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MSU OC Koenning Not Letting Relf Rest On Last Year’s Advances

If quarterback Chris Relf has any intentions of resting on the improvements he made to his game late last season, Mississippi State offensive coordinator Les Koenning has a message for him:

“I told Chris (earlier this month) that you’ve got 12 more games possibly in your career and that’s it at Mississippi State.  I’m going to tell you point blank — nobody gives a darn what you did last year.  That was last year.  if you’re living on last year, you’re probably not going to get better at all.  It’s left up to you.  We put you in the position you got here and you worked hard to get here and you have to take the next step.  You can’t walk in here and say, ‘My shoulder hurts, my knee hurts.’  So what if it hurts?  Football is a physical game.  You either go compete or say you’ve already arrived.  I’ve been pretty hard on him and I’m going to be hard on him again.  The beauty about the position is, if he doesn’t do the job, we’ve got two more behind him.  It’s a great issue to have.”

Yeesh.  And the part of Les Koenning will be played by R. Lee Ermey.

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