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A Wandering Mind Takes In The BCS Title Game And ESPN’s “Megacast”

gfx - honest opinionJust a few random observations I typed into the ol’ iPad while taking in Florida State’s 34-31 victory over Auburn in last night’s BCS Championship Game…



*  What would happen if a network simply opened its broadcast of a football game with a simple intro tune?  Would the game even be played if some country/rock/rap star didn’t provide the music bed for a 1,000 mph, over-produced “hype you up” video?

*  Poor Brent Musburger.  The guy is a legend.  And unlike a lot of aging broadcasters, he’s not prone to stumbles, bungles or gaffes.  He still speaks clearly and — at least to my generation — he’s still the go-to voice for big events (along with Al Michaels and Jim Nantz).  But he just intro’d himself as Kirk Herbstreit “along with Brent Musburger.”  Surely he wouldn’t have joked like that.  Most wouldn’t get it.  If he was joking, I didn’t get it.

*  20 years ago if Musburger says that it’s on its way to Mars, forgotten about in the grand scheme of things.  In this day and age, it lights up Twitter.  It’ll be a story tomorrow.

*  OK, we get it, Brent.  Renegade is on hand for FSU.

*  By the way, watching Tim Tebow during the pre-game, he’s way too nice to provide anything of interest on the SEC Network.  A guy doesn’t have to be mean, of course, but if he never says anything critical it’s hard to believe him when he says something positive.  Tebow is as likable as they come, but his nice guy personality will likely make him a Jon Gruden-esque bouquet-tosser. I have no clue, however, how anyone could dislike the guy.

*  John Legend with a straight-forward, excellent anthem.  Let this guy do more of ‘em.

*  ESPN’s “Title Talk” room is a little too peppy.  Michael W. Smith pushing the “party” angle of the channel.  Celebs, players and coaches are supposed to drop in and watch and talk.  You’re selling it too hard, Michael.

*  The “Film Room” looks to be a cool concept, but will it fly once the action begins?

*  After a big Auburn run on the first play of the game, FSU forces a 3rd-and-7 and Gus Malzahn has to take a timeout.  If that’s to settle the troops, OK.  But blowing a timeout just 1:16 into the game isn’t a great sign.

*  Terrific play call by Malzahn to get Ricardo Louis open deep but Nick Marshall underthrows by a mile.  Still shoulda been caught, but Auburn just missed a chance to go up 7-0 and land a haymaker in the first round.

*  Nice drive by the Seminoles, but AU’s red zone defense holds.  They’ve been good all year at prevent red zone TDs.  Gonna have to keep it up to win this one.

*  Florida State’s defense is fast.  SEC fast.  The rush has Marshall looking a little addled.

*  Super punt by Auburn.  Downed at the two to fill the field.  But will it flip momentum?

*  Uh, yep.  AU stops ‘em then Chris Davis with the nice return and the Tigers are in business near FSU’s 30.

*  FSU is too fast for Auburn to get its perimeter run game going.  That’s their bread and butter.  Not a good sign for the SEC.

*  Beautiful 3rd-and-9 screen for the TD.  Nice call by Malzahn.  As play-caller, AU’s coach is a master.

*  ESPN’s “Film Room” has great post-TD discussion.  Maybe this does fly for a live game.  Split screen makes the action a bit too small, but the info is excellent.

*  Special teams played a big role on that exchange.  Momentum in AU’s favor now… all due to punt downed deep.

*  Aaron Eckhart, what happened, dude?  You go from “Thank You For Smoking” to “I, Frankenstein?”  Ah, well, that kind of fare will probably buy him a new beach house.

*  Fingers-crossed there’ll be no “discount double-check” ads in tonight’s game.  When you have to go back to a 20-year-old SNL skit for your ads, you’ve probably run out of ideas.

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