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A&M Flip-Flops Again On Value Of Manziel’s Heisman

Follow-UpOn November 1st, posted a story concerning the overall monetary value of Johnny Manziel’s Heisman win to Texas A&M University.  In it, the school claimed the award had brought in only about $20,000.  Several A&M officials made it clear in the report that Manziel’s win meant little in terms of sponsorship money, broadcast deals, ticket purchases, building campaigns, and even merchandise sales.

Yesterday, on November 4th, we pointed out the nonsense of those claims.  We also showed you that A&M had launched a post-Heisman campaign to cash in on Manziel’s win.  We showed you a number of Heisman-related items available for sale at Texas A&M’s official online store.  We also stated that it’s our belief A&M was trying to duck claims — correct claims — that it had profited from its player winning the trophy.  Obviously, all schools benefit from such exposure.

Today, on November 5th, Brent Zwerneman of The Houston Chronicle decided to dig into the exact same story from the exact same angle.  He basically recounts all of the things that we pointed out yesterday.  Like us, he even included a link to the original story.  Now, Zwerneman — whose work we link to all the time — didn’t feel the need to point out that another site — ours — had been the first to make these points or to ask these questions, but, hey, we get that a lot.  We drive business to other sites via links.  They refuse to return the favor.  Now we could be petty and call someone out for this — oh, wait, whoops — but instead we’ll link you right to The Chronicle’s piece… because Zwerneman’s done a good job of advancing the story.

Zwerneman writes that “based in part on a fan outcry that the athletic department suddenly seemed to be downplaying Manziel’s financial impact on the school,” — what could have caused a fan outcry yesterday? — A&M PR man Jason Cook went to the fan website — look, a link for them, too — and posted the following comments in the messageboard area:


“Foremost, this story was not a result of a press release or any behind-the-scenes strategy.  The reporter contacted us over six weeks ago with a thesis that Texas A&M is ‘making millions’ off Johnny Manziel.  As our fans know well, we are in the middle of a perfect storm in which many things — SEC move, Coach (Kevin) Sumlin, Johnny, the Texas economy, enrollment growth, law school — have all come together to elevate the Texas A&M brand.  Johnny has certainly been a major component and catalyst of our tremendous growth… No one denies this fact.”


Actually, the quotes from the story looked a lot like denials, but we’ll tackle that in a minute.  Cook continued:


“The reporter asked us for all kinds of data — licensing, football ticket sales, donations, media valuations, etc — which we provided.  We tried to communicate to the reporter that with so much change happening at one time, it’s hard to attribute our growth to any one factor.  Many factors are all working together.

Several weeks went by and the reporter asked me about the infamous (courtesy of the Darren Rovell tweets) football fundraiser dinner in which a donor paid $20k to sit at Johnny’s table.  I explained the situation to the reporter, particularly that we had many football players who were sitting with donors that evening under the same pretenses.  These dinners are quite commonplace in college athletics.  As you read in the article, that $20k was entirely misrepresented.  We all know that Johnny’s impact has truly been immeasurable.”


Well, not completely immeasurable.  As Zwerneman points out — links for everyone! – in January the school put a value of $37 million on the media exposure Manziel’s Heisman would bring to A&M.

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A&M’s Closing In On Gainesville Billboard Buyer

Just got a very nice note from Texas A&M’s vice president of marketing and communications, Jason Cook.  According to Cook, the school is “getting close to identifying the purchaser” of the smack-talkin’ billboard that went up in Gainesville and sent the sports world careening off its axis today.

If/when the culprit is identified, here’s hoping he’s not actually an Aggie-backer who decided to taunt the University of Florida in its own hometown.  ‘Cause if it is an A&M supporter who paid for that billboard, I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna be excommunicated from the Church of the 12th Man.

Stay tuned…

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