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NCAA Does The Right Thing By Ole Miss, Wallace… But Could It All Go Wrong

snidely-whiplashFact: The NCAA’s official motto should be changed to “Can’t win for losing.”

Yesterday, college sports governing body got some praise for showing doing what seemed to be the right thing to do.  The NCAA gave Ole Miss a waiver allowing quarterbacks coach Dan Werner to watch and work with Bo Wallace this summer as he recovers from offseason shoulder surgery.

According to Wallace, the Rebels’ starting quarterback: “The NCAA granted that Coach Werner could be out there to watch me, so that my mechanics remain the same so I don’t reinjure myself.  That’s been really helpful.”

But as John Infante of points out — correctly — by aiding Wallace the NCAA might just have opened a big can of worms:


“Allowing a coach to be present during workouts to evaluate and correct mechanical issues can be a big advantage.  And that’s just if everything is above board.  The circumstances of such a wavier could create a situation ripe for abuse: no other coaches and no other athletes around to monitor or even witness the coach exceeding the exceptions granted by the waiver and putting a player through a full individual skill session.

I bet we’ll see a sharp uptick in these cases field going into next summer.”


And once gain, the NCAA has found itself in a no-win situation.

If the NCAA had turned down the Rebels’ request for a waiver, columnists would have ripped into the organization for not putting an athlete’s well-being first.  But by granting the waiver, more schools will probably try to take advantage of the new precedent and some — possibly even Ole Miss this summer — might even go further than a waiver is supposed to allow.

Can’t win for losing.


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