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A Happy Ending For The Honey Badger? Sounds Like Mathieu Will Return To LSU

Less than a month before the start of the 2012 season, Les Miles announced that Heisman-candidate defensive back and star return man Tyrann Mathieu had been dismissed from LSU’s team for the year.  The wording left folks on the Bayou — and in the press — wondering about the definition of the word “dismissed” is in Cajun.

After zipping through LSU’s drug policy, it quickly became clear that a dismissal is a one-year deal, not a “forever” deal, in Baton Rouge.  So Mathieu theoretically could return to Miles’ team for the 2013 season.  But would he?  After all, he could do what many troubled stars have done in the past and go to an FCS school, play one season, and then jump straight to the NFL.

Ah, but then we learned that Mathieu and his family had decided that the player known as the Honey Badger would instead head to Houston and John Lucas’ drug rehabilitation clinic (proving that the young man and his family have his best interests — and not just their bank accounts — at heart).  Mathieu then returned to Baton Rouge in time to enroll as a regular ol’, pay-your-own way student for the fall semester.

With that, it was assumed by most that Mathieu would indeed be back on LSU’s team next fall if he avoided any more positive drug tests.  Yesterday on ESPN Radio, Les Miles hinted further that Mathieu could/will be back with his Tigers this time next year:


“There is a very legitimate chance this will have a happy ending.  I think the point of degree, and the point of handling your business and making sure everything is right and correct, and getting your feet on the ground — I think that is a tremendously happy ending.”


Don’t know about you, but that sounds like Mathieu will be welcomed back provided he takes care of his off-field situation.

Then again, with Miles’ it’s rare that you’re ever going get a simple “yes” or “no” answer.  I can’t be the only one who’s reminded of Damon Wayans’ “Oswald Bates” character from “In Living Color” when Miles speaks, can I?


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(And, yes, the headline was by design.)

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Sidney Won’t Make Europe Trip With MSU

Less than two weeks after Renardo Sidney said he was ready to turn a corner — with the help of ex-NBA’er John Lucas — the Mississippi State big man is once again a large question mark.

Sidney will not travel with State to Europe for a five-game exhibition tour next month.  Instead he will spend more time working out with Lucas.

“Renardo Sidney has returned to Houston, Texas, to continue working out with John Lucas,” Rick Stansbury announced via statement.  “He will not accompany the team to Europe next month, but he is expected back on campus for the start of the fall semester in mid-August.”

A team spokesperson said the decision to skip out on the Europe trip was Sidney’s.  Stansbury gave him the go-ahead.

If Stansbury had only known the headaches that he would endure by signing the controversial big man.

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