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FSU’s Fisher Offers A Non-Denial Denial Regarding Job Opportunities

Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher guested on Sirius/XM radio today and tried to quell rumors that he might be interesting in leaving Tallahassee for Auburn, Tennessee or any place else:


“I have a great job here.  I’m very happy here.  I would like to stay here.  I’m not fielding offers, I’m not trying to get involved with offers.  Everything I’m trying to do now is some due diligence on looking for a defensive coordinator for the future.

I’m doing some things in my spare time when we’re not preparing.  Other than that, I go in a cave.  I’m a guy who goes in there — I don’t like the distractions — and focus on our football team and do the things that we need to do.”


What Fisher did not say, of course, is whether agent Jimmy Sexton is fielding offers or trying to get involved with offers.

Fisher’s Seminoles are preparing to meet Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game this weekend.  His defensive coordinator, Mark Stoops, was named the head coach at Kentucky earlier this week.

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SEC Athletic Directors: Time To Hold Your Nose, Hire Petrino

Maybe SEC presidents and ADs simply want no part of someone who lost his job via scandal.

Maybe the boards of trustees and regents across the conference just can’t imagine dealing with the negative fallout that would come with making such a hire.

Maybe the league’s leaders have quietly agreed to blackball the man who built up Louisville and Arkansas only to tear down his own career with some very poor choices last spring.

Or maybe word has gotten around that most players at Louisville, Atlanta and Arkansas didn’t care much for their ex-coach.  (They didn’t.)

Whatever the reason for SEC athletic directors at Auburn, Kentucky and Tennessee have for ignoring Bobby Petrino… they need to get over it.  Petrino wins.  And in a sporting world where schools jump leagues for a shiny, thin dime and BCS-winning coaches can get ousted just two years after winning said championship, wins are really all that matters.

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Meyer, Nutt Deny Coaching Rumors

Two ex-SEC coaches — well, one’s about to be an ex — are denying rumors and reports that they are set to become coaches elsewhere.

Despite multiple reports claiming that Urban Meyer has agreed to a $40 million deal to coach Ohio State, the ex-Florida coach continues to deny that any job has been offered or accepted.

“I have not been offered any job nor is there a deal in place,” he said in a statement.  “I plan on spending Thanksgiving with my family and will not comment on this any further.”

Meyer is not scheduled to work a college football game this weekend for ESPN, however.  It’s believed he will be at network headquarters instead.

Meanwhile, as Houston Nutt prepares to coach his last game at Ole Miss, rumors are swirling that he will wind up as the next head coach at Memphis.   A report suggested yesterday that a deal was already in place for Nutt to move the 85 miles up I-55 from Oxford to the Bluff City. 

Yesterday, Nutt was asked if he’d been talking to officials from the Tiger program:

“No, I have not.  No contact whatsoever.  They got a head coach.  Strictly a rumor.  I have not talked to anybody there with Memphis.  That’s really unfair to Coach (Larry) Porter.  He’s the coach there.  Everybody needs to respect that and let me finish this game here.”

Apparently no one asked him if his agent, Jimmy Sexton, had been talking to Memphis’ brass.

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Anderson Situation Dragging On, Mizzou Folks Tiring

Just a quick follow-up on our most recent Mike Anderson post.

The folks at Rivals site don’t expect any kind of announcement — one way or the other — from Anderson.  The coach is attending the funeral of  a close friend today and isn’t likely to “call the Hogs” at a press conference in Fayetteville less than 24 hours later.

The site also notes that Missouri’s offer is on the table.  There will be “no bidding war” from Mizzou.  So our view that MU officials are calling Anderson’s bluff and saying, “take it or leave it” appears to be correct.

And that means either a) he skips town for Arkansas or b) he tucks tail, accepts the Missouri offer, and admits that he never really wanted to leave in the first place.

But you can be sure Tiger fans are getting tired of Anderson’s — and Jimmy Sexton’s — shenanigans.  Take it from’s Pat Forde who recently posted this on Twitter:

As a Missouri alum, my suggestion to Anderson is to take the Arkansas job.  Because the fans won’t welcome him back w open arms after this.

Thought so.

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Anderson Staying Or Going? Flip A Coin

Mike Anderson is a good basketball coach.  But is a guy who’s reached two Sweet Sixteens in nine seasons really worth this much trouble?

From a quick check of some Missouri blogs, it looks like a few Tiger fans are starting to ask that very question about their current — for right this second — coach.

