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Scorn For Te’o? How ‘Bout Scorn For Those Of Us In The Media Instead?

gfx - honest opinionYesterday I was stuck in my car from about 3:30 in the afternoon to 7:30 at night.  Thanks to a surprise snow storm — and the fact that many of us Southerners can’t drive in the stuff — what should have been a 30-minute drive home turned into a four-hour nightmare.  Trust me, I’ll never watch “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” the same way again.

While trapped in my car and creeping along slower than your average snail, I went up and down my Sirius/XM dial (free plug).  ESPN radio.  CNN radio.  FOX news radio.  On all of those stations, the Manti Te’o story popped up.  Then it popped up again.  And again.  Even more than the already overblown Lance Armstrong story.  Much more than any actual news.

A quick Google search this morning provides these Te’o reports:


Notre Dame: Football Star was “Catfished” in Girlfriend Hoax

Does Te’o Suffer from the “Delusional Disease”?

Te’o's Fake Girlfriend may have Duped Others

9 Baffling Questions in Te’o Girlfriend Hoax




Seriously, people, what the Hell?

The story of Te’o's made-up girlfriend has become our latest national obsession.  Apparently no pretty blonde woman has disappeared this week.  No public figure has had an affair.  The press has time to fill and a human-interest-story-gone-weird has become the perfect filler.

Too bad it’s the press — and, yes, this writer is a member of the press, too — that deserves the scorn over this one.  Sure Te’o and Notre Dame should have come clean sooner, but was the player running for office?  Did he divulge America’s secret nuke codes to the North Koreans?  Apparently he lied about having a girlfriend.  At best he was duped by a hoaxer and didn’t fess up quickly.  At worst he played the press for sympathy and publicity.  Newsflash: He ain’t the first.

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