we support and that more coaches are following):


“Before they had cars, can you imagine: ‘I’m not allowing any of my players to drive cars.  Why?  Well, I like the ol’ buggy.  It’s safer.  As long as you keep the horse pointed in the right direction you’re OK.’

We’ve got computers now.  You get to carry ‘em in your pocket and if you hit the right buttons you get to talk to people.  For us not to admit that that’s America and that’s what we’re doing… now let’s do it right.  It’s not easy, it really isn’t… We’re trying to educate, not necessarily making it yes or no.

Now, if I find a guy that becomes a repeated issue, he represents our brand at LSU.  He’ll those that responsibility or the opportunity to be in that team room real quick.”


Is there any doubt that Miles would be the choice in a “Which SEC coach would you like to have a beer with” poll?

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Miles Says “Bring It On” Regarding Schedule: “I Like Us In Every Game”

LSU MEDIA DAYSIt didn’t take Les Miles long to point out that his team has to play the usual SEC West schedule as well as TCU and Georgia and Florida from the SEC East.  Miles and LSU AD Joe Alleva have made it clear that they don’t want to play Florida every year and that they don’t believe it’s fair.  Still, Miles said the following today:


“We’re looking forward to the challenge to be honest.  It’s our culture: Bring it on.  It’s what we do.  And we look forward to lining up against the best in the East and the best in the West.  And again, I like us.  I like us in every game.”


Sounds good, but Miles and LSU can’t have it both ways.  You can’t say, “We don’t care who’s on the schedule” one minute and then follow up with “We shouldn’t have to play Florida” the next.

That the same as telling a dinner party hostess, “This lasagna is wonderful.  I wouldn’t have used so much tomato sauce, but it’s wonderful.”  It doesn’t fly.


UPDATE – Proving our point, Miles pointed out how unfair the schedule is for LSU later in his session.  “There’s a repeated scheduling advantage and disadvantage for teams in this conference based on tradition and traditional rivals.”  Then he did his standard flip-flop: “In the meantime, I can’t hardly wait to play them.  We think at LSU that maybe we’re the only team that can have that schedule year after year and play as well as we do.”

Again, either it’s unfair or you don’t care who you play.  You cannot repeatedly say both things.  Complaining about the games on your schedule clearly shows that you do care.

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Miles Says RB Hill Still Suspended At LSU

LSU MEDIA DAYS In the middle of a lengthy opening statement that included a great deal of “How I spent my summer” talk as well as a mention of just about every single player on his team, Les Miles finally brought up the Jeremy Hill situation.  According to the coach, LSU’s leading returning rusher remains indefinitely suspended following an arrest and guilty plea tied to some nasty blindside punches to a young man outside a Baton Rouge bar.

Miles said that Hill remains on suspension while the legal situation plays out.  For now, Hill “has been separated from the team.”  Hill was on probation for another crime and could face jail time.


UPDATE – Asked if he’s had conversations with Hill, Miles said that they have had contact “on a routing basis,” but that Hill has not been allowed in the football complex and he has not worked out with his teammates.  “There’s an ongoing process that’s going to be fulfilled and we’re gonna sit on the perimeter and watch.”

In other words, if Hill gets jail time, he’ll be gone.  If he avoids jail time, LSU will likely ignore his two previous arrests and welcome him back to the football squad.

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WOW Headlines

Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel pled guilty today to a misdemeanor charge of providing a fake ID to a cop in 2012…
The reigning Heisman-winner will not spend time in jail but will have to pay $2,000 in fines
LSU coach Les Miles is dealing with increased scrutiny for not taking stiff action against RB Jeremy Hill…
Suspended indefinitely, Hill pled guilty last week to a battery charge that might violate the terms of a previous probation
Auburn WR prospect Earnest Robinson has failed to qualify academically and will enroll in a junior college instead
SEC Media Days kicks off in Birmingham this week…
Follow all the hot stories from each SEC football program at all week long

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Baton Rouge D.A.’s Office Releases Cell Phone Video Of Jeremy Hill Fight

mrsec-breaking-newsEarlier today, suspended LSU running back Jeremy Hill pleaded guilty to a charge of simple battery.  The Baton Rouge D.A.’s has now released the cell phone video of the incident in question.

