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WOW Headlines – 4/4/13

A former reporter for Sports Illustrated and The New York Times has accused Auburn of multiple NCAA violations within its football program
Auburn is accused of fixing players’ grades and of paying players money to bypass the NFL and stay in school
Florida coach Will Muschamp — then an Auburn assistant — is accused of paying a player
Several of the writers’ sources — ex-Auburn football players — have said they were misquoted or quoted out of context
Florida LB Gideon Ajagbe has moved to FB this spring
Florida LB Dante Folwer has moved to DE this spring
Georgia QB Aaron Murray and Missouri QB James Franklin have spent time with quarterback “guru” George Whitfield in recent weeks
The SEC will not make as much money as in years past because the league’s share of NCAA Tournament cash has fallen along with the league’s hoops prowess
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Post Comments » Comments (8)’s Brag-O-Meter: The Best FB/BB Programs Of The Last 4 Years

Every year we like to have a little fun by looking back over the past few seasons and determining which SEC schools have had the most on-field/on-court success against one another.  Who are the real football schools?  Who have become basketball schools?  And most importantly, which SEC fanbases have had the most opportunities to gloat in recent years?

Below you’ll find what we call our Brag-O-Meter.  (Pet peeve: People who say “oh-meter” as if the thing in your car is a “speed-oh-meter.”)  We’ll show which programs have won the most SEC football games the past four seasons (2008 through 2011).  We’ll show which programs have won the most SEC basketball games over that span, too (2008-09 through 2011-12).  We’ll total ‘em all up and we’ll even award bonus points for SEC titles and national crowns.

First, a few ground rules:


1.  Since the SEC plays eight regular-season football games each year and 16 regular-season basketball games, we multiplied the number of football wins by two.  That way league football wins and league basketball wins will count just the same.  So again: Two points for a football win, one point for a hoops victory.  (And all games count, even the non-division contests.  Sorry, Coach Spurrier.)

2.  We’re not including non-conference wins because some schools dare to play big-time foes while others feast on cupcakes.  Plus, SEC fans will taunt Ball State and Alabama A&M fans anyway.  This is about SEC on SEC warfare.

3.  Sorry, but we don’t include baseball, women’s basketball, softball, or any other non-revenue sport.  If it’s not football or men’s basketball, we’re not counting it.  (This is your cue, South Carolina fans, to add up the Cocks’ baseball wins and add them in via the comment boxes.)

4.  To add some spice, we’re handing out a five-point bonus for SEC regular-season titles in football and basketball.  We’re also tossing out 10-point bonuses for BCS or national basketball titles.  Let’s face it, if a league team wins a national crown, there’s gonna be a whole lot of crowing done by its fans.

5.  We aren’t giving added points for division titles in football or basketball or for SEC Tournament titles in hoops.  All are nice, but the regular-season crown is the goal and that’s what takes the most work from the start of the season to the finish.


With all that said, here’s how the SEC’s football programs stacked up from 2008 through 2011.  (And remember, all league win totals have been doubled to equal basketball.)


   School    Football Points    SEC Titles    NCAA Titles
   Alabama    56    1    2
   Florida    44    1    1
   LSU    44    1    0
   Georgia    40    0    0
   S. Carolina    36    0    0
   Auburn    34    1    1
   Arkansas    34    0    0
   Miss. State    22    0    0
   Tennessee    22    0    0
   Ole Miss    20    0    0
   Kentucky    18    0    0
   Vanderbilt    14    0    0


And now a look at the basketball results (which did not have to be multiplied by two).


   School    Basketball Points    SEC Titles    NCAA Titles
   Kentucky    48    2    1
   Florida    41    1    0
   Tennessee    39    0    0
   Vanderbilt    39    0    0
   Miss. State    35    0    0
   Alabama    34    0    0
   Ole Miss    31    0    0
   LSU    25    1    0
   Auburn    25    0    0
   S. Carolina    23    0    0
   Arkansas    22    0    0
   Georgia    22    0    0


Interesting.  So if we compared the two sports for each program (example: Alabama equaled 22 more football points than basketball points over that four-year span) and then spread them out on a grid, the SEC’s schools — at least for the past four seasons — would line up as football or basketball schools thusly:


   Big FB Advantage    School       Points +
   Alabama    22 FB
   LSU    19 FB
   Georgia    18 FB
   S. Carolina    13 FB
   Arkansas    12 FB
   Auburn    9 FB
   Florida    3 FB
   Ole Miss    11 BB
   Miss. State    13 BB
   Tennessee    17 BB
   Vanderbilt    25 BB
   Big BB Advantage    Kentucky    30 BB


Since the 2008 football season, only five SEC fanbases have actually had more reason to cheer in basketball than in football: Kentucky (obviously), Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Mississippi State (who just ran their coach out of town) and Ole Miss.

But now let’s cut to the chase.  Below are the combined points (2 points for a regular-season football win, 1 point for a regular-season basketball win) for football and basketball with the bonus points (five for an SEC title, 10 for a national title) tacked on for good measure.  These are the programs whose fans have had the most to boast about over the past four seasons:


   School    Total Win Points    SEC Title Points    NCAA Title Points    Total Points
   Alabama    90    5    20    115
   Florida    85    10    10    105
   Kentucky    66    10    10    86
   LSU    69    10    0    79
   Auburn    59    5    10    74
   Georgia    62    0    0    62
   Tennessee    61    0    0    61
   S. Carolina    59    0    0    59
   Miss. State    57    0    0    57
   Arkansas    56    0    0    56
   Vanderbilt    53    0    0    53
   Ole Miss    51    0    0    51


And there you have it.  By our way of tallying things, the top four combined football and basketball programs over the last four seasons have been Alabama, Florida, Kentucky and LSU.

Only three school won multiple SEC regular-season titles in that period: Florida (one in football, one in hoops), Kentucky (two in basketball), and LSU (one on the gridiron, one on the court).

Five national crowns were nabbed in all: Alabama (two in football), Auburn (one in football), Florida (one in football), and Kentucky (one in basketball).

And the dregs of the conference over the last four years?  Well, that’d be Ole Miss (dead last), Vanderbilt, Arkansas and Mississippi State.

That leaves Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina in the middle of the pack, though the Tigers’ dual SEC and BCS crowns in football — “Thanks, Cam Newton!” — give them a leg up on their rather average brothers.


(If you catch where we’ve transcribed a number incorrectly as we went from our Excel sheets to the site, just make a note of it.  Like I had to ask.)

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