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Auburn Fans Making Fools Of Themselves Over Recruit As Iron Bowl Rivalry Proves To Be The Worst In America, Again

gfx - honest opinionOpinion:  If an adult attempts to hurt a young man or his family because of his choice — his choice — of colleges, that adult is a lowlife and a fool.

Fact:  Many — not all, but many — Auburn fans are trying to hurt Rashaan Evans and his family via the internet because of his choice to attend Alabama.

Over the years we’ve done this site, we’ve seen fans from various schools rip players for signing with a rival school, for backing out of a commitment, for missing a kick in a big game, etc.  When that happens, I give you my take which is typically: “Those fans are fools.”

Inevitably the response is, “You hate fans!”  So just to be clear right up front… no, this writer doesn’t hate fans.  I hate the stupid fans.  Hate.  Can’t stand.  Despise.  Look down upon.  Mock.

Well, today it’s Auburn’s stupid fans who need a trip to the woodshed.  Since Evans — who attended Auburn High School — signed with Alabama last week, he and his family have been absolutely destroyed on Twitter.  (Shocking, I know, considering the fact that Twitter is the best avenue running for anonymous jackasses to spew hate from the safety of their own mother’s basement.)  Worse, the addresses of the family’s home and business have been posted online.

According to Evans himself:


“It’s getting worse.  Someone actually put out an article about my family’s business telling all Auburn fans not to go there.  We are going to eventually start losing money.  People are telling restaurants in the town not to serve us…

Social media has definitely been the worst.  People on Instagram are telling me how they hope I tear my ACL in Game One.  They will laugh when I do.  They are saying my family is horrible and how they didn’t raise me right.  It’s just crazy.”


Now, I could spin this off into my usual views on Twitter — a tool which simultaneously ramps up rage, lowers our national IQ, and disseminates false information — and how it will eventually be the downfall of our already running-on-borrowed-time Republic, but we’ll save that for another day.

So let’s just back to the stupidity of the Auburn fanbase.  Evans’ father attended Auburn.  He was the top running back in the state of Alabama in 1982 and he chose to play for the Tigers over the Tide.  Now, thirty years on, the AU fanbase is trying to destroy that same man’s business.

Guess there’s a 30-year statute of limitations on loyalty down on the Plains.

The good news in all of this is that Auburn fans — appropriately enough — are drawing attention from all over the nation because of their irrational response to this particular teenager choosing his college.  Act like fools, expect America to cover your foolishness.  You asked for it.

But before any Tiger fan can post an insult, mention Harvey Updyke or type the letters “WDE!,” let me make one other thing clear — it’s not just Auburn fans who make asses of themselves in the Yellowhammer State.  Alabama fans have also been ugly when in-state players have chosen to play for the Tigers over the Tide.

From threatening teenagers to poisoning trees — Good Lord, what a fool Updyke was — the Iron Bowl rivalry is the worst in the United States.  You read that right.  Not the best, the worst.

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Arkansas D-Coordinator Ash Talks Up His Hogs

gfx - they said itNew Arkansas defensive coordinator Chris Ash sounds like a man who was ready for the Razorbacks to put on the pads for the first time yesterday:


“These guys will work the process.  They will come to work every single day, we will coach them in the meetings and they are going to get better through that time.  I will be very excited and happy about the product that we will put on the field for Game One…

I tell the guys every single day is like NFL draft day.  They are getting evaluated in everything they do.  When they get to a meeting room do they get their notes out first?  Are they the first to practice?  How are they doing in the individuals?  How are they doing in walk-through?  So we are evaluating every single day.”


Ash moved to Arkansas from Wisconsin along with head coach Bret Bielema.  The Hogs he inherited on defense ranked 12th in the SEC last season in total defense and scoring defense.

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UGA’s Richt Says Players Need To Be Prepared For Dawgs’ Tough Early Slate

gfx - they said itGeorgia’s Mark Richt knows that it won’t be long before the 2013 football season kicks off.  For Georgia, that means a first-month slate that includes games against Clemson (on the road), South Carolina and LSU is just around the corner.  Richt hopes his players will act accordingly this summer:


“I hope they would have the same commitment every year.  But they are human and they’re going to be hearing about it and thinking about it all year and they know that we can’t wait ’til midseason to be in midseason form.  We’ve got to be there Game One.  So that means you’ve got to be prepared.”


Or not.

Hey, we get what Richt is saying but it was just two years ago — facing a hot seat type of year — that Richt opened up against Boise State and South Carolina.  A pair of losses later and many Dawg fans were howling for the head coach’s job.

By December, Georgia had righted its ship, rolled off 10 wins in a row and secured an East Division championship.

So, yeah, it’s important to be ready early, but the game’s at the end of the schedule count just as much as the games at the start of it.

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Bulletin Board Material Alert: Maze Says Bama Beat Selves Vs LSU

It’s the BCS Championship Game.  There shouldn’t be any need for extra motivation.  Of course, we all know that’s never actually the case and each and every team that’s ever stepped on a field, court, pitch or rink has convinced itself that it’s been disrespected… either by its opponent or the media or both.

Well, LSU has a new disrespect card to play courtesy of Alabama receiver and return man Marquis Maze:

“What we learned (from the first meeting with LSU) is we beat ourselves.  LSU didn’t do anything to beat us.  We made mental mistakes.  We have to focus on what we have to do this game. … I think we beat ourselves.  We got in the red (zone) five or six times and didn’t execute.  We did something to stop our progression in scoring.”

No disrespect to Maze, but that’s what losers always say.

You can be sure that Saban — in order to prevent his team from doubting itself as it preps to play a team it lost to — is telling his squad exactly what Maze regurgitated back to the press.  And if LSU had lost Game One, Les Miles would be telling his boys that they beat themselves, too. Mental errors.  Poor execution.

Here’s the trouble with that — it’s extremely rare for all 11 men on an offense or defense to execute a play to perfection.  Every man doing exactly what he’s supposed to do at the exact instant he’s supposed to do it?  Rare.  But if the other squad isn’t good enough — or executing well enough in its own right — to take advantage of those errors, it doesn’t matter.

Sure, a Bama player might have failed to make a block here or turned the wrong way there.  But LSU had players in position to take advantage of enough of those errors to win that first matchup.

“We beat ourselves?”  Technically, every losing team can say that.  But in doing so, they fail to give credit to the other team that executed better than they did.  As was the case when LSU beat Alabama 9-6 on its home field back two months ago.

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Yeah.  We’ll admit it.  You can probably go ahead and wad these picks up and throw them away.  Picking basketball games in a conference tourney ain’t easy.  Not all teams are equally motivated.  And who knows who’ll sprain an ankle in Game One and not be available in Game Two.

But, like everyone else, we like to make predictions every now and again.  So here’s how we see this year’s SEC Tournament playing out:

Georgia over Auburn
Ole Miss over South Carolina
Tennessee over Arkansas
Vanderbilt over LSU

Alabama over Georgia
Kentucky over Ole Miss
Florida over Tennessee
Mississippi State over Vanderbilt

Kentucky over Alabama
Florida over Mississippi State

Florida over Kentucky

And if we go 0-11, you can expect this post to mysteriously disappear from the site. 

Good luck to your teams today.

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