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SEC Headlines – 4/20/12 Part One

1.  Alabama’s football team did the traditional Rose Garden at the White House thing yesterday…

2.  But for some reason a broken — yet fully replaceable trophy — remains a hot topic.

3.  More details have emerged regarding the fight that left Tide receiver DeAndrew White hospitalized.

4.  Auburn’s new coordinators found some surprise and intrigue this spring.

5.  Scot Loeffler’s in no rush to name a starting quarterback for the Tigers.

6.  Current interim coach Taver Johnson says things aren’t as messed up at Arkansas as they seem.

7.  Okay, enough with the Twitter hashtags on football fields.  (Did no one think to put “.com” on every field during the 90s?)

8.  Ole Miss made some progress this spring, but the Rebels are still “a long way from where we need to be.”

9.  Hugh Freezed delivered a little after-practice Q&A.  (I read those words to the tune of “Harper Valley PTA,” by the way.)

10.  Defensive end Jason Jones is the 23rd winner of the Rebels’ Chucky Mullins Award. 

11.  There’s some debate over who had the upper hand — offense or defense — at MSU this spring.  (And that makes me think of this.)

12.  Either way, the hard part of spring is over with just tomorrow’s Maroon-White game remaining.

13.  SEC commish Mike Slive will be in College Station today for a conference realignment “symposium” and then the A&M football team hold an open scrimmage for Aggie fans.

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DeMarcus Cousins: “I’ve been terrible”

Content provided by John Clay’s Sidelines.

Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee reports that DeMarcus Cousins is talking about the incident that caused him to be bounced from a Kings’ practice this week.


Before Tuesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, DeMarcus Cousins refused to talk about the fact he was kicked out of practice on Monday. But as deadline approached late Tuesday evening, the Kings’ rookie was pretty chatty – and very candid. Some of his comments were hurriedly included in my column, and Jason Jones added others into his blog. But the Full DeMarcus is worth a longer look. The Big Fella, who is only 20 years old, lays it out there.

“It’s very hard,” he said. “I mean, you come into practice, you can just feel it in the air. The negativity. It’s like a black cloud hanging over … I’m mad, I’m frustrated about losing. I am a big part of this team, and coach (Paul) Westphal said I’ve been terrible. That’s the truth. I’ve been terrible. And it affects the team. I’ve got to pick up my game.”


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DeMarcus Cousins denies he was fined $5,000 by Kings

Content provided by John Clay’s Sidelines.

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee reports that the Kings are playing the silent game, but DeMarcus Cousins says he was not fined for clashing with coaches and staff.

An excerpt:

Cousins has never denied being an emotional player. He didn’t deny being fined either, but disputed it was a $5,000 fine for a run-in with training staff, as reported by AOL.

“We get fines in practice if we get a technical in practice,” Cousins said. “We get emotional when we scrimmage, which is a good thing. We’re into the game and going at it. Coach is just preparing us for the game, so he fines us $100, something light.”

Meanwhile, Ailene Voison of the Bee writes that Cousins isn’t the Kings problem.


DeMarcus Cousins got whacked on his derriere. On his back pocket. The young center recently donated $5,000 to charity because he barked at an assistant coach and a Kings trainer and, you know, for offering his rookie rendition of boys behaving badly.

The good news is that he was fined.

The better news is that this is old news, that it occurred well after the Kings sleepwalked into their current four-game slide, and that the crime and punishment are unrelated to the team’s struggles and perplexing personnel matters.


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