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Ex-Williams Assistant At UGA Talks Bounty-gate

Second-year Georgia inside linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti came to the Dawgs from the NFL.  For four of his 11 seasons in pro football he was an assistant under Gregg Williams — scorn of the sport, pariah, and the man behind Bounty-gate.

Players have come forward to say that Williams not only had a bounty system in place in New Orleans, but also at Washington… where he supervised Olivadotti.  (And is there any doubt Williams did the same thing at his previous coaching stops as well?)

Asked about the scandal yesterday, Olivadotti wanted no part of it.  The Macon Telegraph reports that he said the issue is “out of my pay grade” and that he was “not touching it.”  He also said, “I have an opinion on it, but I’m not gonna say anything about it.”

Pressed for more by the evil media horde — how dare they do their jobs? –  UGA’s assistant finally offered up the following:

“You never want to injure somebody.  You never want anybody to get carted off the field or any of that stuff.  That’s not what you want to do with that stuff.  You want to play the game the right way, there’s a physical aspect to it, that you want to knock people back there.  There should be some wide receivers hearing footsteps, and all that kind of stuff.  Well, there’s a way to do that and do it the right way, and do it withing the right rules.  There’s a right way to do it and a wrong way…

Knocking your head off is one thing, but going after specific stuff (like knees)… There’s a way to play and a way not to play.  And this game has been played for a long time and it’s going to be played a long time after us, and there’s a right way to play and a wrong way to play it, and you’re supposed to play it hard, it’s supposed to be physical, it’s supposed to be knock-back, you’re supposed to run into dudes as hard as you can, they’re supposed to run into you as hard as they can, and that’s physical enough.  That’s physical enough.”

So apparently there’s a right way and a wrong way to play.  Okay, got that part.  But the Williams’ bounty situation puts a stink on everyone connected to him.  The audio tapes released yesterday make it clear that Williams wasn’t just trying to get his guys to play tough, he was literally targeting opposing players’ body parts.

Is this the first and only time something like this has happened?  Of course not.  But it’s the first time something so over-the-top and graphic has been laid bare before a world where the media — and media consumers — are omnipresent.

Olivadotti danced around the topic as best he could.  You can bet he won’t be the only ex-Williams co-worker to have to answer questions about Bounty-gate.

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