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Ex-Gamecock Clowney: “I Would Have Probably Stayed In College” If I’d Been Paid

gfx - they said itEx-South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has elected to turn pro after his junior season with the Gamecocks.  No one was surprised by his decision.  Just as no one should be surprised that he told “Jim Rome on Showtime” that he would have stayed in school if he had been paid:


“Yes.  Having to take care of my family, it would have made a difference if I’d have gotten paid.  If I would have had the chance to take care of my family through college I would have probably stayed in college…

I think (players should be paid).  They are selling our jerseys with our numbers and making money off of ticket sales so I think college athletes should get paid.”


No one drafted Clowney or any other college football players.  Those athletes didn’t have to play college ball.  They chose to play college ball.  And if they didn’t see enough value in getting a free college education — when millions of Americans find themselves buried in student loans for half their lives — then they should have done something else with their time.

It’s the NFL that has an age limit.  Players should blame Roger Goodell and company if they want to bark about a lack of wages.

That or athletes should focus on baseball, a sport that allows them to become professionals right out of high school.

But the idea of playing players enough money to “take care” of their families is a non-starter.  The biggest schools in the five biggest conferences are fighting like hell for the right to give players an extra two grand or so per semester as part of a full-cost-of-tuition scholarship.  That’s as good as it’s gonna get for a while.  You think Clowney would view an extra two thousand per semester as enough cash to “take care of his family?”

Here’s guessing that answer is big ol’ no.

And since players aren’t going to be receiving salaries anytime soon, Clowney’s comments to Rome are meaningless.  He might as well have said, “I’d have stayed in college if I had wings.”

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4-Star CB Green Leaves The Peach State For The Palmetto State

PLAYER UPDATELithonia, Georgia cornerback Wesley Green has decided to play his college football at South Carolina.  Green — a 4-star prospect — picked the Gamecocks over dozens of other programs offering scholarships, including many from the SEC.  It’s believed Georgia was Green’s second choice.

Green said he wants to be part of a new “Legion of Boom” at Carolina, swiping the nickname of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks’ secondary.

Oh, and a big thanks to FOX Sports for dragging out his announcement until well after 5 o’clock.

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Pleasant Surprise For Carolina As DE McClain Flips From Nebraska

PLAYER UPDATESouth Carolina got a nice boost to their class today when three-star defensive end Blake McClain flipped his commitment from Nebraska to the Gamecocks.  With Carolina losing some serious star power from its D-line, a get like McClain takes on added importance.

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Carolina’s Spurrier Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

gfx - they said itSteve Spurrier is currently 68-years-old.  He’ll be 69 in a just a matter of weeks.  And he’ll be 73 when his most recent contract runs out.

His teams have also gone 33-6 over the last three years and he’s showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down.  He recently told The Spartanburg Herald-Journal that he feels just fine as he heads toward his eighth decade on Planet Earth:


“I think my memory’s OK.  People tell me my memory’s OK and I can still call the plays so why stop?  I’m not going to brag about being a workout guy but that’s what I do.  I’ve got to believe everything I read in the health magaine, that those people who work out regularly, routinely, have a chance to live healthier lives.  That’s just sort of what I do.  I encourage everybody else to do it.”


Spurrier also refused to rule out the possibility of coaching into his 80s.  “I don’t plan on it.  I don’t plang on doing any more than three or four years in a row, and all of a sudden three or four pass by and I feel like I did five or 10 years ago.”

As we’ve noted previously, one wonders if Spurrier’s success will change the way presidents, ADs and fans look at older job candidates.  Carolina could have past on hiring a then-60-year-old coach… as many programs would have.  But the Gamecocks took a shot and the image of their football program has been turned on its head as a result.

Americans are living longer than ever before.  As a result, more attention should be paid to a coach’s resume than to his birth certificate.  (Hey, wait a second.  Has anyone ever seen Spurrier’s long-form birth certificate?)

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Carolina’s Martin Apologizes For Rant At Player (And It’s Unlikely To Be The Last Time We Write That)

Frank MartinYesterday afternoon in Columbia, Frank Martin did it again.  The South Carolina hoops coach apologized for an angry tirade.

