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UGA’s Dooley The Elder Takes Up For UT’s Dooley The Younger

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley is on the hot seat.  After taking over the mess that two coaching changes in two straight offseasons created, the coach has restocked the Vols’ cupboard to a point… but not to the point where most Vol fans would like.  In three years with UT, if Dooley wins Saturday at #5 Georgia it will be his first SEC win outside the borders of the Volunteer State.

Well, ex-Georgia coach Vince Dooley — Derek’s dad — believes his son needs more time to turn things around up the road in Knoxville:


“He’s still got a very tough job there.  He’s still lacking in recruiting and getting some athletes in order to compete.  It’s an instant success generation that we’re in.  Frank Beamer, when he went the first six years (of his career at Virginia Tech), I think he was 24-48.  If you look at this record the first six years it’s amazing that he stayed, that he held on to his job.  But he did, and now he’s one of the winningest coaches in the country, with 240 wins.  But patience is very thin, and this is an important year for him.  So I hope it will allow them to have patience to give him time to get a chance to get established up there.  Because he did inherit a tough situation.”


As is usually the case when his son leads Tennessee against the school he himself coached for decades, the elder Dooley will be nowhere television cameras can find him.  “I will not be at the game.  I’ll be watching the game on television by myself.”

A win for Derek could go a long way in making sure Vince and Derek aren’t able to watch next year’s Georgia-Tennessee game on television together.

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Vandy Looking At Virginia Tech’s Bud Foster?

Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster is the lastest name to be connected to the open job at Vanderbilt.  Foster was linked to the job by an internet site on Monday.

Yesterday, Darryl Slater of The Richmond Times-Dispatch asked Foster about the rumors.

“It’s an SEC school, a BCS conference,” Foster said.  “It would be very intriguing from that standpoint if it ever happened.  Can’t speculate on things that aren’t there.”

Translation: If Vandy calls, I’ll listen.

Asked if VU is a “coach killer” type of job, Foster said: “That’s a hard one.  That’s the toughest job, probably in the SEC.  You see schools like Northwestern and Stanford and programs like that, and I think academic institutions, you can get a good quality kid in there.  Tennessee is a tough state to recruit in.  I know we’ve been there before.  And it’s in a tough conference.”

Translation: If Vandy calls, I’ll listen… but they’ll have to make it worth my while.

Foster has been at Virginia Tech since 1987 and has been Frank Beamer’s defensive coordinator since 1995.

Mark Richt tried in vain to hire Foster as his defensive coordinator last offseason.

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