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Just 17 Big-Time Schools Are All-Time Innocents

In a year when the word “scandal” has been practically surgically adhered to the word “sports,” The Wall Street Journal went looking for some innocence.  What they found were 17 FBS-level schools that have never been found guilty of a “major” NCAA rules violation.

According to the Journal:

“Major violations are generally ones that provide ‘an extensive recruiting or competitive advantage,’ according to the NCAA manual, and are punishable by a number of measures depending on their severity, including records being vacated or being banned from postseason play.

There are typically no more than a handful of major-violations cases per year.  The number peaked during the scandal-plagued decade of the 1980s with a total of 89.  But this decade is off to a rough start with 13 completed cases already since the start of 2010.”

So which schools have never been caught breaking the NCAA’s biggest rules?  Don’t expect to find any SEC schools on the list.  Including Vanderbilt.  For that matter, don’t expect to find too many BCS-level schools at all… there are only four:

Boston College — The hoops program did have a point-shaving scandal
Northwestern — The hoops program did have a point-shaving scandal
Penn State — One of the most successful football programs
Stanford — The most successful all-around athletic program in the nation

The other innocents are:

Air Force
Boise State — About to be taken off the list
Bowling Green
Central Michigan
Colorado State
Florida Atlantic
Kent State
North Texas
Western Michigan

The NCAA has kept track of major violations since 1953.

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