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The Transformative Powers Of Juco Ball At Play Once More As Pettway Returns To Alabama

Ah, this is one of the old chestnuts here at  Like turnover studies, commitment comparators, and tourney resume deep dives, we always enjoy a good juco conversion story.  And this time around it’s the Christmas season to boot.  What better time for a Scrooge-like turnaround?

We speak, of course, of the return of defensive lineman DJ Pettway to the Alabama football program.  Pettway was dismissed from Bama’s team back in February after being arrested for second degree robbery.  He was accused of beating and robbing a fellow student along with two other ex-Tide players (Eddie Williams and Tyler Hayes).

Pettway spent this past football season earning juco All-American honors at East Mississippi Community College.  As usual, those months in the juco world have worked their magic.  Junior colleges are to college football programs as money launderers are to the mob.  Goes in dirty, comes out clean.  The only thing different about this particular story is the fact that Pettway is returning to the same team campus from which he was ousted.  That’s a little different twist, but the idea’s the same — a football season on a smaller campus has turned someone’s life around.

The player tweeted about his return yesterday:




Pettway will return to Alabama with two years of eligibility remaining.  Here’s hoping he keeps his nose clean and doesn’t beat or rob anyone else.  We’re all for second chances around here.  Moreso in life than in football, but what the hey?

We just find the juco/redemption process to be a fascinating one.  Players like Cam Newton and Zach Mettenberger made the most of their post-juco second chances.  Others — like Jamar Hornsby who went from Florida to a juco to Ole Miss — couldn’t anymore walk the straight and narrow at school #2 than they could at school #1.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  Jucos are the baptismal waters that “warsh” away all troubled college players’ sins.  This time around it’s Pettway playing the role of Delmar in “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

“Come on, boys, the water’s fine!”



So long as Pettway doesn’t knock over a Piggly-Wiggly over in Yazoo, all should be fine.

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Attorney For UM Commitment: “No Cause To Arrest”

Yesterday we told you that the national media was about to start focusing in on Ole Miss’ football program again… and again it would be over the legal troubles of a Rebel recruit.

As expected, the story has started making the rounds. 

The facts: Ole Miss commitment Tobias Singleton has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, felony mischief and simple assault.  He allegedly punched his 16-year-old girlfriend and then he and several family members allegedly did more than $3,000 damage to the girl’s mother’s car.

Those are the charges and allegations. 

Now consider the fact that since arriving in Oxford Houston Nutt has already signed Jamar Hornsby (dismissed from Florida after stealing and using a dead girl’s credit card) and Jeremiah Masoli (dismissed from Oregon for theft).  It’s rather obvious what the story is going to become, isn’t it? 

Well, now the attorney for Singleton is telling that family’s side of the story.  And it’s a whole lot different than the allegations made against them.

The statement from attorney O. Stephen Montagnet III is as follows:

“Tobias and his family absolutely deny the charges made against them, and it is extremely unfortunate that their names are being disparaged.  The charges stem from an incident on December 13, 2010 in which Tobias’ former girlfriend came to his apartment complex.  Tobias attempted to end the relationship he had with the girl.  The girlfriend became enraged.  She assaulted Tobias, and Tobias removed himself from the situation.  Witnesses confirm that the girlfriend then struck Tobias’ car with a tire jack.  Tobias took the tire jack away from her.  Family and friends then interceded and Tobias left the scene.  The ex-girlfriend then returned to her car and proceeded to ram Tobias’ car approximately four times causing extensive damage to both vehicles.  Police were called.  The girlfriend alleged that Tobias assaulted her and blamed the damage to her car on Tobias and his family.  After observing the girl and conducting interview, the police found there was no cause to arrest Tobias or any member of his family, but they were warned to stay away from the girl.  Tobias’ mother’s insurance company paid for the damage done to Tobias’ vehicle.  Approximately one month later, and after apologizing to Tobias and his family, the ex-girlfriend’s mother — who was not at the scene — filed charges against Tobias, his father, and his two brothers.  Tobias’ brothers had no interaction with the girl at any time on the day of the incident, and the father merely told the girl to drive away.  Neither Tobias, nor any of his family members, struck this girl or damaged her car.  We are hopeful that, upon a full investigation of the matter, these charges will be dismissed.  Tobias and his family considering their options with respect to these false charges.”

Sounds pretty convincing, no? 

Unfortunately, that’s not going to change the fact that this story will still be discussed across the talk radio world today.  Nutt will be taken to task again whether he deserves scrutiny over this players’ recruitment or not.

Welcome to our world in 2011.

If the Singleton family is innocent in all of this and they have witnesses to back up their side of the story, here’s hoping the girl and her mother are made to pay a pretty stiff price for filing false charges with the police.  It shouldn’t be so easy to damage the reputations of a young man, his family, a college coach recruiting him, and that coach’s entire football program.

Again, that’s if the attorney’s version of events is 100% correct.

Singleton is a four-star receiver prospect from Madison, Mississippi.

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