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Ex-MSU Player Bond Teases HBO With More Newton Info

Add HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” to the list of media outlets working to get to the bottom of the Cam Newton scandal.  The anti-Auburn site — doesn’t it have to be identified in those terms at this point? — reports that HBO has been trying to get former Mississippi State player/booster Kenny Rogers to talk for the past month.

“Recently, Rogers agreed, and will be interviewed on March 1 with the visit to air on a yet-to-be determined date.

That date of the Rogers interview on HBO may depend on the cooperation of former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond and ex-MSU player and booster Bill Bell.  HBO has been pressing them for sitdowns the past month, but so far neither has agreed to participate.”

For those who don’t remember, Rogers was the alleged go-between connecting Cecil Newton to Bell and Bond when Newton was the in full “pay me for my son’s services” mode.

Tuesday night, Bond spoke to WZZN-FM in Hunstville, Alabama about HBO’s pursuit of his story.

“They’ve wore me out for a month and I think Bill and I have decided we’re just going to hold off.  For right now.  We’re going to sit around and see what happens.

It’s a situation nobody wants to be in… it’s unbelievable what’s going on and we’ll figure it out and it’ll all come out and everything will be fine in the end.”

Note to Bond and Bell — put up or shut up.  This mess has dragged on long enough.  If you have information that ties Auburn to Newton via illegal cash, then provide it.  If not, go back into the anonymity from which you came.  Stop teasing those of us who have to cover this story with information you might be willing to share. 

If Auburn cheated, then Auburn should be punished.  And there’s not a thing wrong with turning evidence of Auburn’s cheating over to the NCAA. 

But the “maybe I will talk and maybe I won’t” makes Bond and Bell look childish at best, cowardly at worst.  Why the heck wouldn’t they speak up?  And please don’t say they’re trying to avoid the spotlight.  After all, the “they’ve wore me out” comment was made during a radio interview that Bond did not have to give.

Boosters from one school hinting at wrongdoing at another (while refusing to provide proof).  The gusto and glee with which certain media members and websites attack one institution or another.  It all reinforces the point we made earlier today: The SEC is on the verge of pulling the roof down on its own damn head.

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