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Georgia’s Richt Not Worried About Bringing Up 2-Year-Old Grantham/Franklin Feud Before Vandy Game

Georgia and Vanderbilt meet this week in Nashville.  The Bulldogs are trying to rally despite a raft of injuries.  The Commodores are looking for their first SEC win.

But one story to watch is the rekindling of the fire that once burned between Vandy coach James Franklin and Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham.  In 2011, Grantham was upset by a Commodore player actions after a 33-28 UGA win:


Todd Grantham goes nuts! UGA vs. Vandy 2011


James Franklin response in his postgame presser set the tone for his program in what was then Year One:


James Franklin Press Conference – Georgia 33, Vanderbilt 28


But that was two years ago.  The Dawgs pounded Franklin’s Dores 48-3 last year in Athens.  The brouhaha of 2011 is ancient history.  Right, Mark Richt?  Right?


“I don’t know how many guys are still around, but anything we can use to motivate, I’ll be all for that.  Right now we’ve got to find a way to get better in blocking and tackling and doing the fundamental things that it takes to win…

There’s an emotional part of the game that you want to get guys in a mental frame of mind where they are excited about playing the game.  I don’t know if that will be the thing, but we’ll be trying to figure out something to get them going because it’s been a pretty long haul in between open dates.  There’s been a lot of bumps and bruises along the way.”


Hmmm.  Sound like this rivalry could get a bit snippy all over again.

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Missouri Upsets Georgia, Loses QB Franklin To Injury

postgame-links-150x1501Missouri 41 – Georgia 26

1. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel believes the “respect level” for Missouri “went up a couple notches” after the Tigers’ win.

2. The win for Missouri was costly: quarterback James Franklin separated his right shoulder. He’s out indefinitely.

3. Missouri wide receiver L’Damian Washington earned a helmet sticker from ESPN for his big performance.

4. Georgia’s defense struggled to get stops on third down. “That’s a big issue, obviously,” defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said.

5. What now for Georgia? Saturday likely confirmed this won’t be the Bulldogs’ year to win a BCS title.

6. Click here to watch coach Mark Richt’s postgame press conference. “We just can’t let the world stop. We’ve got to keep pressing forward,” Richt said.

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Carolina Concern: Spurrier Goes Pinkel On Clowney

jadeveon clowney-chasing-qbLast fall, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel caused his starting quarterbacks some headaches when he let the world in on the fact that James Franklin had refused a painkiller shot before the Tigers’ game with Arizona State.  “It was just too painful for him, and he didn’t want to play,” Pinkel said.

Franklin and Pinkel are now flying high again at 5-0 and their past woes are behind them.  Carolina fans should hope that some apparent friction between Steve Spurrier and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney should play out as well.

Despite bruised ribs, Clowney was expected to play on Saturday against Kentucky.  He didn’t.  Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward said he was “totally surprised” that his star didn’t go.  Spurrier said more:


“I will just say he told me he couldn’t play, that his ribs hurt.  Couldn’t run.  Said, ‘I can’t play.’  I said, ‘That’s fine, you don’t have to play.’  We’ll move on.  He may not be able to play next week (versus Arkansas), I don’t know.  We’re not going to worry about it, I can assure you if he wants to play, we’ll welcome him to come play for the team if he wants to. 

If he doesn’t want to play, he doesn’t have to play, simple as that.  We were thinking he was going to suit up and play.  He did not practice Thursday.  Couldn’t run.  Said he couldn’t play.  Any time a player says he’s hurt, can’t play, who are we to question?  He doesn’t play.”


Here’s the video of Spurrier’s comments.  Draw your own conclusions:


Spurrier on why Clowney did not play vs. Kentucky


Asked about Clowney’s commitment to the team yesterday, Spurrier said, “You’ll have to ask him that.  I can’t speak for Jadeveon.”


But Spurrier also explained that Clowney didn’t have bruised ribs.  Instead he has a strained muscle near his rib cage.  And the Ol’ Ball Coach’s frustration came from the fact — he said — that he “didn’t know he wasn’t playing until right before the game.”

Fair enough.

But it will be interesting to see how this story develops throughout the week and the season.  Some, after all, are already writing things like this: “It’s pretty clear to me that Clowney is the one tanking for the NFL by giving up on his 2013 season.” 

Tanking the season?  Or truly injured?  On Saturday, Spurrier didn’t seem to be buying the injury bit.  In fact, he sounded a whole lot like Pinkel a year ago.

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SEC Conference Call: James Franklin Talks Missouri

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin talks Missouri – Week 6 SEC Coaches Conference Call.

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Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin: “Change Your Circumstances!”

Ever wonder what’s said in the locker room at halftime?  How about if your lead is just 3 points and you were expected to blow the other team out?  That’s the situation Vanderbilt found itself in at UMass last weekend – leading just 10-7 at the midway mark.

Watch Vanderbilt lineman Wesley Johnson and coach James Franklin deliver their messages.


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SEC Conference Call: James Franklin Talks UAB

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin talks UAB – Week 5 SEC Coaches Conference Call.

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James Franklin: “The Expectations Have Changed”

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin meets the media Monday to reflect on the UMass game and looks ahead this weekend’s matchup with UAB.


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James Franklin: “Got The W, That’s All That Matters”

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin meets the media following the Commodores 24-7 victory over UMass Saturday afternoon. Message after this game? “Need to watch the tape.”

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SEC Conference Call: James Franklin Talks UMass

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin talks UMass – Week 4 SEC Coaches Conference Call.

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Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin: “Didn’t Always Play Smart”

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin addresses the media following the Commodores 35-25 loss to South Carolina Saturday night.

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