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Missouri 31 – Tennessee 3 (Video)

Video highlights of the Missouri 31-3 victory over Tennessee Saturday night at Faurot Field.

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South Carolina 27 – Missouri 24 (OT)

Video highlights of the South Carolina 27-24 victory over Missouri Saturday night at Faurot Field.

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Missouri 36 – Florida 17 (Video)

Video highlights of the Missouri 36-17 victory over Florida Saturday afternoon at Faurot Field.

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Missouri A.D. Mike Alden On Expansion: “There’s More Coming. It’s Not Over”

gfx - they said itOverseeing the transition from the Big 12 to the SEC and now a stadium expansion at Faurot Field, Missouri athletic director Mike Alden has had a busy year.  The Columbia Daily Tribune has posted a lengthy Q and A with the Mizzou A.D. that touches on a variety of topics. Here were a few things that caught our eye.


On expansion in college football:

I don’t know that it surprised me that Maryland or Rutgers did what they did (by going to the Big Ten) or whoever else had made the moves. I guess my only thought on that is I think there’s more coming. It’s not over. The Big East is at a real, real disadvantage right now for them to be able to regroup and be at the same level as some of the other leagues. But I still think there are schools continuing to try to line themselves up with like institutions.

On the possibility of super conferences in college football, an idea that we’ve covered in detail here at MrSEC.

 I think you’re going to see 60 to 70 schools at some level be in some type of alignment within the NCAA structure. Whether that means four conferences or five conferences or a consortium of schools, I think that’s where you’re going to end up…

I think it’s a good thing overall for college athletics, because I do think it allows those 60 to 70 schools that really see themselves as like institutions that not only compete against themselves athletically but almost see themselves academically aligned in a lot of different ways — I think it finally puts those institutions in an arena where everybody, for the most part, has always known they’ve been.


A few other tidbits from the piece:

The Missouri athletic department has received two donations worth $36.4 million this year. Alden told the paper, “We’re working on a few other significant gifts, as well.”

Completion of the east-side stadium expansion could be completed by 2014.  That will bring stadium capacity to 75,000 with an additional expansion planned that will bring capacity to 83,000.


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Vandy Plans New Hillside “Berm” Seating For Football

The forward momentum at Vanderbilt keeps on keeping on.

Thanks to new life breathed into the program by second-year coach James Franklin, the school has announced plans to build a hill or “berm” at the open end of Vanderbilt Stadium for fans attending Dores’ games this fall.  The project will begin after Vandy’s spring scrimmage next week.

New SEC member Missouri has berm seating at one end of Faurot Field.  Groves Stadium at Wake Forest — where Vandy played last season with a number of its administrators on hand — also features a berm area.  Ditto Clemson’s and Virginia’s stadiums.

“I wouldn’t call it a hill,” VU de facto AD David Williams said at the announcement.  “But it certainly won’t look like it’s looking now.  Ours is on the line of, but not to the same effect as Wake’s.  Wake’s is a natural hill.  Ours is something we’re creating.  With Wake’s, I think you enter at the top.  Ours won’t be like that.  I don’t think there’s any place that has it like this because ours is not going to be that huge.”

Hillside tickets are already available and Vanderbilt is targeting families for the area.  According to Steve Walsh, the school’s director of sales and marketing:

“We want to appeal to fans with young kids… where their kids can run around and they can still watch the game and keep an eye on the kids.  We want to make it more of a ‘blanket in the park’ thing.”

The Dores’ coach would like bigger and better things added to the stadium eventually, but Franklin says this is a start.  “There have been discussions of building a football complex there.  There have been discussions of closing the stadium in (with permanent seating).  But until we prove we have a demand for those things, it’s hard to justify.”

He added: “This is a way to do something inexpensive, relatively speaking, that isn’t permanent.  It can be bulldozed if we decide (to do something different in the future).”

Vanderbilt fans proved last bowl season that they would travel by gobbling up their allotment of tickets for the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.  Now they’re being given another chance to step up and support what Franklin, Williams and Vanderbilt are attempting to build.

And that’s an honest to God SEC football program in Nashville.

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Mizzou A.D. Announces Football Changes And Rising Ticket Prices

Missouri and Texas A&M are going to enjoy the SEC.  First, their athletic programs will be just fine.  Example: For all the jokes about Vanderbilt’s “intramural program,” aren’t there quite a few schools that would swap places with the Commodores at the moment (basketball and baseball good, football improving)?  Teams rise and fall in the SEC, but there are no “bad in every sport programs.”  A billion dollars in television money should keep everyone healthy, wealthy and winning for years to come, too.

Just as important or the Big 12 escapees, when the Tigers and Aggies come aboard they’ll have an equal say in matters when the league’s ADs and presidents meet.  No longer will their reps be seated in the George Bailey chair while Texas’ DeLoss Dodds hovers over them in the Mr. Potter seat.

And then there’s that money we mentioned earlier.  Adding Missouri and Texas A&M — and lo the many cable households in their states to the SEC footprint — will lead to a real sweetening of the SEC’s CBS and ESPN contracts (whether a new SEC Network is created or not).

But with all that gain will come a tad bit of pain.  Texas A&M students were upset two weeks ago when they learned that SEC policy stipulated that students and bands not sit directly behind an opponents’ bench… long an Aggie tradition.  Now Missouri backers are being informed of some changes coming their way.

Athletic director Mike Alden sent out a letter to “Tiger Nation” yesterday and announced a number adjustments the school will be making as it enters the SEC:


* Ticket prices are going up “across the board,” though the AD says Mizzou will still be in the “middle of the pack” in terms of SEC prices.  (Gotta pay the Big 12 its exit fee.)

* Minimim donations for priority seating are also going up.

* The school is spending $1.5 million on a new artificial surface — to replace the old artificial surface — at Faurot Field.

* Big change: Mizzou’s band will move from the South end zone to one corner of the student section.

* Visiting teams will now receive 6,000 tickets as opposed to the less-than-4,000 the Tigers once provided their Big 12 foes.

* Here’s one that will sting.  Missouri fans have had the ability in the past to tailgate before games, during games and after games.  But those trips to the parking lot for a little halftime pick-me-up, well, those are going away.  It’s SEC policy that there are no “pass outs” during games.  So once fans enter Faurot Field, they will not be allowed to leave and then re-enter.

* Finally, on April 14th Nike will unveil Missouri’s new look.  The move is designed to make the school’s color of gold match from sport to sport.  Also, expect to see more of the Tiger head logo on the new uniforms than the “block M.”


Alden concluded by stating: “We know this is a LOT of information that we are delivering. We also know that changes are challenging for all of us. We have great students, faculty, staff, alumni, fans and friends at the University of Missouri. We appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for Mizzou … the future looks very bright for the Tigers.”

In other words, please keep your complaints to yourself, this is the price of entering a new league.

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