The tirade in question came during the Gamecocks’ 75-74 road loss to Ole Miss on Saturday.  Senior Brenton Williams drew the coach’s ire early in the contest.  He then went on to nearly lead Carolina to the victory, knocking down three straight free throws to bring the Cocks to within a point.

Said Martin yesterday:


“I got after (Williams) pretty darned good on the sideline in the first half, and I visited with him about it and apologized to him.  And I do want to apologize to any fans that were behind the bench that maybe heard what was said.  I was wrong for that, and there’s no excuse for it…

I got wrapped up in the moment trying to get our program to take a step forward.  We all look on mistakes all the time, and I’m no different than everyone else, and I’m nowhere near being perfect.  There’s no place for me or any other coach to speak to Brent, or any other athlete, the way I did that moment there.”


Tirades are nothing new for Martin.  The coach is perhaps better known for his scowl, coarse language and his animated behavior.  A quick YouTube search of Martin’s name calls up a list of Martin rants, including this one from last February following a Carolina loss to LSU:


Frank Martin Post-Game LSU **EPIC RANT**


Martin ripped his team by saying such things as: “If this was the NBA, we’d fine them, we’d take their money, we’d release them and say, ‘Good luck with ever finding another job.’  I shouldn’t coach ever again if this is how my team plays.”

After that geyser of insults, Martin told the press: “If you know anything about me, for 28 years I have never thrown my players under the bus… I fight for my guys.  I don’t kick them.”

Wonder if Williams or anyone sitting behind USC’s bench at Oxford would agree with that last statement?

This is just Martin’s makeup.  He’s yeller and a blamer.  He’s Bobby Knight minus the chair throws and fists to chins.  He got away with that at Kansas State because he won basketball games.  That part of his personality was ignored by the Carolina brass who hired him because he won basketball games.  But if he wants to continue to behave like that at South Carolina — and is there anyone who thinks he’ll suddenly turn into Prince Charming? — he’ll eventually need to turn the Gamecock program around.

Win and you can be as big a jerk to your players as you like.  Lose and that stuff starts to get old.

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Don’t Expect The Spurrier/Swinney Barbs To Stop Flying

spurrier-swinneySteve Spurrier takes an awful lot of shots at Clemson.  Hell, Spurrier takes shots at just about everybody when he’s winning, but the cross-state Tigers have become his favorite target in recent years.  A five-game winning streak over your rival will put a little added wind in your sails, after all.

Though he’s been on the short end of the USC/CU rivalry, Tiger coach Dabo Swinney fires his own share of barbs back towards Columbia.  Both coaches popped off after their schools’ bowl wins this year.  First, Spurrier said winning the Capital One Bowl was almost as good as winning the state championship.  Swinney then collected his squad’s Orange Bowl trophy and said it was great to be the first school from the Palmetto State to win a BCS bowl.

Spurrier had a little more fun at Clemson’s expense on Saturday when he reminded fans at a Carolina basketball game — as if they needed reminding — that the Gamcocks had won five in a row against the Tigers.  Afterward, the Ol’ Ball Coach was asked why he throws so many barbs toward Clemson.  His take:


“I don’t think we throw much.  I think y’all (in the press) blow that up.  Obviously, our fans love beating Clemson.  The old-time Gamecock fans suffered for years and years, as we all know.  So they’re enjoying it.  They should enjoy it.  They’ve been on the short (end of the) stick most of the time.  I’m talking to our people.  I’m not talking just to talk.  It’s for our people.  It’s not for the other school’s people.

When Dabo talks, it’s for his people.  It doesn’t bother me.  I can assure you.  That’s what we do in the offseason.  We have to talk a little bit.  I’m talking to the Gamecocks.  The other people shouldn’t listen to me.”


Sounds good.  But here’s the rub for any Carolina fan nodding in agreement — That means you can’t complain or get angry over anything Swinney says about USC.  Think you can just ignore the Tiger coach’s barbs?  If not, then Spurrier’s “I’m just talking to my people” defense doesn’t carry much weight.

Also, Spurrier’s been known to pay attention to what other coaches are saying about him.

