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As Expected, Bailey Leaves And Sidney Stays At MSU

Let’s say you have two cars.  One car is a Ford Focus.  The other is a Ferrari.  The Focus you picked up at the local car lot.  The Ferrari you had to have shipped in from overseas.  You had to go through a year or red tape just to secure it.

Now let’s say that you can only keep one of your cars.  Which one do you keep?


Well, Elgin Bailey is the Ford Focus and Renardo Sidney is the Ferrari.

Not long after the two Mississippi State teammates duked it out on television from the Diamond Head Classic in Hawaii, various website reported that Bailey would take the fall and Sidney would survive.  MSU officials shot down the reports and said Rick Stansbury would figure out a punishment for each player in his own good time.

Turns out, all those initial reports were correct.  Sidney stays.  Bailey goes.  Of course.  If you’re Stansbury, you can’t boot a guy who you recruited, signed (despite numerous red flags) and fought with the NCAA over for more than a year.

MSU fans will no doubt point out that Bailey asked to transfer.  Even the player’s guardian told Kyle Veazey of The Jackson Clarion-Ledger that the family approached Stansbury about a release yesterday. 

But the skeptic in me believes Stansbury might have really been the first person to suggest a transfer was in order.  “Leave peacefully and you can say it was your decision.”  Believe me, that kind of thing goes on all… the… time.

For the record, Stansbury said the following via press release:

“Elgin told me of his plans to transfer, and I wish him the best as he moves on.  He’s worked extremely hard for us during his time here.  Elgin has had to deal with some very tough injuries, but he’s worked very hard to get to where he is now.  Wherever he ends up, I hope he’s able to have a lot of succss.  As for this team, it’s time to move on and learn from these mistakes.  Hopefully, by sending Sid and Elgin home following the incident, a strong message was sent that this type of behavior is unacceptable.”

According to the release, Sidney’s suspension over the fight has now been lifted.  The big man was also suspended for a game prior to the Bailey fight for a scuffle in practice and reported acts of “insubordination.”

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