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NCAA Prez Sees BCS Changes Coming… But No Playoff

The BCS title game is set and it features a rematch of a regular season game between two teams from the same conference, one of whom technically didn’t win a single prize all year.

To folks inside that conference — the SEC — it’s no big deal.  To people outside the South, it’s darn near conniption time.  For that reason, none other than NCAA president Mark Emmert expects the current BCS system to get a few more tweaks this offseason:

“After this season, I think there will be the beginning of a great debate on what the model looks like.  It’s changed a couple of times in its short history and I wouldn’t be surprised if it changed again.”

When asked if a playoff might be in the offing, Emmert said no.

“That becomes a demand that is physically enormous for these students.  It becomes a huge academic strain on them because you’re playing ball right through final and into the next semester.”

Someone might want to inform the prez that the 2011-12 FCS playoff schedule began November 26th and runs right through its championship game on January 7th of next year.

Double-talk and excuses aside, the best fans can hope for is a plus-one model at this point.  And a seeded plus-one model — a Football Final Four, if you will — should allow any squad with a legitimate claim at the title to vie for it on the field.

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Big 12 Interim Commish Wants A Plus-One Considered

Well that didn’t take long.  Earlier this morning we suggested that the controversy surrounding the selection of Alabama to play in the BCS title game might lead a few more folks to start pushing the idea of a “plus one” plan for college football.


Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas has told ESPN’s Joe Schad: “The plus-one model has received consideration before.  As a result of this year, I feel that consideration should become more serious as we move forward.”

Mike Slive actually put forward a plus-one idea earlier this decade.  ACC commissioner John Swofford has also supported such an idea.

If enough traction is gained on the plus-one front, this bowl season could turn out to be the best of both worlds for SEC football fans.  On the one hand, their league has already been guaranteed another national title.  On the other, the LSU-Alabama rematch in this year’s BCS title game might push the sport toward a Football Final Four type of set-up involving the four highest-ranked teams in the BCS standings.

If that happens, most folks south of the Mason-Dixon line will say, “Win, win.”

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