Is it all fun and games?  Sure.  But Spurrier and his fans should know full well that barbs of any kind will most certainly be heard by rival coaches and rival fans.  And here’s guessing Spurrier enjoys the heck out of that fact, too.

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South Carolina Trickeration Touchdown Against Wisconsin

South Carolina pulls a trick play on Wisconsin as wide receiver  Bruce Ellington completes a pass to quarterback Connor Shaw for a touchdown in the Gamecocks 34-24 over the Badgers victory on New Year’s Day. (P.S. - yes, trickeration is a real word)

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SEC Hoops Roundup 12/24/2013

gfx-hoops-round-up1. Tennessee 82 – Morehead State 67.  Vols go on 13-0 run to begin second half.  Derek Reese comes off the bench for Tennessee (7-4) to deliver 12 points and 10 rebounds. Video Highlights.

2. Boise State 80 – South Carolina 54.  Gamecocks (3-6) will play Akron for third place in the Diamond Head Classic after falling to Boise. South Carolina shoots just 37 percent from the floor and commits 18 turnovers.

3. UNLV 82 – Mississippi State 66. Bulldogs (9-3) drop championship game of the Las Vegas Classic.  Mississippi State led by Craig Sword’s 18 points.

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SEC Headlines 12/7/2013

headlines-saturdaySEC Championship Game

1. Like his counterpart today, Gus Malzahn, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel could be headed for a significant boost to his salary.

2. Before hiring Boise State’s Chris Peterson, the A.D. at Washington spoke with the agent for Pinkel ”a few times.”

3. No Friday walk through at the Georgia Dome for Missouri due to travel delays caused by bad weather.

4. Quite a matchup today with Auburn’s running game facing Missouri’s defensive line.

5. Bernie Miklasz: “If this game is to be settled in the space where the biggest bodies collide, I like Mizzou’s chances.”

6. Missouri’s lone loss came against South Carolina.Auburn spent a lot of time watching that tape.

7. “If Auburn has one clear advantage over Mizzou it might be on special teams.”

8. MrSEC: “This one should be fun to watch and the winner should (but probably won’t) get a BCS Championship Game bid.”

SEC/College News

9. Tennessee offensive lineman Antonio “Tiny” Richardson will leave school early and enter the NFL draft.

10. South Carolina’s bowl destination? “The Cotton Bowl would like to invite South Carolina, but it’s unsure whether the Gamecocks will be available.”

11. Stewart Mandel: “The Buckeyes’ schedule isn’t just bad; it’s historically bad.”

12. RIP BCS.  ”The Bowl Championship Series, age 16, dies Dec. 8.”

13. It’s been a good year for former Phillip Fulmer assistants at Tennessee.

14. Bowling Green – coached by former Tennessee assistant Dave Clawson – upset Northern Illinois Friday night.  That victory has BCS implications.

15. Scott Rabalais:  ”If both FSU and Ohio State falter? Knock … knock … knock. That’s No. 4 Alabama rapping at the door.”


16. Tim Tebow and the SEC Network? ”If he would like to give up his football dreams, I think anybody would want to talk to Tim Tebow.”

17. SEC Network will have traveling football pre-game show hosted by ESPN’s Joe Tessitore.

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South Carolina Wins Turnover Battle; Tennessee Ends Season With Victory

postgame-links-150x1501South Carolina 31 – Clemson 17. Video Highlights

1. South Carolina force six Clemson turnovers as Gamecocks win fifth straight in this rivalry.

2. Quarterback Connor Shaw finishes career with perfect record at home.  Steve Spurrier: “Connor Shaw, oh man, the best quarterback in school history.”

3. South Carolina cornerback Victor Hampton will enter NFL draft (so too will Florida corner Loucheiz Purifoy).

4. 10-2 Gamecocks won’t get a shot at SEC Championship Game but may have a shot at the Sugar Bowl.

Tennessee 27 – Kentucky 14. Video Highlights

5. Running back Rajion Neal sets the tone early with 60-yard touchdown run, crosses 1,000 yard-mark for the season.

6. Tennessee senior defensive end Corey Miller sets school record with 4.5 sacks.

7. Butch Jones on his 5-7 Vols: “We’re two instant replays away from a seven-win season,”

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