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SEC Headlines 10/21/2012

1. Two marque games top next week’s calendar - Mississippi State-Alabama and Georgia-Florida.

2. Dan Mullen on next week’s game: “We’re going to be excited.”

3. Aaron Murray on next week’s game: “We know we have to play an unbelievable game offensively, defensively and special teams if we want to have a chance to win that game.”

4. Dennis Dodd: “If there are any among you at this point who don’t believe the Tide and Gators are going to meet in Atlanta, please leave the tailgate.”

5. Overconfidence biggest obstacle for Florida?

6. Will the Gators remain at No. 2 in the BCS standings or will they get jumped by Oregon?

7. Geoff Caulkins on Tennessee: “Sad to be reminded how far this program has fallen.”

8. Mark Weidmar: “It’s time for Jimmy Haslam to rescue the rest of the Southeastern Conference from Alabama and its maniacal genius of a football coach, Nick Saban.”  MrSEC’s view.

9. Mark McCarter on Gene Chizik: “The Auburn program is on a downhill spiral this coaching staff can’t end.”

10. Two weeks ago, South Carolina was undefeated and basking in a 35-7 win over Georgia.  ”Two weeks ago,” Steve Spurrier said, “was two weeks ago.”

11. Zach Mettenberger attempted a season-high 29 passes against Texas A&M – only connected on 11 of them.

12. Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is working it.

13. Former Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill on the Missouri Tigers and the adjustment to life in the SEC: “The Big 12 is so concerned with skill people. Well, you only play one quarterback. You only use one running back. You better stockpile offensive and defensive linemen.”

14. One man’s preseason ballot for an All-SEC basketball team.

15. A torn ACL forced him to miss all of last season, but Mizzou forward Laurence Bowers was a presence on the bench: “He would have swelling because he was jumping around and they had to tell him to calm down.”

16. The newcomer on the Tennessee basketball roster you’ll likely see the most.


17. Is Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein the new Heisman frontrunner?

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SEC Headlines – 6/25/12

1.  This scribe says the SEC’s dominance across multiple sports is growing.  (The Pac-12 might have something to say about that.)

2.  This writer wants to see SEC North and South Divisions.  (But that ship has already sailed… and his South Division would be — traditionally speaking — a helluva lot tougher in football.  The league’s goal was to change as little as possible, so this would be a no-go even if the league hadn’t just set its schedules.  We’re linking to this again because I got a LOT of emails about yesterday’s link.)

3.  With a playoff on the way, the city of Orlando has started talking about upgrading the Florida Citrus Bowl again.

4.  Has ex-Kentucky Wildcat Doron Lamb slipped out of the NBA’s first round?

5.  Kentucky football is looking toward Ohio more and more these days.

6.  Georgia D-line coach Rodney Garner says he’s been “blessed” to be a part of SEC football for 28 years.

7.  An NFL coach believes ex-Dawgs kicker Blair Walsh was “too fast with his get off time” on all those missed field goals last year.

8.  The Gainesville Sun says South Carolina defensive end Devin Taylor is the SEC’s 22nd best player.

9.  Tennessee’s Derek Dooley knows his seat is hot.

10. Vol basketball coach Cuonzo Martin says his faith helped him get through a battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

11.  In a look at the SEC’s cross-division rivals for 2012, this writer says — and Jackie Sherrill would agree — that Thanksgiving week “will be the annual spot on the schedule” for LSU and Texas A&M.

12.  Mississippi State center Dillon Day will be an important man for Dan Mullen’s team in 2012.

13.  Former MSU hoopster Rodney Hood will choose between transferring to Duke or Ohio State tomorrow.  (Tough loss for new coach Rick Ray.)

14.  Ole Miss offensive lineman Patrick Junen — an 11-time starter for the Rebels — doesn’t figure to be a key cog this season… so long as no one gets hurt in front of him.

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Sherrill Says A&M-LSU Thanksgiving Game Is Already On The Table

Last week, Arkansas officials said they knew nothing about a rumored move that would place Texas A&M at the end of LSU’s annual football schedule, instead of the Razorbacks.  Perhaps they should get in touch with ex-A&M and ex-Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill.

Sherrill told KABZ-FM in Little Rock yesterday that a yearly Aggies-Tigers Turkey Bowl is already in the works:


“It’s already been discussed. It’s been talked about. Commissioner Slive, they all have talked about it, and LSU and A&M are going to play on prime time on Thanksgiving night, because that game will draw more people than the Arkansas-LSU, or Arkansas-A&M.”