Various reports since last night have claimed:

1.  Anderson has a two-year extension and a $500,000 raise on the table in Columbia.

2.  Arkansas is ready to give Anderson an offer but it “first must get permission” from Missouri AD Mike Alden to speak with him.  (In other words, UA has been dealing with Jimmy Sexton, has the deal in place, and now just needs to officially shake hands with Anderson.)

3.  Anderson is “extremely close” to accepting the UA job.

4.  Also, The Baxter Bulletin is running with a story that states: “Sources close to college basketball, and sources close to Arkansas said Tuesday night they anticipate Missouri coach Mike Anderson becoming the Arkansas Razorbacks’ next head coach.”

5.  Rivals site is pointing out this morning that reports from Missouri and across the nation have Anderson sticking with the Tigers.  The reports of him landing at Arkansas all seem to come from people in Arkansas.  They also report that AD Jeff Long might turn to UCLA head coach Ben Howland if Anderson decides to stay put.

This much is clear:

1.  Anderson’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, has been negotiating an extension and raise with Missouri since before the Tigers’ tourney run ended.  Some MU boosters say a deal has been in the works for months.

2.  Sexton also appears to have been dealing with Arkansas officials.

3.  Anderson has stated his desire to “retire” in Columbia.  He has turned down more lucrative offers from Georgia and Oregon the past two years.  So it’s possible that Sexton is simply using Arkansas as leverage in his dealings with Mizzou.

4.  But Missouri officials have let it be known that they will only go so far to retain their coach and that appears to be as far as a two-year extension and a bump to $2 million per season. 

5.  Just our take: It’s possible Missouri is trying to call Anderson and Sexton’s bluff and that’s leading to delays… because Anderson truly wants to stay at Mizzou as he’s said.  That’s just a theory, but it’s a theory that wasn’t shot down when I spoke to a source in the Natural State yesterday.

If Anderson does stay at Missouri, he’d better do some serious winning.  You can’t toy with the affection of the hometown fans year after year after year and expect them to like it when you lose to Kansas, finish fifth in your conference and fail to win your first NCAA Tournament game. 

Heck, at this point, Anderson might be better off heading to Fayetteville where Hog fans will rejoice in his arrival.  It sounds like his latest money-grab is rubbing a few Tiger fans the wrong way in Missouri.

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Sexton Talks About Anderson-Mizzou Contract Status

Sports agent Jimmy Sexton discussed briefly on WHBQ-AM in Memphis today the conversations he’s had with Missouri officials regarding a contract extension for Mike Anderson.

“We’ve been in discussions with them for several weeks now.  Those are ongoing discussions.  Nothing is imminent this second, so I can’t really speak to it.  But there should be some resolution to that in the next few days.”

Sexton would not address whether or not he’s also speaking with Arkansas officials.

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Report: New Anderson Deal At Mizzou Was In The Works All Along

This morning, it looks like everyone — including Andy Katz of — believes Mike Anderson will stay at Missouri for a raise and an extension rather than head to Arkansas.

In addition, The Kansas City Star reports that “a cadre of MU and Anderson boosters with insider information barely broke a sweat” during a rumor-filled weekend that had Anderson heading to Arkansas time and again.

One booster says Anderson’s new deal with Mizzou was in the works last Friday and that the main reports claiming the coach was heading to Fayetteville had been “messed up.”

Two other Tiger boosters say Anderson’s extension and raise have been in the works for more than a month.  If that’s true, it looks like agent Jimmy Sexton simply used Arkansas as further leverage to get his client’s new pact signed, sealed and delivered.

At this point, it looks like the signing, sealing and delivering is all but done.

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More Speculation: Anderson Likely Staying At Mizzou, But…

The good folks at — the Rivals site covering Missouri — have posted a story today claiming that “a few different people with connections around Missouri” have told the site that “(Mike) Anderson is staying and there’s not much to talk about.”

However, according to the site, Anderson’s players have not been told anything at this point.  They’ve not heard that their coach is leaving and they’ve not heard that he’s staying.  And that seems to indicate something is percolating behind closed doors between Arkansas AD Jeff Long and Anderson’s agent, Jimmy Sexton.  If Anderson plans to stay put, why wouldn’t he tell his players not to worry?

In the end, the site leaves the door open for an Anderson departure stating: “No one can say definitively at this point that Mike will coach at Missouri next year.”

It seems no one can on either side of The Ozarks can say much of anything — definitively — at this point at all.

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