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Gruden “Open To Hearing” About College Job… Thank Goodness The Suckers In This Story Aren’t In The SEC

gruden-teases-shows-leg-flirtsWow, it really is a day of tried-and-true sports stories.  See if you’ve heard this one before: Jon Gruden is “open to hearing” from a college about its head coaching vacancy.

Someone alert the press!  Wait, Gruden’s agent has already taken care of that.  Again.

In this case, — the site covering Texas athletics — has reported that the ex-NFL coach and current ESPN broadcaster “is open to hearing from the Texas athletic department.”  This from a high-level source.

The source went on to say that Gruden views the Texas job as one of the few “premier” coaching jobs in college football.  He also gave another reason for Gruden’s alleged interest… and for Texas’ need to go BIG:


“It’s Austin.  It’s not like any other city in Texas, or anywhere, really.  It’s a destination, but with the state capitol, the university, the politics and the media, it’s the eye of a hurricane.

(James) Franklin, (Jim) Mora, they are great coaches — but stepping into this sort of situation for the first time?  You’re going to have limited success.”



Gruden has toyed with the hopes of so many schools at this point that, quite frankly, we’re sorta/kinda sick of his act at this point.  Last year, the SEC version of “UT” called Gruden about their then-open gig.  Gruden — who reportedly viewed Tennessee as a “premier” job because he’d coached there and because his wife has family there — played footsie with intermediaries before saying, “no thanks,” when he got an actual call from Vol athletic director Dave Hart.

Gruden likes to have his name kicked around because it keeps him “hot” in coaching circles.  Fair enough.  But there’s about as much chance of Sam Houston or Davy Crockett coaching the Longhorns next year as there is of Gruden taking the job.

It was just 14 days ago that Southern Cal athletic director Pat Haden said: “I talked with Jon a while back.  He wants to coach in the pros.  If he’s a head coach, he wants to coach in the pros.”

So good luck, Texas.  You’re the suckers of the month in the Great Gruden Grab.  He’ll wind up with a new contract from ESPN and you’ll wind up with a disappointed fanbase when a Franklin or a Mora is introduced.  We’ve seen this one play out one too many times to put any stock in it whatsoever.

(Which guarantees Gruden will take the job.)

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Youngstown State Coach: “Saban Would Body Slam You”

saban-wrestlerFrom watching the video below we know two things:


1.  Youngstown State coach Eric Wolford seems like a nicer guy than UCLA coach Jim Mora.

2.  Nick Saban’s got a reputation for being a jerk when it comes to the press.


That second point is hardly a revelation, though most of the local media who cover Alabama’s coach say he’s not as bad as advertised.

As for the first point, at the 14:50 mark of the video below, a reporter’s cell phone begins to ring during Wolford’s press conference.  The coach then draws laughs by telling the reporter: “Coach Saban would body slam you right now.  That would not be good, would it?”


Head Coach Eric Wolford Weekly Football Press Conference | September 24, 2013


Saban wouldn’t body slam a guy whose phone went off, but it’s likely he wouldn’t blow it off in as friendly a way as Wolford did, either.  A good showing by the young coach.

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LSU Running Back Blue On Gay Players: “We Look At You As A Sissy”

gfx - they said itThe idea of an openly-gay athlete has received a lot of attention in recent months.  San Francisco 49ers’ cornerback Chris Culliver  made headlines just before the Super Bowl when he said he wouldn’t want a gay teammate.  You can add LSU running back Alfred Blue to the list of athletes whose comments will undoubtedly draw attention, after this quote to Mike Gegenheimer of the Daily Reveille


“Football is supposed to be this violent sport — this aggressive sport that grown men are supposed to play. Ain’t no little boys out here between them lines. So if you gay, we look at you as a sissy. You know? Like, how you going to say you can do what we do and you want a man?”


Not everyone on the LSU team shares that perspective.  Offensive lineman Trai Turner had a different vew.


“College football is a business and you have to conduct yourself in a manner where you respect everyone you deal with. I feel like if the person is gay, he must still conduct himself in the manner of a football player, and if a person isn’t gay, he must still look at the person who views himself as gay, or says he is gay, as his teammate.”


Added sophomore quarterback Stephen Rivers.  “If he can play for LSU, he will play for LSU,”

Earlier this week, UCLA coach Jim Mora became the first major college football coach to encourage gay athletes to play for his team. ”I don’t judge people on their color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religious beliefs. It doesn’t matter to me,” Mora told

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