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Miles Draws Laughs In Talking Social Media

laughing-smiley-faceAsked about his own social media policy, Les Miles joked that 20 years ago there were no Twitter or Facebook policies.  “I bet 20 years ago no one was doing the Harlem Shake,” the coach said to laughs.


“I can’t tell you the number of wonderful men I have on my team.  Quality, quality guys, good students… who when they get behind the social media cloak, they get to speak in a totally different way. 

‘It’s like, where did you get this?  How did you think that this was even appropriate?’”


He then drew more laughs while shooting down the argument that coaches should just ban Twitter (which happens to be an argument we support and that more coaches are following):


“Before they had cars, can you imagine: ‘I’m not allowing any of my players to drive cars.  Why?  Well, I like the ol’ buggy.  It’s safer.  As long as you keep the horse pointed in the right direction you’re OK.’

We’ve got computers now.  You get to carry ‘em in your pocket and if you hit the right buttons you get to talk to people.  For us not to admit that that’s America and that’s what we’re doing… now let’s do it right.  It’s not easy, it really isn’t… We’re trying to educate, not necessarily making it yes or no.

Now, if I find a guy that becomes a repeated issue, he represents our brand at LSU.  He’ll those that responsibility or the opportunity to be in that team room real quick.”


Is there any doubt that Miles would be the choice in a “Which SEC coach would you like to have a beer with” poll?

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UK Footballers Post The Best “Harlem Shake” Video To Date

Massive kudos to the University of Kentucky football program and the persons who cooked up this gem of a “Harlem Shake” video:


Kentucky Wildcats TV: Catspys 2013 Football Anti Harlem Shake


Brilliant.  We’d had enough of the same ol’ variations on that very worn out theme.

For that matter, we believe schools should have been mimicking this “Harlem Shuffle” video instead:


Vigon – Harlem Shuffle


(Admission: We will take every opportunity we get to show that on this site.)

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LSU’s Miles Is The Latest To Do The Harlem Shake

It’s was only a matter of time until this happened…


LSU Football Harlem Shake


Last one to do the “Harlem Shake” is a rotten egg.  While we feel this particular internet fad has been played out at this point, there’s nothing wrong with football coaches like Les Miles having a little fun.  Hell, we’d pay good money to see Nick Saban do the shake with his squad, but apparently that kind of thing isn’t part of the process.

Another admission: We’d watch videos for the “Harlem Shake” infinitely more times than we’d watch the Rolling Stones’ forgettable video for their infinitely better 1986 cover version of the “Harlem Shuffle.”


The Rolling Stones – Harlem Shuffle – OFFICIAL PROMO


Then again, maybe that’s not too bad compared to this 60s cover by Vigon.

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UM’s Henderson The Latest To Do The Harlem Shake

Well, it’s no surprise that Ole Miss basketball star Marshall Henderson has taken part in a “Harlem Shake” YouTube extravaganza.  At this point, I think my mother is the only person who’s yet to post such a video (though I haven’t checked in the last hour or so).

What is a bit surprising is that Henderson Harlem Shakes as a means of endorsing someone for the role of attorney general in the University of Mississippi’s student body government.  It’s college, or else I’d wonder why an attorney general candidate would seek the endorsement of a player as famous for his off-court shenanigans as his on-court threes.  But I digress…


Marshall Henderson for Olivia Watkins AG (Harlem Shake)


Time to move on from the “Harlem Shake” thing, people.  It’s quickly zoomed by “Gangnam Style” and is now approaching “Blair Witch Project” status in terms of overdone spoofs.

As for Henderson, Rebels coach Andy Kennedy says his star’s decision to blow off a postgame media session on Saturday — with the statement, “It’s Saturday Night… I’m out” — was “all in fun.”  Kennedy said: “He just has fun with a lot of things.  Sometimes, I’m envious of his nature.  He seems to be enjoying it a lot more than I am.”

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Dawgs Get Down To The Harlem Shake

Just when Gangnam Style was starting to lose its fad status, now we have the Harlem Shake.  If you’re not familiar with the latest fad, you can read more about how it began right here.  Since February 1st, 12,000 variations of the song/video/dance have been posted on YouTube grabbing a combined 44 million views.

One of the versions now getting pub?  The “Harlem Shake” as performed by the Georgia football team with a masked Joe Tereshinski — the Bulldogs’ strength coach — leading the way.

What more is there to say?  Just hit play.

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