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SEC Toots Its Own Horn With Media Guide Cover

When the nation’s reporters and broadcasters reach for their SEC media guide this fall, they’ll quickly be reminded of just how many BCS titles the league has won in a row.

The SEC unveiled the cover of its 2011 guide yesterday (at left) and the cover art can’t exactly be called subtle.  That’s a tight shot of a football jersey bearing the number five.

And in case someone doesn’t get the message from the number alone, the following line is tossed in just beneath it:


Perhaps Mike Slive and crew should mail one to the Big Ten’s Jim Delany just for kicks.

As always, click the headline of this story for a closer look at the pic.

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Carolina Unveils New Football Uniforms

Under Armour has updated South Carolina’s football uniforms for the first time since 2007, but the visible changes aren’t too significant.  What do we mean by that?  We mean Gamecock fans will notice the adjustments made to the striping, but non-Carolina fans probably won’t pick up on the differences.

That’s a good thing.  It’s called branding and Carolina is definitely better developing its brand by avoiding major changes.  There will be all-black uniforms, a garnet-jersey/white-pants set, and a white-jersey/garnet-pants road set… all with the traditional white helmet.

Eventually, Under Armour could begin using elements from the South Carolina state flag — the palmetto and crescent — in the unis, but no final decision has been made on that front.

Thumbs up on the current batch of unis.

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Crowder Now Says He Has All His Old Gator Jerseys

Over the weekend, former Florida linebacker Channing Crowder suggested on his new radio show that “hypothetically” he might have sold his UF jerseys to some folks in Jacksonville who liked the way he played.  As you know, selling collectibles and merchandise is a no-no for college athletes.

Yesterday, Crowder backed off of his hypothetical suggestion while on ESPN’s “SportsCenter”:

“I have all four of them (UF jerseys).  My momma has two of my jerseys on her wall in her house, and I have the other two in my house.

I was playing off the whole Terrelle Pryor thing when businessmen were buying his stuff.  I was saying that, if somebody wanted to buy my jerseys while I was in school, why can’t I sell them because they’re my jerseys and have my name on the back?  When I was at Florida, I made ’55′ a relevant jersey number at Florida, so why couldn’t I sell my jersey when I was there with my name on the back?  That was the point.”

And that is the sound of a man trying to remove his foot from his mouth.

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Vandy Will Tackle The Jersey Shore In November

Kevin Stallings’ Vanderbilt basketball team has signed up to play in the 2011 Legends Classic at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey this November.  Vandy, Texas, NC State and Oregon State will each host two games in their home arenas and then move on to the semifinals of the “tournament” which will be played in Jersey the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Vandy — as well as the other aforementioned schools — will all move on to Jersey regardless of the outcomes of the two games they’ll play on their home courts… so this isn’t a true tourney in the traditional sense.

Oh, for a publicity shot of Snookie kissing Stallings’ brilliant bald head.

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Richt Displays Class. Yet Again.

Mark Richt will be on the hot seat when the 2011 season begins.  He’s been in place for a decade — which is just too much time at one place in the modern sports world — and he’s coming off a 6-7 season.

We think that’s too bad. 

And while we can no longer defend Richt’s record by pointing to “a one-year slump” (as we did last year), we can tell you that Georgia’s coach remains the one coach in the SEC we’d most like to see a relative play for.  The man is first class.

Three weeks ago, a 17-year-old from Valdosta named James Eunice drowned while duck hunting.  Eunice had been accepted at the University of Georgia and he had planned to walk-on for the football team. 

During the run-up to signing day, Richt took the time to write the boy’s family.  He told them that Eunice had made the team and he sent along a jersey to the family with the boy’s name and number on the back.

When Richt’s letter was read at Eunice’s funeral — and the jersey was shown — those in attendance applauded.  Two of Eunice’s Valdosta teammates who have signed to play at Georgia were on hand for the presentation.

“I’m going to play for an incredible man,” Jay Rome said of Richt.  Malcolm Mitchell said the gesture made him “proud to be a Bulldog.”

Kudos to Bill King of The AJC’s “Junkyard Blawg” for bringing the original story to light.  You can read his take and link to earlier versions here.

As for our feelings here at… if there’s a better man heading up an SEC program today, we don’t know who he is.

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Bama, Dareus To Remember MSU’s Bell

Alabama’s Marcell Dareus grew up in Birmingham with Nick Bell, the Mississippi State defensive lineman who died of cancer last week.  Dareus was actually with Bell on the Friday before he died.

“He was with me all day Friday (October 29th).  That Friday, he stayed with me all day.  He rode around with me all day.  He said he wasn’t feeling good and he just wanted to ride with me.  He rode with me all day.  We went out later on that night.  We just had a good time.”

Dareus says he’s dedicating the rest of his season to his fallen friend.  That will begin on Saturday when he faces Bell’s MSU teammates.

Saturday’s game will mark the first contest for State since Bell’s death.  The Bulldogs will wear patches to honor Bell.  Some players will wear his jersey as well.

