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Thought Of The Day – 5/8/13

Admission: A modern day, country, “My Way,” this George Strait album cut served as a personal motivation as I decided several years ago to stop working for someone else and start working for myself.  The post-2008 economy has often led me to wonder if I chose the right or wrong road, but in hindsight, the road less traveled has been rewarding, even if I’m not quite driving an Aston Martin yet.


“And it all might come together.  And it all might come unraveled on the road less traveled.”


Road Less Traveled


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Thought Of The Day – 12/4/12

Good Tuesday to you all.  Plenty of coaching updates and much more coming your way today.

But first your morning musical/lyrical inspiration comes straight — pun! — off the iPod this morning.  Regular readers of this site know that I like to toss a random song and lyric your way on most mornings.  No biggie, just a way to share a little personality with you.  Heck, it allows yours truly to once again do what he was doing at age 17… DJ (though to a much bigger audience than I ever had in small town AM radio).

Our regulars also know that my taste in music is pretty darn eclectic.  There’s a whole mess of both Delta and Chicago blues in my collection.  Rock, rap, pop and even hair metal turn up from time to time on the ol’ iPod.  Likewise Zydeco, classical, and jazz tunes.  Plus country.

Real country.

Not that pop junk that’s called country today, thank you.  The kind with more steel guitar than electric guitar in it.

The first artist to pop up on the iPod this morning is a true master of traditional country music.  Heck, he and Alan Jackson are literally about the last two true country singers left making hits in this day and age.  I speak, of course, of George Strait.  And today’s cut comes from his fantastic — yet underrated — 2001 album “The Road Less Traveled.”

If you like real country and/or the songs of Strait, do yourself a favor and and check it out.  Start to finish it ranks right alongside the Hall of Fame artist’s best work.  This cut from that album reached #2 on the Billboard charts this very month 11 years ago.


“Baby, run.  Cut a path across the blue skies, straight in a straight line you can’t get here fast enough.”


george strait – run


Come to think of it, there are probably a few Arkansas, Auburn and Tennessee fans wishing they could send that same message to some coach somewhere this morning.

News coming soon…

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