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Moore Now Brings Florida Into The Newton Fray

Radio host Scott Moore spoke with The Huntsville Times yesterday and now he’s thrown out an accusation that Florida’s Urban Meyer was the initial whistleblower in L’affaire Newton.

“Urban made the call and The New York Times acted on it.”  That’s what Moore says NCAA investigators told his buddy, former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond.

“There’s some other stuff that will come out in the coming weeks that might set the record straight a little bit,” Moore told Mark McCarter of The Times.  “There’s some things I have not heard, some things that I’m supposed to hear that will tie all this together.”

Of course there is.

Amazingly, while Moore has gone on radio show after radio show quoting audio tapes that he has refused to play and making accusations against the Newtons, Auburn, Tennessee and now Urban Meyer, he feels that his reputation has been unfairly attacked.

“This is not a smear campaign against (Auburn), although one has certainly been waged against me this week.  That’s part of the territory, I reckon.”

I reckon so.  When you accuse people and schools of cheating without providing proof — while also starting a radio show and claiming that the tapes are “valuable” — people will naturally begin to ask questions about your character.

McCarter asked Moore why he’s doing what he’s doing.  “I’m not doing it for the radio show,” Moore said.  “I’m not out to destroy anybody.  I don’t want to see Auburn University destroyed.  I don’t have a vendetta against Auburn University.  I’m just reporting on a story that’s now mushroomed into one of the biggest stories in college football history.”

As The Times points out, Moore “was wearing warmup pants with the (Alabama) logo (on them) as he went on-air Wednesday night.”

In a final note, Moore has spent a week now making claims and allegations without playing the audiot tapes.  After getting ripped for his actions, he claimed this week that he’s not going to play the tapes until he can verify them.  Nevermind the fact that he’s been quoting them without verifying them.  So does Moore even have these tapes in his possession?

“I can’t confirm or deny that.”

What a shock.

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Radio Host Claims Newton Was In The Room When Papa Discussed Money

As expected, Huntsville radio host Scott Moore was back on the air this morning — this time with WNSP-FM 105.5 in Mobile — talking about the audio tapes he claims to have heard relating to Cam Newton.

In today’s interview, Moore reveals that the tapes he’s heard were made by former MSU players John Bond and Bill Bell.  (Earlier today, we reported that the tapes Moore discussed yesterday were the much-rumored Kenny Rogers-owned tapes, mainly because he did not specify in the webclip available to us who had made the tapes.  In referring today to the tapes made by Bond and Bell, it now appears that at least three different people — Bond, Bell and Rogers — possess tapes and text messages relating to Newton.)

In today’s interview, Moore makes the following claims:

1.  Cam was in the room when Cecil asked Mississippi State for more money.

2.  The NCAA has copies of some of the tapes.

3.  Cecil reveals on one tape that he received a $200,000 offer from Tennessee but also said he’d give Mississippi State a $20,000 discount.

4.  The NCAA is about to start looking into Auburn’s recruiting practices in Arkansas.  (The NCAA was asking questions in Louisiana last week.)

5.  An FBI agent told Bond that Cam will be a footnote in the bureau’s investigation and that the investigation into Colonial Bank will eventually be a problem for Auburn.

(Sidenote — Anybody else sick of this crap?  The story?  The rumors?  The claims?  The two-bit cowards who have tapes but refuse to release them?  The stories that change from day to day?  Good God in Heaven let us please go back to talking about football and basketball.  Rant over.  Feeling better now.)

Some questions:

First, why doesn’t Bond — the former MSU quarterback — stop giving radio interviews, teasing information and allowing others to hear his tapes and instead just release the ******* things?

“I heard bits and pieces of them back in September.  I heard the rest of it in October and into November.  And so, you know, uh, John Bond is a very good friend of mine.  And the day John interviewed with the NCAA back in September he told me about it.  And there’s another, I would say, several guys that John trusted and, uh, and went public.  We sat down and let these guys hear the tapes. … And I’m sure those guys will end up coming out very, very soon as well with what they’ve heard. … I just spoke with John earlier today and HBO’s trying to get John to come out on HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ and, you know, put these tapes out on ‘Real Sports.  And he’s been reluctant to do that because Mississippi State has said, ‘Hey, look, just kinda stay out of it.’”

Apparently Bond doesn’t really want to stay out of it or he’d stop teasing the world with his knowledge and tapes.  He wants the spotlight.  If he didn’t, he’d tell Scott Moore to pipe down and stop drawing it back towards Bond.  So why would Bond want the spotlight?

“Obviously these things, obviously they’ve got a lot of value.  Obviously.  And, uh, you know I think, uh, they belong to Bill Bell and they belong to John Bond.  They’ve got a lot of information on these tapes.  I can’t speak for what reason those guys have not sat down and played ‘em or gotten the information out to everybody.”

Actually, it sounds like Moore just did a very good job of explaining why they haven’t released the tapes.  Bond and Bell want to get paid.  Hmmm.  That kinda puts Bond and Bell in the same “pay me” ballpark as Cecil Newton.

Question Two: How did Tennessee go from making a $150,000 offer — according to Moore yesterday — to making a $200,000 offer — according to Moore today?

“Cecil went out there, put these offers out, and said, ‘I had an offer from Tennessee for a $150,000, then he actually went up — and I didn’t get to expand on that yesterday — but he went back to them and he said, ‘I’ve got an offer from Tennessee for $200,000, but we’ll go to Mississippi State for $180,000.’”

Another question: How does Moore know that Cam was in the room on an audio tape?

