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Surgeon Andrews Says Youth Injuries On The Rise

youth-football-as-prosIs this an SEC story?  No, it isn’t.

So what’s it doing on an SEC site?  Well, posting it here might help bring additional attention to the words of Dr. James Andrews, the most well-known sports surgeon in America.  And here are just a few of the words he recently shared with The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“I started seeing a sharp increase in youth sports injuries, particularly baseball, beginning around 2000.  I started tracking and researching, and what we’ve seen is a five- to seven-fold increase in injury rates in youth sports across the board.  I’m trying to help these kids, given the epidemic of injuries that we’re seeing.  That’s sort of my mission: to keep them on the playing field and out of the operating room…

I want parents and coaches to realize the implications of putting a 12- or 13-year-old through the type of athletic work done by a 25-year-old.”


Andrews suggests young kids get anywhere from two to four months off from their sport per year.  “Give them time off to recover.  Please.  Give them time to recover.”

With the cost of college tuition going up, pro salaries on the rise, and the amount of media attention given to youth sports these days, many a family has decided that Junior should be dedicated to his sport year-round at a very young age.  But from a world-famous surgeon like Andrews to a hall-of-fame athlete like Cal Ripken, the list of people who say that is 100% the wrong thing to do is growing.

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