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Is This One Of The Newton Tapes Moore Says He’s Heard?

On a couple of messageboards yesterday, a 30-second snippet of a voicemail was posted.  The voicemail is supposedly from Cecil Newton to either John Bond or Bill Bell.  Is this clip one of the audio tapes radio host Scott Moore claims to have heard?

Let’s assume for a second that this extremely noisy recording is real.  First, it will be hard to prove that that’s Cecil Newton’s voice on the tape.  Hell, it’s hard to figure out just what the person is saying, much less who’s doing the saying.

Second, if this is Cecil Newton, it’s still a man with little credibility making claims that another school — Auburn from what we can make out — offered to pay for his son.  And if you think the NCAA hasn’t already checked into the rumors that Auburn and Lane Kiffin were tossing cash at the Newtons, you’re crazy. 

While all the non-Auburn fans out there are hearing what they want to hear on this tape — It’s proof!  I can hear Cam!  You can hear another gunshot from the Knoll! — we want to know how this tape popped up on a messageboard and who leaked it?  Was it Moore himself?  And why is the recording so terrible?  I could take my cell phone, hold it up to my answering machine, record a playback and then Bluetooth the clip to my laptop… and it would still sound a lot clearer than this tape.  Was there a jet engine in the room when the recording was made?  You wouldn’t hear more hissing in a cat fight.

The recording is so bad that it will be tough to authenticate who is actually on the tape.  After all, just because someone says, “It’s Cee,” it doesn’t mean the tape isn’t faked.  I wouldn’t expect Moore to record, “Hey, it’s Scott creating a radio stunt.”

As always, if the full, unedited tapes come to light and we get some new information, super.  We at will be all over it.  But we’re not going to buy into an unverified, poorly recorded tape that popped up on an Alabama messageboard.  That gives us reason for doubt.  So this tape’s no more valid than Moore’s ever-changing claims at this point.  It wouldn’t hold up in a court of law. 

And Bama fans, you’d be saying the same thing if someone released a tape this poor as proof that your Tide had broken rules.  You’re giving this clip credibility only because you want to believe in it. 

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