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UM’s Henderson Reacts To NCAA Loss About How You’d Expect Him To

When Ole Miss lost to LaSalle on Sunday night and exited the NCAA Tournament in the second round (it’s not the “third round,” NCAA), Marshall Henderson reacted just as you’d probably expect — by throwing a tantrum.

As the video below shows, first, he kicked a box of Powerade bottles across the floor.  He’s probably not the first basketball player to kick drinks, but he appears to be the only one who did so after Sunday’s game.

Then he threw up a pair of middle fingers at fans in the stands.  An Ole Miss aide rushed to his side and knocked his hands down, trying to cover the dual birds.  Asked about the issue, Henderson said, “When someone yells, ‘Your sister’s a whore, you (expletive) coke head, at at time like that, I’m always the one to react.”  (Booing is heard on the video, but short of some Gene Hackman work a la “The Conversation,” it’s impossible to make out individual yells from the stands.)


Marshall Henderson Ole Miss NCAA 3rd Round 3/24/2013 Flips Off Crowd


This is hardly new stuff for the controversial, emotional, combustible hero of the Magnolia State.  Fans should probably get ready for another year of his taunts and celebrations, too.  As we told you yesterday, his draft stock is nowhere near the NBA first-round level.  And as we told you in this morning’s headlines,’s Gregg Doyel said an Ole Miss source told him Henderson is a 99% lock to return to Oxford for his senior season.

Doyel also suggests that Henderson could be the face of college basketball next year.  With added media scrutiny, added pressure to carry his team with Murphy Holloway and Reginald Buckner gone, and added attention from opponents, one must wonder if Henderson becoming the face of the sport is a good thing for the sport.  Or for Ole Miss.  Or for Henderson.

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Hog Fan Takes Out Ad Asking Other Fans to Sound Off About Basketball

Ah, the ol’ quarter-page ad in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette trick, huh?

It seems a disgruntled Razorback fan wants other disgruntled Razorback fans to take out their pens and paper and fire off their thoughts about the Arkansas basketball program to UA’s biggest powerbrokers (the governor included).  Gotta wonder if a win last night might have “gruntled” a few of those folks.  We’ll never know.

Here’s the content of the ad which ran today in the state’s largest paper:


For all of you who care about the future of Arkansas Razorback Basketball, we urge you to write your concerns and submit them as soon as possible.  Please send these letters to the Governor, members of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, President, Chancellor, and Athletic Director whose names and addresses are listed below.  Let’s make this effort one of respect for all parties concerned.

There is quite a bit of evidence that Razorback fans are disturbed by what they see in the present outlook of Arkansas Basketball.  This voicing of concerns is not intended to become a name calling contest or an attack upon anyone personally.  It is only intended to be a ground-swell expression of bewildered and frustrated basketball supporters, many of whom know a great deal about the way the game should be played.  We would like to bring this to the attention of the University’s decision-makers on the future of Arkansas basketball before too much time passes.  This expression of your views is very important.  Please be a part of it.


Thoughts on the ad?  Well, I would have led with ATTENTION PEOPLE OF EARTH, but that’s just me.

Personally, I like the “let’s make this effort one of respect,” comment.  One has to wonder, though, if the man who placed this ad — “Y Roberts of Gulf Shores, Alabama” — would feel “respected” if someone placed an ad in a newspaper asking everyone to voice their displeasure with his job performance.

The line about “many of whom know a great deal about the way the game should be played,” brought to mind the barbershop scene in the movie, “Hoosiers.”  You might remember that one.  The townspeople explain to Gene Hackman’s character what players need to be on his roster, what kind of defense he needs to run, etc.

Well, at this point, John Pelphrey had better hope that one of the guys in his much ballyhooed recruiting class bears the name “Jimmy Chitwood.”  If not, a town hall meeting might result in his ouster.  Regardless of what Barbara Hershey might say.

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