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Hebert Defends Obnoxious Behavior At BCS Postgame Presser

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback and current radio talking head Bobby Hebert isn’t backing down from his boorish behavior at Les Miles’ postgame presser on Monday.  As you’ve surely seen by now, Hebert — the father of Tiger O-lineman T-Bob Hebert — let loose with the kind of rant you’d expect to hear from a parent who’s mad his son doesn’t start in Little League.  He wanted to know why Miles didn’t go to Jarret Lee.  And why he didn’t throw deep.  And why his play selection was… well, you get the point — there was no point.  There was more gripe than question in his remarks.

And now he’s defended his actions:

“Come on, I’m not a journalist.  I didn’t go to journalism school, and I don’t claim to be a journalist.  The credentials that I have is that I played 15 years of pro football, and I know what it is to play quarterback.

I was like an extension of the fans that finally got into a press conference.  Maybe I shouldn’t have given my opinion a couple of times.  You are supposed to really ask a question and not give opinion, but the hell with it.  What are they going to do, kick me out?  So what?”

Well, uh, yeah.  They should have thrown him out.  On his ass.

If his only credentials are the fact that he played pro ball 20 years ago then I wonder who gave him a media credential to get into a working postgame press room in the first place.  And if Hebert couldn’t carry himself in the same professional manner as those people who were working in the room, then he should have been shown the door.


Miles deserved better than to have an angry parent bark at him in front of rolling cameras.  For his part, he handled the situation with patience and even attempted to give Hebert a reply to his rambling complaint.

The coach showed class.  The ex-quarterback?  He showed his ass.

(UPDATE — For what it’s worth, it doesn’t sound like Hebert will be getting any more postgame media credentials for a while.)

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SEC Headlines 11/7/2010 Part Two

LSU 24 – Alabama 21

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Arkansas 41 – South Carolina 20

5. Steve Spurrier: “We had a bad night, had a terrible night.”

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