And Razorback AD Jeff Long’s response to that?  (Read ‘em from the bottom up.)
















Stay tuned…

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Ex-A&M Coach Sherrill Says Football Was Byrne’s Problem

Bill Byrne oversaw a decade of great success at Texas A&M before stepping down from his post as athletic director yesterday.  Aggie teams collected 46 Big 12 championships and 17 national title banners during his stay in College Station.  It’s hard to find fault with that kind of success.

If only some of that success and some of those titles had come in football.

Former Texas A&M football coach Jackie Sherrill has decided to pass on being politically correct and has instead spoken his mind regarding Byrne’s watch:


“No question Bill did a great job with the upgrading of facilities with the non-revenue sports, and when you look at the overall athletics department, certainly you see great improvement in those areas.  Unfortunately, when you look at every university, it is remembered by what it did in football.  When you talk about Alabama, you’re not talking about golf.  When talking about Southern Cal, [you're] not talking about tennis…

Unfortunately, we have not been successful in one area, basically the one most universities are judged on.  There were a lot of successes [for A&M], more than any other school in the Big 12, but when you talk Big 12 you mention Oklahoma or Texas first because of football.”


The parents of A&M’s equestrian team might not want to hear that, but it’s the truth.  If A&M had been winning championships in football, Byrne — whether he backed a move to the SEC or not — would probably still be in place today.  Presidents and trustees aren’t as quick to force guys out when they’re overseeing winning, money-making football programs.

Byrne wasn’t.  And now he’s out.

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Sherrill Says Texas A&M Can Compete In The SEC

There are a lot of people in the media, on messageboards and on talk radio claiming that Texas A&M would be a sitting duck if it entered the big, bad Southeastern Conference.  Jackie Sherrill disagrees.  And Sherrill should know, he coached at A&M and in the SEC:

“For people to say that A&M cannot compete in the SEC, they don’t know what they’re talking about.  I’ve been there.  Yes, they can.”

Sherrill also said that A&M is a good fit with the SEC because its campus has a true “university setting” and it isn’t located in a metropolitan city.

Sherrill coached the Aggies from 1982 through 1988.  He coached at Mississippi State from 1991 through 2003.  He’s just been elected into MSU’s sports hall of fame.

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Alabama’s Sunseri Interviews At Pitt

Reports yesterday had longtime Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley ticketed to Pittsburgh as the Panthers’ third coach in — oh — about three weeks.  Not so say Pitt officials.

Which means Alabama linebackers coach Sal Sunseri is still in the running.

Sunseri pursued the Pitt job when Dave Wannstedt was ousted in December.  But Panthers AD Steve Pederson — the same man who hired Bill Callahan at Nebraska — hired Mike Haywood from Miami of Ohio.  Haywood then quickly got arrested on a domestic violence beef and the job reopened.  (How long before Pederson’s job comes open?)

Sunseri interviewed for the job at his alma mater yesterday.  He was an All-American linebacker at Pitt under Jackie Sherrill in the late-70s/early-80s. 

Sunseri joined Nick Saban’s staff in 2009 replacing Lance Thompson who had moved on to Tennessee.

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Cam Newton Cleared? NCAA & SEC Set a Bad Precedent

Mississippi State
Content provided by All Things Maroon – A MSU and SEC blog.

camnewton2As of yesterday, the NCAA and SEC made it completely LEGAL to buy players by way of their parents. It’s as simple as that. Let’s look at all the ‘language’ that’s being thrown around out there…

SEC bylaw

If at any time before or after matriculation in a member institution a student-athlete or any member of his/her family receives or agrees to receive, directly or indirectly, any aid or assistance beyond or in addition to that permitted by the Bylaws of this Conference (except such aid or assistance as such student-athlete may receive from those persons on whom the student is naturally or legally dependent for support), such student- athlete shall be ineligible for competition in any intercollegiate sport within the Conference for the remainder of his/her college career.

Problem:  [If at any time before or after matriculation in a member institution a student-athlete or any member of his/her family receives or agrees to receive...] So, what they are saying is that it’s ok for  families to solicit money from a School, as long as they never shake on it or reach an actual agreement about the payments. Even though there was not an official agreement between State, Kenny Rodgers, and Cecil Newton, is the evidence not enough? There are phone text records revealing the payment plan that would be in place to purchase Newton’s son, including a timeline and the size of each installment that would be paid. To be specific, ”$80,000 when Cameron Newton signed, $50,000 30 days later and another $50,000 30 days after that.” There were multiple phone calls and an apparent meeting at a hotel with Cecil Newton himself.

