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Audio Tape Of Arrested Gators Goes Public; Manager Expected No Preferential Treatment Outside Of Gainesville

Over the years, the Florida football program developed quite a reputation for having players arrested.  Some charges were small, some were dismissed.  But they were still arrests.  At least 30 of them under previous coach Urban Meyer.

During that streak, the police in Gainesville and Alachua County took their share of grief for picking up and locking up Gator players.  It’s been suggested that some of the cops in that area were targeting Florida athletes.

But that’s not what a student-manager for the Florida basketball team told a fellow arrestee — one of two Gator hoopsters — nabbed while attempting to break into a car over the weekend.

Microphones in the police cruiser caught Joshua Adel — the manager — speaking with sophomore Erik Murphy.  Freshman Cody Larson also called Adel before eventually turning himself into police.

FirstCoastNews in Jacksonville (WTLV-TV and WJXX-TV) obtained the audio tapes and here are some highlights:

Adel: “Bro, do you know how f***** I am because of y’all dumb m***** f******?  I’m fired.  Like, you’ll have another shot.  I’m done.  I have no second shot, bro.”

Murphy: “I don’t have a second shot either.”

Adel: “And I told y’all to stop doing that.  You did that.”

Murphy: “I know.”


Murphy: “I’m getting you out of it.”

Adel: “F*** that man.  It doesn’t matter.  My job was supposed to, I’m supposed to be looking after y’all.  And y’all are f****** going into f****** cars that I said not to.”

But here’s the kicker…

Murphy: “Have you ever gotten arrested before?  Then we could get off.”

Adel: “There’s no getting off.  We’re not in f******* Gainesville.  They (St. Augustine police) don’t give a f***.  Do you understand I’ll be fired and I have no chance of ever pursuing any type of career in basketball?”

Sounds like Florida’s student-manager for basketball believes he and the two players would have had a shot of getting out of the mess if they had been in Gainesville.  That hardly sounds like “the cops are picking on the Gators” talk that’s popped up in Alachua County in recent years.

The television station asked a Florida spokesperson about the idea of Gator players getting preferential treatment in Gainesville.  Via email the spokesperson said: “I cannot comment any further than what we’ve already said.”

Check out the story above and you’ll find that the three Gators arrested had already said plenty on their half-hour greatest hits tape.

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