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Legendary Georgia Broadcaster Munson Passes

The Georgia family is mourning the passing of legendary play-by-play man Larry Munson today.  Munson passed away last night due to complications from pneumonia.

The 89-year-old retired at the beginning of the 2008 football season.  He first went behind the mic in Athens in 1966.

You can read obituary pieces here and here.  Here’s an excellent collection of quotes about Munson, and here’s a collection of his own greatest calls.

Below, you’ll find a video tribute featuring some of the calls transcribed at the link above.

As for our take on the man’s legacy, what can we add?  Munson is synonymous with Georgia football.  He was part of a disappearing wave of play-by-play men who served as the true eyes and ears of the fanbase they served.

Before every game was televised, before you could get cell phone updates on scores, and back before schools added second, third and fourth members to their broadcast teams… Munson and his ilk served as fans’ only connection to their beloved teams.  As a result, they became in effect the living embodiments of their teams.  Their voices became connected to hundreds of fans’ joyful (and heartbreaking) moments.  Men like Munson literally became part of fans’ families.  After all, many of these announcers — like Munson — came into fans’ houses decade after decade after decade. 

Put simply, the grand ol’ broadcasters like Munson are a dying breed.  They will all be missed.  Just as Munson will be missed by Georgia fans everywhere.

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