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What’s The Better Chizik Look: Spring Or Fall?

Let’s say you’re a man who makes $3.5 million per year.  And let’s also say you want to dress like a man who makes $3.5 million per year.  In that case Auburn football coach Gene Chizik would make a pretty good model for you.  He makes that much cash and he’s shown himself to be quite the splashy dresser these last couple of years.

Ah, but which Chizik look do you go for?

Chizik’s Spring line, which he showed off at a recent Atlanta Braves games?












Or his classic Fall collection, complete with rugged leathers?












Pastel paisley or rich, Corinthian leather, folks?

Or do you just hold out, hoping he releases a paisley/leather jumpsuit salute to ’80s rock/funk legend Prince?

Gotta give this to Chizik… the man’s got his own style and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about it.  Probably because he makes $3.5 million per year and could buy or sell most of us.


(Kill the “you hate Chizik” comments before they start, please.  We’d have fun with any coach who tried to pull off these two looks.  And, no, yours truly won’t be gracing GQ anytime soon, either.  Of course, I don’t make $3.5 mil, either.)

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UA-AU: The Most Poisonous Rivalry In Sports

We’ve been meaning to link this for you for two days now and we’ve gotten too caught up in news of the day to do so.  We’ll remedy that right now.

GQ magazine has written a lengthy story on the state of the Iron Bowl rivalry calling it “The Most Poisonous Rivalry in Sports.”  Get it?  Poison?  As in tree poison?

Check out the full article here.

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