“They’ve got tapes that exist that have Cam Newton in the room with his dad talking about these deals.  You have got him present in the room while his dad’s on the phone trying to shop his son around.”

I’m sure we’ll have more on this as Moore continues his radio tour drumming up interest for his buddy’s tapes.  And it probably won’t be too long before we learn someone else has a tape or two also.

Oh, boy.  Can’t wait.

But if you’re wondering why we at so often point to the fact that this league is in danger of destroying itself through boosters attacking rival schools… we give you Exhibit A.

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Attorney confirms former Mississippi State player John Bond met with FBI in Cam Newton Affair



ESPN Tweeting What’s Already Been Reported

The Twitterers are all a twitter over something ESPN tweeted 40 minutes ago… but as far as we can tell, ESPN’s tweet regards old news.

This is why I hate Twitter.  (As always, you can follow us on Twitter here!)

According to

“DEVELOPING STORY: FBI is involved in investigation into recruitment process of Auburn QB Cam Newton.”

Cool.  But unless the ESPN’ers have some new angle on this one, the fact that the FBI is interested in speaking to MSU alum John Bond has been known for days now.

Why exactly the FBI wants to find out if college athletes are being bought and sold is anyone’s guess.

There have been rumors that Cam Newton’s father Cecil received money for his son’s signature and quickly tucked that cash away at one of several churches he is connected to.  Churches aren’t taxed, of course.  So perhaps there’s some FBI-IRS tie here, but that’s ALL just speculation upon speculation.

Unless ESPN reveals some new info in their “DEVELOPING STORY,” it looks like everyone’s just tweeting over old news.

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“Consider The Source” On Newton Story? I Wish I Could

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for  He makes a living from being a hard ass and I rarely enjoy his columns or agree with his takes.  That said, he’s a sharp guy who certainly knows how to pen a column that will evoke a reaction from a reader.

Today he suggests everyone consider the source on the Cameron Newton story.

Sadly, that’s hard to do because no one will actually admit to being a source on anything having to do with this story.  And much of the information that’s out there has come from pro-school pay websites — which have profits and fans to think about — and talk radio shows — where little information is documented.

But for his purposes Doyel focuses in on former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond.  Bond went underground when it came to Doyel, but he did instruct his attorney, Phil Abernathy, to speak with the CBS writer.

According to Doyel, Abernathy “implied that and The New York Times made an enormous error in their stories — the same error, it turns out.”  That error?  According to Doyel, Abernathy said “John Bond never named Kenny Rogers.”

Doyel also traced down a comment Bond made last Friday on the “Buck and Kincade” radio show on 680 The Fan in Atlanta.  (Your station owes me a plug, Chernoff.)  When Bond was asked if Rogers had offered Newton’s signature for $180,000, the former Bulldog said:

“Actually, there were two people in between it but, basically, yes that’s what happened.”

In Doyel’s view, that comment means Bond isn’t a source, “he’s a gossip.”

But at this point, most of the people talking are gossips. 

Let’s look at what we do know:

1.  ESPN and The New York Times claimed last week that Rogers called Bond and attempted to sell Newton’s signature to Mississippi State.

2.  The NCAA is investigating Newton’s recruitment.

3.  Auburn is so confident that the school, the player and the family did nothing wrong that they have played Newton in spite of the investigation.

That’s it.  End of story.  We don’t know anything else.  Everything else is just rumor, innuendo or smear.

* Some Auburn fans are blaming Mississippi State fans, Dan Mullen, Florida fans, Urban Meyer and/or Alabama fans for releasing this information / spreading lies.  –  They’re basing their feelings on rumors.  There’s no proof that those coaches or those fanbases are behind all of this.

* Some Florida fans are blaming Alabama boosters and/or Mississippi State boosters for this mess… because in their view, nooooo Gator fans would ever smear Newton.  –  Again, rumors.  No facts, no proof that Bama or MSU folks are behind this.

* Some columnists believed the initial ESPN reports and decided that Newton must have taken cash from Auburn.  –  That belief is simply based on innuendo.  Two plus two could equal five in this case.

* One of the churches Newton’s father is involved with needed money.  –  This is innuendo.  In this economy, if you start to suspect cheating everytime a player’s parents need cash, you’re going to be making a whole lotta allegations.  Just because someone needs money, it doesn’t mean he’s stealing… or, in this case, shopping his son’s signature.

* Someone with knowledge of the University of Florida’s Student Conduct Committee leaked information about Newton being involved in an academic scandal.  –  That’s nothing but a smear and it is completely irrelevant when it comes to Newton’s eligibility at Auburn.  Also, being that the one source for the story is unnamed, it’s basically a rumor.

* Two sources who are supposedly close to UF’s Student Conduct Committee have since leaked information that Newton was never in academic trouble in Gainesville.  –  That’s just another rumor.  It brings the first rumor into question, yes, but we have no idea who the sources for are either.  And the fact that a pro-Auburn site is reporting this makes the report a little fishy in the first place. 

* On top of all this, Bond, Rogers, Meyer, Mullen, Chizik, Jay Jacobs and the Newton family have all issued denials regarding various parts of this story.  –  Someone has to be lying.  The initial story came from somewhere.  Someone leaked it for some reason. 

So when Doyel writes, “Consider the source,” I can only respond with, “I wish I could.”

The NCAA will eventually decide whether or not Auburn, Newton or anyone else did anything wrong during the player’s recruitment.

The rest of this mess?  Nonsense, lies, rumor, innuendo and smear.

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