NCAA Spokesman Charles Bloom on the bylaw

“SEC Bylaw does not apply in this situation. It only applies when there is an actual payment of an improper benefit, or an agreement (such as a handshake agreement) to pay and receive an improper benefit. The facts in this case, as we understand them, are that the student-athlete’s father, without the knowledge of athlete, solicited improper payments (which were rejected) from an institution the young man did not attend, and that the institution where the young man is enrolled was not involved.”

Problem:  [The facts in this case, as we understand them, are that the student-athlete’s father, without the knowledge of athlete solicited improper payments...]  By now, I’m sure that the NCAA has investigated the phone conversation between Cameron Newton and the unidentified MSU Recruiter, in which Cam seemed remorseful about his FATHER’S decision for him to attend Auburn and not MSU, because the “money was too much.” That conversation to me, is the KEY to this entire case. If that conversation actually took place and those words were spoken by Newton, this case is finished. Where’s the details on that conversation? At least confirm or deny the details please?

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive

“The conduct of Cam Newton’s father and the involved individual is unacceptable and has no place in the SEC or in intercollegiate athletics. The actions taken by Auburn University and Mississippi State University make it clear this behavior will not be tolerated in the SEC.” 

Problem: [The conduct of Cam Newton's father and the involved individual is unacceptable and has no place in the SEC or in intercollegiate athletics.] What’s so unacceptable about Cecil’s conduct, if Cam Newton is still an eligible and legal player for Auburn? Why has Auburn chosen to lessen Cecil Newton’s contact and involvement with the team? And last but not least, if this was any other SEC team, that was not headed to the SEC and Nat’l Championship, this case would not even be debatable. If you ask me, the fact that Slive said that “The conduct of Cam Newton’s father and the involved individual is unacceptable and has no place in the SEC or in intercollegiate athletics”, should by letter of the law, mean that Cam Newton should not legally have a place in the SEC or in intercollegiate athletics

I also agree with Pardon the Interruptions (ESPN) Michael Wilbon, that this is nothing more than  “agenda-based junk.”  Wilbon went on to add that if TCU or another smaller conference school wasn’t in the BCS’ 3rd spot, that Auburn and Newton would be in hot water.

My Say:This is nothing more than the authorities looking the other way, committing crimes of OMISSION. The NCAA always seems to catch players, agents, and families long after they are gone. What’s so sad about this case, is that the NCAA and SEC has the chance to protect two of the most prized awards in all of Sports, in the Heisman Trophy and the Nat’l Championship. Profit now, pay for it later, and preserve the BCS system that you receive money from. The sad thing is, I don’t know who is dirtier, the Newtons or the NCAA and Mike Slive. A very poor precedent has now been set by both the NCAA and the SEC. 

Your thoughts?

Donald Trump wants the ‘U’ to hire Mike Leach. Link slive 

Oregon could slip up on Saturday, like so many teams before them. Link 

Stanford’s Harbaugh says bring on Playoff, if BCS overlooks the Cardinal. Link

Fulmer to Vandy? Naw! Link

Btw, Jackie Sherrill mentioned that in his mind, Tommy Tuberville would be his #1 guy for the Miami job.

That’s all today boys…

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SEC Headlines – 11/4/10 Part Four

1.  Auburn’s deception got the better of LSU’s defense… but Alabama won’t be quite so tricky.

2.  Les Miles says the Tigers’ passing game is looking better in practice.  Again.

3.  LSU’s receivers haven’t been helping their quarterbacks (or running backs) recently.

4.  The fact that Ole Miss is battling for bowl eligibility makes Saturday’s game with Louisiana-Lafayette big.

5.  Of course, the Rebels could possibly go bowling with a 5-7 record, too.

6.  Andy Kennedy’s basketball team opens its season with an exhibition against Delta State tomorrow.

7.  Nick Bell’s tragic death has led to an outpouring of support for his family and the MSU football team.

8.  Dan Mullen is leaning on Jackie Sherrill for advice on how to deal with a player’s death.

9.  MSU’s coach is trying to keep his team’s routine as normal as possible.

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