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Lawyer Discusses Newton Case, Suggests New Laws For The Books

Georgia criminal defense attorney Ray Giudice appeared on 790 The Zone in Atlanta this morning to discuss the latest on the Cam Newton situation.

Giudice is “a nationally known and respected voice on criminal defense matters” and he is “a regular guest on CNN’s ‘Nancy Grace Show’,” according to his website.  He also appears on Tru TV.

His take is just one man’s opinion, but it is a lawyer’s opinion… so we’ll share it with you this morning.  (Tip of the cap to Nick Cellini and the “Mayhem in the AM” crew who had me on yesterday morning.)

Asked about the comments attorney George Lawson made on behalf of the Newton family yesterday, Giudice said:

“He’s building a firewall.  Why should Cam be punished if he never talked about money, solicited money, received money?  This is the father’s problem allegedly and if I’m his lawyer I’m trying to keep that kid eligible. … Technically the dad hasn’t committed any crime.  The question is has his son committed an NCAA violation.  That’s smart lawyering.”

And if it’s found that anyone involved in this case was asking for money for Cam’s signature, are there any legal issues at play?

“I don’t see it.  I think you could possibly get the feds involved because now you’ve got interstate commerce — phones going across state lines — that’s how feds get involved in most cases.  You could argue some extortion case or some fraud case… I think that’s pretty tenuous.”

Finally, Giudice made one very wise suggestion that’s been talked about before, but has yet to gain traction — make it a crime to hawk a player for cash.

“There’s one easy way to solve (this problem).  Either a federal piece of legislation or a state law that says: ‘It is illegal, punishable by crime, for a parent, agent or other individual to solicit or receive money for a child to get scholarships’ or whatever benefits. … Then the NCAA can keep to what they’re supposed to do — keep kids in college, keep kids playing sports — and let the law punish the lawbreakers.”

Here, here.

With the amount of national spotlights now focused on the Newton case, the idea of making it a crime to “sell” players might finally get the backing it needs to actually come to fruition.

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