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Ex-UF Coach Meyer: “I Went Off The Deep End”

Former Florida coach Urban Meyer is a much-talked about man these days.  His name has popped up in connection with jobs at Ohio State, Penn State and Texas.  Most believe he’ll be back on a college sideline next year.

But if he does return, he says he won’t let the game consume him the next time around:

“If I ever went back, I’d have to get back a little bit of balance I used to have.  I don’t know if I’m there yet.  I went off the deep end.  When I first went to Florida, my first Tennessee game, first SEC game, my son was playing that (Friday) night (in a baseball game), was going to pitch.  I’m in a hotel.  I looked at the police officers: “I can’t take this.  Will you get in a car and drive me to go watch my son pitch?”  Everybody thought I was nuts.  I’m not going to let a job consume me.  I think it did.  I would have never done that (go to see his son’s game) at the end.  I was so consumed about perfection.  We created a monster.  If I ever did get back, I would not let that control my life.”

We continue to say what we’ve been saying for months — we believe Meyer will be in the ESPN broadcast booth for more than a year.  Super-intense Jon Gruden was expected to return to the pro game after a year of announcing games, but he found he could make good money and keep one foot in the game while not be owned by the game.

Meyer’s latest statements do nothing to change our take.

And he’s pretty good as a color analyst, too.

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Meyer The Hottest Name For 2012, But We Don’t Think He’ll Be Back So Soon

When a college football job comes open, Urban Meyer’s name is connected to it.  When an article is written about the top candidates for jobs in 2012, Meyer’s name is on that list.

Read the internet and or turn on television or radio sports coverage and you’ll hear that it’s just a matter of time before the ex-Florida coach is back on the sidelines.

And we at continue to say Meyer’s return will come later rather than sooner. has posted a series of videos that shine light onto Meyer’s personal life.  In this clip from “Inside the Private World of Urban Meyer,” you’ll see how Meyer’s decision to walk away from football — twice in a year — impacted his wife and children.  Hint: They weren’t sad about it.

The lure of coaching is great, to be sure.  And Meyer may recharge his batteries and grab the reins at Ohio State in just a few short months.  But we think it’s more likely he’ll follow in the footsteps of fellow well-known workaholic Jon Gruden.  Rather than jump right back into coaching, the ex-Super Bowl winner has remained a broadcaster with ESPN much longer than anyone anticipated.  Don’t be surprised if Meyer doesn’t do the same.

Watch “Behind the Resignation” and we think you’ll understand why we feel the way we do.

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Tebow Says Meyer Will Coach Again

You can add a person to the long list of folks who believe Urban Meyer will coach again — Tim Tebow.  The former Florida Heisman-winner was asked on today’s Dan Patrick radio show if he thought his old coach would step on the field again someday.  According to, Tebow said that he does.

“But he’s proud that he stepped down, and said it took a lot of ‘courage’ and ‘backbone’ to make that decision,” the site reports.

The return of Meyer should be expected at this point.  The coach himself has said don’t call his walk away from the game a retirement.  That said, everyone expected ex-NFL coach Jon Gruden to jump back into coaching after a year away from the pro game, too.  But he’s still sitting happily in the broadcast booth.

Meyer might just find that life is easier when he’s home more often and when the pressure of college coaching rests on some other guy’s head.  And who knows what his family might push him to do behind the scenes?

For now, we agree with Tebow that Meyer will be back.  But we don’t think that’s a dead-solid lock.  Let’s see how his year in the media goes.

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Gruden Won’t Commit To Miami

Okay, MSU fans, fire up the Worry-O-Meter.  Jon Gruden met with Miami athletic director Kirby Hocutt today, but according to The Miami Herald, he didn’t seem too interested in the Hurricanes’ job.

“According to a UM Board of Trustee member, ‘Gruden was cordial, he listened to everything UM had to say but no offer was made.  He said he didn’t want to go further because he is keeping all his options open, including the NFL.

He didn’t say yes.  He didn’t say no.  But in effect, it’s probably a no because it will take months before the NFL jobs come open and UM can’t wait that long.’”

We’ll see if/when the Canes start sniffing around Dan Mullen.

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Report: “Zero Percent” Chance Of Gruden To Miami; Door Open For Mullen

Thayer Evans of is reporting that Jon Gruden will not accept the University of Miami head coaching job… thus leaving the door open for Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen.

A “person close to Gruden” told today that there is a “zero percent” chance of the ex-NFL coach and current broadcaster accepting Miami’s offer.

In other words, the man simply likes to feel wanted, wants to be chased.
  And if that’s really the case the MSU fans need to hope all those stories about Mullen being high on the Canes’ lists — candidate “1A” in one report — are false.

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