“For our guys, you play with a little heavy heart,” Dan Mullen said this week.  “They’re going to move on a little bit every day.  They’ll put it behind them, but it’s certainly not going to be out of their minds.  In a situation like that, I don’t know how it becomes motivating to anybody except for the fact maybe the lessons Nick taught you in life and trying to live your life to the fullest.”

In honor of Bell, there will be a moment of silence at Bryant-Denny Stadium prior to kickoff. 

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Tyler’s Picks: Living In Sun Tan City

*Highlights from last week… Arkansas -21 against Vanderbilt: The final was 49-14 and my pick was Hogs 48-17… USC -17 1/2  against Tennessee: The final was 38-24 and my pick was Gamecocks 31-17… UGA -2 1/2 against Florida: The final was 34-31 (Florida win) in overtime and my pick was Florida 26-23 in overtime… I also picked MSU to win by 10 against UK (won by seven) and Auburn to win by 14 against Ole Miss (won by 20).

After living in a tanning bed at Sun Tan City the past seven days — now sporting an epic purple tan that only Bruce Pearl and George Hamilton have ever come close to — I’m hotter than the sun.  Going 9-1 against the spread with my SEC picks the last two weeks, I only reference a worthy Pearl again because I dedicated my locks to him last Saturday and why tinker with a successful formula? But hearing the recent news of future conference football expansion, I’m travelling northbound to Big East HQ in Providence, Rhode Island for my locks to find a home. A football conference already in shambles and in desperate need of a positive PR potion, the potential addition of Villanova and TCU isn’t exactly the cure the league must have for survival.

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Vanderbilt-Arkansas postgame notes

• Vanderbilt is in its 121st year of organized football.
• The Commodores wore gold pants with white jerseys … It is the first time Vanderbilt has worn this jersey combination since Oct. 24, 2009 at South Carolina.

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Bye Week Discussion: Who Will Be The Next Retired Number in Death Valley?

Content provided by And The Valley Shook.

Bye weeks are the perfect time for idle chat, such as who’s the next Tiger great to get their name in lights?


First, the rules:

To have a jersey retired at LSU, an athlete must have completed intercollegiate competition for LSU a minimum of five years prior to nomination.  Athletes must have demonstrated truly unusual and outstanding accomplishments, exceeding and in addition to all criteria used for Hall of Fame selection.  The athletic performance must be considered unique, such as winning of a Heisman Trophy or National Player of the Year award, and should be based on the total LSU career. Athletes may also be considered for making dramatic impact on the popularity of his or her sport or for significant participation in positive change in LSU Athletics.   Nominees must have a unanimous vote of support from the Hall of Fame committee.

It goes without saying that being in the LSU Hall of Fame is a prerequisite. Here are the current members for football.

Inducted Member
1937 Ruffin G. Pleasant
1937 G. E. “Doc” Fenton
1937 J. J. Seip
1937 R. B. Howell
1937 Lawrence Dupont
1937 Tom Dutton
1937 Clarence Ives
1937 Newton C. Helm
1937 C. C. “Charlie” Mason
1937 Guy Nelson
1937 Abe Mickal
1937 Jesse Fatheree
1937 Marvin Stewart
1937 Gaynell Tinsley
1938 Edward Robertson
1938 Charles Rohm
1940 Ken Kavanaugh
1944 Steve Van Buren
1947 Clyde Lindsey
1948 Y. A. Tittle
1949 Abner Wimberly
1951 Kenny Konz
1954 Jerry Marchand
1956 Sid Fournet
1956 Joe Tuminello
1957 Jim Taylor
1961 W. E. “Bill” Pitcher
1964 Fred Miller
1964 Norman Stevens
1975 Percy Brown
***1975 Billy Cannon
1976 Osborne “Butch” Helveston
1976 Doug Moreau
1976 Roy “Moonie” Winston
1977 Jerry Stovall
1978 Charles Strange
1978 Johnny Robinson
***1980 Tommy Casanova
1982 George Bevan
1983 Tyler Lafauci
1988 Ron Estay
1988 Brad Davis
1988 Warren Capone
1989 Charles Alexander
1989 William B. Baggett, Sr.
1990 Robert W. Dugas
1991 Warren Rabb
1992 Bert Jones
2005 Tommy Hodson
2006 Kevin Faulk
2007 Charles McClendon
2007 Kevin Mawae
2007 Nacho Albergamo
2009 Anthony McFarland


***Jersey Retired

So who’s next? There is nothing that says LSU will retire a jersey this year, and so far there isnt really a pattern as to the announcements. Cannon’s was announced just weeks before, with him reportedly not even being aware it was happening until they pulled the banner back, while Casanova’s was announced the preceding May.



Jerry Stovall’s recent induction into the College Football Hall of Fame certainly makes him the odds on favorite (in fact, I’ve heard LSU is doing something to commemorate the occasion at the Bama game next week) but that list is a long one. Who do you think is worthy of being up there with the greats? Over the weekend, I’ll collect some of your suggestions and we’ll do a poll.

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