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AP: Mizzou Hopes For SEC But Would Have Preferred Big Ten

Missouri makes sense. 

When it comes to making a business decision, Missouri would be a good one for the SEC.  From a TV perspective, from a basketball perspective, and from an academic perspective, etc, etc.

But the folks at Mizzou really aren’t very good at PR.  At all.  And that makes us wonder if the Tigers really do make sense if spreadsheets and mortarboards and included in the conversation.

Last summer, the school made it very clear that it would like to receive an invitation from the Big Ten.  When that league added Nebraska, Mizzou was left with an egg the size of the Gateway Arch on its face.

Now, as the school apparently angle for an SEC bid, one Mizzou source has told the AP that the Big Ten remains the school’s top choice, but Jim Delany’s league “has not interest.”

Wait.  It gets worse.

“That’s what’s left,” the person said referring to the SEC.

That’s what’s left?

Uh, no… the Big 12 as Texas’ whipping boy is what’s left.  A Big East mish-mash is what’s left.  A drop down into Conference USA might be what’s left.

The natural reaction to this story from most SEC fans will be pretty darn negative.  That’s why it’s important to remember that this one “school official” might be a lone kook.  He or she may be the only person in Columbia who views the situation as being Big Ten — first prize, SEC — what’s left.

To find out MU’s true feelings, perhaps it’s time for commissioner Mike Slive to let Missouri sweat a bit.  If they’re not all in for the SEC then perhaps they shouldn’t be granted a seat at the table.

It’s not good when one school looks down its nose at its league partners.  Missouri should know that by now… as it’s been the school being looked down upon by Texas since 1995. 

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