It took place in late April outside a Baton Rouge bar.  In the 47-second video, you can see a man staggering to his feet.  Seconds later, someone in a long sleeve LSU t-shirt runs up to him and punches him. According to The Advertiser, that person is Jeremy Hill  A second person then hits the man from behind.  That was Hill’s accomplice, Robert Bayardo .  A group of at least four people, including Hill and Bayardo, can then be seen celebrating.  Off-camera, you can hear someone saying, “Jeremy Hill punching people.”

The video is posted at The Advertiser website. Hill was suspended by LSU coach Les Miles two days after the fight.



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LSU’s Les Leaps For A Cause (OK, He Rapels For A Cause, But That Blows The Alliteration Thing))

How ’bout a round of applause for LSU head coach Les Miles?

Yesterday, the Tigers’ coach took off his ill-fitting baseball cap and put on an ill-fitting safety helmet.  Then he roped himself up and rappelled 20 freakin’ stories down the side of a Baton Rouge skyscraper.

Miles’ slide down the building was designed to help draw attention to foster-care children in the state of Louisiana who need adopting.  The Louisiana Family Forum wants to see 100 children placed in homes this year.

The reigning Miss Louisiana also went “Over the Edge for Adoption” with Miles.  (Good thing he didn’t go with George Costanza.)  You can take in a breakdown of the event below.


Over the Edge for Adoption in Louisiana


Kudos to Miles.

And as a sidenote, wouldn’t it be fun to see Miles wear that helmet during a Tiger football game?

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What Happens When Finebaum Calls For A Coach’s Job On The SEC Network?

paul-Finebaum-in-studioAs part of an interesting story on Paul Finebaum and his new ESPN/SEC Network show, Jon Solomon of asked the controversial radio host a simple question.  “What’s going to happen if Finebaum — whose radio-show introduction boasts that he gets coaches fired — calls for an SEC coach to be canned on an SEC-branded network.”

Not surprisingly, the answer to that simple question is rather complex.  Said Finebaum:


“It’s a good question.  I would love to tell you that day will never happen, but it will probably happen the first day and I think we’ll all find out.  That’s what I find so interesting about this.  We are swimming in uncharted waters…

I think it would be awkward the first time we cross the bridge.  If you get a situation like we see there’s an egregious call — and I don’t know why I’m thinking Les Miles but I am — you have to react to it.”


Finebaum reiterated that SEC commissioner Mike Slive has told him to be himself.  That’s wise.  Finebaum — whether you like him or detest him — is incredibly sharp and his interview skills are first-rate.  But do the folks at ESPN want to let Paul be Paul?

“We’re going to have a dialogue with Paul about content,” said Justin Connolly, who is the top dog for ESPN’s new SEC Network.  “I think the idea is we’re going to have to feel our way through in terms of the editorial voice of the show and the network, and at the same time we have to balance it with Paul being Paul.  We’re not looking to water down or change Paul.  We want Paul to be Paul.  We want to be different.”

Different, yes.  But back to Solomon’s initial question: What happens when Finebaum starts calling for coaches to be fired?  What happens if/when Danny Sheridan appears on his show to accuse Auburn of cheating?  What happens when Finebaum’s show becomes pro-Alabama — as fans of other schools often view it?

Other leagues have faced these issues, of course.  The Big Ten Network is 100% a marketing arm for the league.  If you wanted coverage of the Penn State scandal last year, you didn’t turn to the Big Ten Network.

The NFL Network found itself a target of late-Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.  He took shots at then-NFL Network reporter Adam Schefter publicly and reportedly asked during a league meeting why a channel tied to the Raiders (and other teams) was trying to dig up news via sources within the Raiders organization (and others).

When a scandal breaks in the Southeastern Conference, it will be interesting to see how the SEC Network covers it.  If it covers it.

And if Finebaum starts to get under the skin of certain coaches, ADs or schools within the conference, it will be just as interesting to see how they respond to his criticism.

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LSU RB Hill Suspended Indefinitely

mrsec-breaking-newsThe leading returning rusher for LSU’s football team is now on indefinite suspension.  Following an arrest for simple battery over the weekend, it was announced today that Jeremy Hill would be barred from the Tiger program.  According to the school’s statement, head coach Les Miles will “let the incident play out through the legal system before making additional comments.”

Hill was charged with taking part in the beating of another student at a Baton Rouge bar.  Reportedly there is video of the incident showing Hill and another man beating the student to the point of unconsciousness.

If Hill is convicted of the simple battery charge, he would be in violation of a probation stemming from his guilty plea on a “carnal knowledge of a juvenile” charge in 2011.

As a freshman last season, Hill rushed for 755 yards on 142 carries with 12 touchdowns.

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